Guest Post: The Mask of Invisible Illness and Fibromyalgia – Hope In Pain | My Fibro Team

One lady’s account of her battle with Invisible illness – chronic fibro pain & fatigue –

She says:
“What nobody sees is the struggle it takes me to get out of bed each morning”


Guest post by Elizabeth (Hope in Pain).

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the term ‘invisible illness’.  During a hospital stay last year I had a discussion with a few other chronic pain patients about the benefits and drawbacks of living with a visible illness compared to an invisible one.  Oh yeah, those hospital stays get crazy!

With a visible illness one lady explained, you can never get away from it.  As soon as anyone sees you, they see your illness.  You’re immediately pigeonholed as the ‘disabled person’.  With an invisible illness on the other hand, you can choose who knows about your diagnoses.

While that’s true, the reality of living with an invisible illness means people assume you are just like everybody else and can, therefore, do everything just like everybody else.  This means constantly having to explain why you can’t do something, why you get treated differently…

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