Simple and easy Cauliflower English Muffins.

Something great and easy to try #keto #diet, by Maria Smurfette, especially if you have #foodsensitivities, or #foodallergies, relating to #flour. This could inspire an alternative!

Maria Smurfette

I’ve been trying to find new recipes to keep it interesting. So I started looking up new ways to cook cauliflower and keep everything keto friendly. As usual google was my friend, and I found this cauliflower English muffin. Which looked and sounded so delicious. Since we are always eating cauliflower in my house I thought why not try spice it up a little.

Like I said we eat cauliflower almost every other day. If its not rice, mashed, put into soup (riced) ,or tortillas. So when I found this new way of making it I was excited. It’s pretty much the same thing as the tortillas minus the flour and onions, and adding cheddar. Which is always a plus for me. The only down fall to the prepping was the fact that we don’t have the best blender nor do we have a fancy food processor. So I Just…

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