Serenely Sunday – Let’s take a few deep breaths… and a few slow steps…

relax pic


Before we set off…..


I’d like you to get as comfy as you can in as quiet an environment as you can manage, get a glass of cool iced water to sip and get ready to relax.

I’d now like you to take the time to cast your mind back and think yourself mobile, you have no disabilities you are young and free spirited.

When you feel ready take a good deep look at the picture, absorb as much or little of it as you’d like to…

…. the path is steep, and the steps look trecherous but remember you are young, full of energy and raring to go.


Take the time to absorb the picture and when you are ready close you’re eyes, inhale a long deep breath and hold for a few seconds…..

…..when you exhale keep the picture in your mind and slowly open your eyes.


Look at the picture again.

You find that you are half way down the path and smelling the flowers, you inhale and stretch yourself high to reach the sky…

… when you can’t reach any further you exhale slowly and stretch yourself back in.


You then pause a little to breath naturally before taking the next part of the path.

You close your eyes once more,

What can  you hear?

Is there a breeze brushing past you?

How do the flowers smell, is the aroma sweet or musky?

Maybe you have a friend waiting for you at the bottom of the steps?


You take a moment to remember the picture and open your eyes you are standing under the trellis of flowers at the bottom of the path, but what is around the corner?  You take one last deep inhale and breath out…

…you feel at complete at ease with yourself and ready to go to the ice-cream parlour, coffee-shop, juice-bar, swimming pool, sauna, beauty parlour, private beach or a picnic area, wherever you would like to be for 15 minutes while you let your muscles relax from the feet up to your head


Let your muscles slowly relax and feel them relaxing upwards through your legs gently and torso up through the back and neck to the head 🙂


When you are ready bring yourself around slowly and sit up & take a drink of water.

Hopefully you are still at ease and pleasantly relaxed 🙂



Please read these important NOTES:


  • Please remember that I am not a medical Professional just a fellow fibromite sharing some experience and info with you and that it is usually good patient practice to speak to your GP before embarking on any type of new therapy, or treatment, to ensure that you are ok to do so. 🙂
  • Getting up to do the stretch is optional and if you’re not too steady with your balance, or on your feet in general, it is probably best to imagine yourself stretching to the sky doing the full stretch whilst laying down on the floor/yoga mat, bed or sofa instead.
  • If you do get up and feel dizzy please don’t do the stretching in case you are hyper-ventilating, take a seat until you feel recovered and sip some water, it’s probably best not to continue.
  • If any of the symptoms such as the dizziness from hyperventilation, or, chest pains from the exersion continue then please seek medical attention and get yourself checked out 🙂
  • Please don’t let it stop you trying again just because it doesn’t work out on the first or even second go, it can take yrs of practise to find a relaxation technique that suits you personally.


Thankyou for reading, & having a go, and, I hope this works for you if not I have given you some links to places to find information about relaxation 🙂


Updated June 2017



HOT SPOT Sites for info related to Relaxation techniques: