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Are you looking for something alternative why not pop along to Julie’s blog and check out ‘Simply Earth – An Essential Oil Recipe Subscription Box’ and find out which 5 oils are best for Migraines and then learn about Acupuncture as an Alternative therapy/treatment.

Counting My Spoons | Simply Earth – An Essential Oil Recipe Subscription Box | Julie Ryan | 12 February 2018 


“So, what I really like most about these subscription boxes is that they include everything you need to get started. Each box comes with 4-5 full size bottles of oil, as well as a carrier oil, another ingridient, and the bottles you need to store what you mix”  >>> Julie Ryan



Counting My Spoons  | Best essential Oils for Migraines |  21 August 2018

Alternative Treatments: Acupuncture |  Counting My Spoons  |  Julie Ryan  | 16 September 2010

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A Little Bit About Me |  >>>


“I had been captivated by aromatherapy and alternative therapies for a very long time. I believe it is so important to keep as healthy as you can……as naturally as you can. At long last I had the chance to follow my dream of training holistically in 2004.”

Your Aromatherapy Newsletter | Make your Own Natural Skincare Products! | 27 January 2018 


“There are so many wonderful things for me to look forward to in 2018……discovering and writing about new oils, my holistic therapies, planning workshops and a very exciting new venture that I am involved in…..I am so pleased to be able to announce a yoga and natural skincare product making retreat taking place in France, 19th – 26th May 2018……more details below.”

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