I love to nap. Do you? |You may enjoy reading these – ‘Fibromyalgia: Need to Nap Increases as Symptoms Worsen’ & ‘Napping: the expert’s guide’

I don’t know about you guys but napping is part of my daily management routine alongside my relaxation and most of the time it works enough for me to be able to enjoy the rest of the day without being haggard!

This article:  Fibromyalgia: Need to Nap Increases as Symptoms Worsen | Medpage Today by Pam Harrison, a Contributing Writer, is great a explanation into napping and the relationship it has with Fibromyalgia, specifically women 🙂

via Fibromyalgia: Need to Nap Increases as Symptoms Worsen | Medpage Today.

After reading it………. do you feel guilty about napping?

I don’t because it helps me to recharge my batteries as my sleep cycle is only 3.5 hours a time.

After reading the following article in the Guardian by Jennifer Ackerman about napping my mind is made up… | 

The Guardian – lifeandstyle -napping-guide-health-wellbeing

…. I can now fully justify my napping as a requirement in order to survive, so as long as that is the case I will nap if I want to  😀

It really grinds my gears that after years of knowing me that some people still just don’t get it!!


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