healtheo360 Join a ‘PATIENT’ community and share your story!

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healtheo360 Join a ‘PATIENT’ community and ‘Tell your story!’

healtheo360 was developed with one purpose in mind – To provide our members with a safe online community to find support, encouragement, inspiration and a sense of belonging.

Join a Caring Network:

healtheo360 is a community where patients can connect with one another for support, inspiration, and motivation.

About healtheo360  >>>

The healtheo360 community includes patients, their caregivers, family members and friends who come to share their personal healing stories so that others may find inspiration and motivation as they go through the journey of living with their condition.

Members share their health related stories and learn from each other through discussion. healtheo360 encourage you to upload your story via video testimonies but we also offer blogging for those who are more comfortable with that method of sharing.

healtheo360 believe in the healing power of story-telling and how beneficial it is to share your story as well as to learn from other people with similar experiences.

Follow this link to join in  >>>

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