NHS Choices: Ten ways to fight your fears – Stress, anxiety and depression – NHS Choices

The following information document/article is from NHS Choices and discusses how we can combat our day-to-day stress, anxiety and depression.

This article may help you to develop a ‘Coping Strategy’ for dealing with your mental health issues hat you can keep and refer to at all times.   When things start to get tougher or fear/panic is setting in you can read your coping strategy and hopefully help to stop/reduce the effects of it.

Coping strategies are also good for friends, family & those who care for you so when/if you need assistance they can look at it to see what they need to do to help you keep to your coping strategy.  I find them reassuring and very helpful :-

Q. How do you currently cope with your common life difficulties & mental health issues?

Before the discussion starts, the article begins with a section where you can listen to –  Moodzone: Practical problem solving

Session 1 – E4SP  Easy 4 step plan

This is fanstastic at teaching us how to take things one step at a time, little by little.

  • Confidence building if you wish to make changes to how your things affect your day-to-day life through looking into tackling common life difficulties.
  • Gives a step by step process that will help you to make your E4SP (coping strategy).


Very useful #mentalhealth #stress #anxiety #depression

Read the article via:

Ten ways to fight your fears – Stress, anxiety and depression – NHS Choices.

NHS Choices – Health A-Z

Wishing you all wellness 🙂


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