(EDS UK) Ehlers Danlos UK – Fibromyalgia and CF (Chronic fatigue) by Dr Alan Hakim, MA FRCP

Do you have EDS, JHS, HMS or Fibro alongside Chronic Fatigue?

Do you know what Chronic means?, or the term General Pain
This is an educational read, that explains the differences between Chronic Widespread Pain (CWP) and Chronic General pain (CGP) and Chronic Fatigue.  it also explains some correlations between CWP, CGP, fibro and fatigue & touches breifly on fibro diagnosis and treatments.
It is good to read something that isn’t so full of medical jargon that isn’t explained or easy to find out about.  So, this is easy to read and understand,
There is another article in the further reading section, at the bottom of this post, which discusses CWP in relation to Fibromyalgia in more depth 🙂

Fibromyalgia and CF (Chronic fatigue) Published in EDS UK

Opening Paragraph:

‘Chronic Widespread & Regional Pain

Chronic pain is a very common symptom in the general population. The terms ‘acute and ‘chronic’ are used to describe the time that pain has been present, as opposed to the more common meaning of severity. Acute describes sudden and short-lived, and ‘chronic’ persistent and lasting for more than three months. Both acute and chronic pain can have any degree of severity from mild to excruciatingly disabling.’



Ehlers Danlos UK – Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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by Dr Alan Hakim, MA FRCP  – Whipps Cross University Hospital, London, Member Medical Advisory Panel EDS UK & Professor Rodney Grahame CBE MD FRCP FACP, University College Hospital, London

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Updated May 26 2018