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New Patient platform!  Be a Supportive Voice for Future Patients  |  WEGO HEALTH 19 March 2018

Quote from Stage 5 Melanoma survivor  Dan Engel – Author at WEGO HEALTH

“I believe that there are thousands and thousands of survivors like myself who provide informal advocacy on an ad-hoc basis all the time, and would love to be part of a more organized effort to help fellow patients and their families,” Dan shares, “The only thing missing is the technology platform to aggregate those survivors. fills that void.”


Exerpt from Introducing – A New Way to Help the Newly Diagnosed | Dan Engel | 19 March 2018

Recently launched, is the only patient-to-patient registry where patients and/or their caregivers can create profiles with as much information as they feel comfortable sharing, and find matching profiles based on algorithms created by some of the country’s top clinical oncologists. Patients/caregivers can also search along their diagnosis/treatment parameters, refining their search based on the results provided. They can then send secure messages directly to those who they believe represent the closest match. Once a connection is made, the two parties can speak off-line and hopefully form a friendship. My profile is the first “patient advocate” included on the site.

The link is included in the article by #WEGOHEALTH Be a Supportive Voice for Future Patients


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