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Bursitis and Osteoarthritis Similarities and Differences

By Tim Boughton, M.Sc. |News MedicalRheumatology | Last Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Have you been diagnosed with either ‘bursitis’ or ‘osteoarthritis’?

If you have then the differences between the two conditions may have been explained to you. However, this may also not have been your experience. If haven’t been diagnosed with either of these rheumatological health conditions, or haven’t heard of them before. know someone who has been diagnosed or even heard someone talking about how they affect them this article will explain everything you need to know.

News Medical is a reputed source for health information which is why I look to it for articles and information. Another reason why I like it is because you can download the pdf files of the articles so that you can read them at your own pleasure, and keep for personal reference.

Both conditions are known to cause ‘significant joint pain’ and can interfere with how you cope tackling your day-to-day lives and manage the physical activities which you need to perform. Going grocery shopping can become more difficult as walking is painful as a result of either condition, for instance, or your elbows can’t sustain carrying the bags due to bursitis inflammation. The latter certainly applies to me, and also bursitis affects my hips too, so double whammy for me.

Knowing the differences between conditions that share so many symptom similarities makes it easier to understand the condition that you have, and also means you can work with your health care providers to create the most suitable management plan for you to cope living with it. Both conditions may appear to be the same because of their matching symptoms but the pain is in fact caused by very different reasons and this article tells you why, and what those causes are.

I hope you find it interesting, informative, educational and useful towards learning about your diagnosed condition, or learning per-se. However, please remember that it is not geared towards replacing the advice or information given to you by the medical professionals managing your healthcare, also to remember that I am not a ‘medical-professional’, but a patient who is just sharing relevant information to you, and FibroFlutters disclaimers and privacy policies can be found towards the end of this post.

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