Social Media Patient Platforms / Networks

Well all over the Globe there are many social media platforms for patients to join and meet other people like themselves.

Once upon a time there weren’t that many, but since #patients are now the centre of everyone’s ‘targets’ within the medical healthcare industry lots of new ones are popping up.

In order for ‘you’, our readers, to find the one that fit’s, ‘you’, we are collating this directory for you so that you can browse and find the one that you like.

I am likely to be a member of anything posted here so please look me up and say hello, I’ll follow you back and help you along.

A UK based Communities Map

… via If Everyone Cares who wish to > “Create a National Resource for Use at a Local Level to Connect People & Communities – One Click at a Time.” and It’s a Doddle bringing communities closer together

Are you a Patient Leader?

Take a look at how WEGO Health Patient Leaders Connection and Community including a closed group on Facebook can help you.  Come and join me from the UK, and hundreds of other Patient / health advocates from America and also across the Globe.

I am honoured to be a WEGO Health Patient Expert and I enjoy the advocacy work that I do for myself and for FibroFlutters.  It also makes mehappy to assist other patient leaders to reach their potentials’.

Are you Savvy?

Are you a patient, or a professional why not join this patient-owned co-operative and help with research, surveys, trials and much more whilst earning pennies as you do.  At Savvy patient insights are very important so by joining up and getting involved you are helping to change the future of healthcare. 

It is predominently a US based platform though it does have Global recognition and many members from outside the US, including me & FibroFlutters. 

The future of healthcare is co-designed by patients

Looking for somewhere to discuss and chart your health? Pop over to Patients Like Me

A brilliant platform where you can meet many others like yourself, chart your health conditions, help with research and many health related campaigns in connection to ‘Patients-Included’.  Yes, it is predominently a US platform but it is expanding and growing all the time and there is a large community from folks outside the US who use it.  It is a fabulous discussion platform for patients to get reak answers from professionals too.

This is another platform where you find me, Carole, and somewhere that I am currently a Patient Ambassador for 2018.  Look me up and I will follow you.

Many more to still be added!

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