Our First Dog Show – Competing in Rally Obedience as a Handler with a Disability – The Invincible Summer

What are a wonderful read this is by Kathleen Elizabeth, aka blogger of ‘The Invincible Summer’, as she talks about her first time as a disabled dog handler in a dog show. She eloquently describes in detail about the highs and lows of her experience whilst giving us a brilliant explanation of how this role and her health conditions affected her during the show and taking part in the competition.

We all know that having interests helps us to cope with our illnesses and disabilities and Kathleen has certainly found a great way to cope through her disabilities. Being a wheelchair user myself I am full of admiration for her and can’t wait to read about the next event she takes part in. Diagnosed in her teens with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility Type a condition which results in weak collagen, the glue that holds you body together, and a condition that I am very personally in tune with myself. You can read all about Kathleen via her ‘About Me’ page.

Kathleen also has other interests such as crafting, writing and as a student studying for a ‘Bachelor of Arts in Psychology’, and moving on to a Master’s in Counselling, via an accredited university online.

Since the summer, time has seemed to fly by especially fast! We had a pretty good summer! We spent lots of time sitting outside in the sun, going for walks with River, heading to the beach, and wor…


What are a wonderful read this is by Kathleen, aka #blogger of ‘The Invincible Summer’, she talks about her first time as a #disabled #doghandler in a dog show. Our First #DogShow – Competing in #RallyObedience as a #Handler with a #Disability #hEDS

All images are from Kathleen’s original post