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Ensure your digital strategy has the desired customer impact – learn and benchmark from industry best practice

How do ‘you’ as pharma match your digital strategy to serve your customers, ‘HCP’s’, with a targeted and effective approach?

Join this webinar to discover what customer engagement tactics are working, where lessons have been learnt, and how companies are now focusing their investments.

The discussions will look to give you a ‘step-by-step’ guide as to what you need to ‘successfully implement digital solutions, overcome challenges in scaling, early stage planning and cross-company consistency, to ensure your customer interactions are a success’.

FibroFlutters supporting eyeforpharma by Reuters as Patient, Health, Research & Pharma advocates, we are non-commercial.

Make digital your success story | November 20th, 2019 | 10:00am ET / 3:00pm GMT

Panelists include:

Ignacio Quiles Lara

Ignacio Quiles Lara Oncology Director, Global Marketing and Commercial Operations AbbVie

MAlessandra Almeida

Alessandra Almeida Global Head – Customer Master Data Management Sanofi

Mads Bjarni-Kornbech

Mads Bjarni-Kornbech VP, Marketing & Communications Agnitio

Haider Alleg

Haider Alleg Global Head of Digital Excellence Ferring


Paul Simms

Paul Simms Chairman eyeforpharma by Reuters Events

FREE WEBINAR ‘successfully implement #digitalsolutions, overcome challenges in #scaling, early stage planning + #crosscompany consistency, to ensure your #customer interactions are a success’. @eyeforpharma by Reuters #CX #digitalstrategy #pharma #HCPs #marketing #pharmasales

Join the webinar if you’d like to learn how to

Reduce wasted digital investment:

Create a tailored customer experience:

Show the true value of digital investment:

Accelerate digital implementation:

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FREE WEBINAR Make #digital your success story | November 20th, 2019 | 10:00am ET / 3:00pm GMT #pharma #HCPs #pharmasales #digitalstrategy #digitalsolutions #efp #marketing #customerexperience @eyeforpharma by Reuters

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FibroFlutters supporting eyeforpharma by Reuters as Patient, Health, Research & Pharma advocates, we are non-commercial.

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