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fibrofly73 ~ aka Carole Sian


The #chronicillnessVOICE Daily

FibroFlutters very own

Bringing a varied selection of #healthnews #medicalnews #pharmanews #researchnews to you in relation to many aspects within the #healthcare #medicalhealthcare & #pharmaceutical landscapes. 

Stories from Twitter, my Feedspot feed, Facebook and other sources by different people be they patients, or #professionals from #chronicillness #raredisease #chronicblogs #patients #health #research #clinical #pharma #medical #science #AI #digitalhealth #globalhealth #publichealth or #mentalhealth #wellbeing #diseaseawareness backgrounds

Peace. Love. Spoons.

💜 A daily paper for free thinkers and free spirits who can’t leave the house 💜

Sleepy Girl & Miss Diagnoses

Editor’s note:

Homebound #Bedbound #Lyme #ME #CFS #POTS #MCS #IBS #Endo #RSI #Thyroid #Lupus #MastCell #TheKitchenSink

Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.

The CRPS UK Daily

A selection of articles, blogs and other newsworthy pieces from around the world relating to CRPS, Chronic Pain other pain related conditions

CRPS UK is a registered charity for CRPS/RSD (No. 1165597) and is run for and by people with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Pulse Magazine | All things technology & health | Pulse Publishing

A daily magazine bringing you news from the world of health and technology

Fibro Warrior Weekly
Drunk Kitty aka Julie Ryan/ Counting My Spoons

Julie is the author of the blog, Counting My Spoons – , which details her on-going struggle with #Fibromyalgia and other health related issues. She is also a contributor at

This is a weekly paper by Julie providing news and blogs from the world of Fibromyalgia

The Clinical Supervision Digest
What has social media been saying about clinical supervision this week?

Published by Paul McNamara via
Paul McNamara is a nurse, educator and social media enthusiast.

This automatically curated online newspaper will scour Twitter, Google+ and Facebook each week searching for the term “clinical supervision”.

A summary of the results will be published each Thursday morning (Cairns, Australia time zone).

Check this paper on a Thursday morning (Cairns, Australia time zone).

For more info please visit:

The Perinatal Mental Health Nurse
What is social media saying about perinatal and infant mental health this week?

Published by Paul McNamara via
Paul McNamara is a nurse, educator and social media enthusiast.

The Perinatal Mental Health Nurse is an automatically-curated online publication that scours Twitter, Facebook & Google+ for information, then collates and releases a summary every Wednesday morning (Cairns, Queensland time).

Photos provided by Pexels

#Research #MedicalNews #EuropeanMedicalNews #peerreviewed

scholars #patientadvocates #patients #academia #professionals

DAILY! European Medical Journal is out!

European Medical Journal
We review all of the breaking news from the major healthcare congresses across Europe

Editor’s note

In this edition of EMJ 4.3, you will find a selection of peer-reviewed articles covering the latest developments across therapeutic areas including reproductive health, rheumatology, hepatology, plus more.

Taken from the journal information on EMJ

The #MedDevMktg Daily

Recommended Rx for Medical Devices Marketing Professionals

Community of Pharma, Biotech, Medical Devices & Healthcare Marketing professionals exchanging ideas on: Pharma Marketing | Digital Health | mHealth | HealthIT | Social Media

Photos provided by Pexels

The Receptive Sound Therapy Daily
Sounds for a better life!

By Sonic Tonic ~

About >>>

A WEEKLY paper sharing stories and articles related to sound and it’s varying therapeutic purposes.

Link to the paper


#clinicaltrials #patients #knowledgegap #patientoutcomes
healthcare #patientvoice

The Patient Registry Daily News & more on patient registries and their impact on healthcare today

We’re helping patient registries and administrators of clinical trials bridge the patient-outcome knowledge gap through the power of voice.

This paper is self updating every 24 hours & you can access it via this link

#pharma  #pharmanews  #science  #technology  #health


“Pharma Manager & Geek … #hcsmeu #hcsmeufr #health20fr

Link to the paper

Find PHARMAGEEK on Twitter  >>>   @LionelREICHARDT

#immunology #inflammatoryarthritis #Rheumatology #rheum #IBD

The Immunology Daily |

I’m a Biologics Clinic Manager who’s primary therapeutic interest is in Inflammatory Arthritis and IBD. Tweets and re-tweets are of interest to me and are not necessarily the views of, or a reflection of, my employer.

Petra Kodeda, The Immunology Daily

Read the paper via this link

Find Petra on Twitter  >>> ‏ @PETTTS


#carenews #careguide #care #homecare #elderly #disabled #chronicillness #invisibleillness

Twice Daily!   |   News from Focus on Disability

Their mobile-friendly websites provide online support, information and products for disabled people, the elderly and their carers in the UK.

For disabled people, the elderly and their carers in the UK

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News for carers, patients, family, friends and health professionals

Please help their wealth of information and resources reach the disabled community by visiting them and sharing. 

Visit the link above to find all their social media links!

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#HealthcareNews #healthcare #Care #socialcare #pharma #AI #medtech #medicalnews

Daily! Above The Fold in Healthcare is out!

By C. Michael Gibson MD
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Read  Above the Fold in Healthcare via this link

#Fibromyalgia #fibro #fightfibro #migraines #chronicpain

Daily!  Brainless Blogger News

Fibromyalgia and Migraine related news selected by Daily!  Brainless Blogger News

blogging regularly about Fibromyalgia and Chronic Migraines. I freelance write as well and have published in e-zines, fibromyalgia magazines, been a guest blogger on a few sites and been published in a collection.

Daily! Brainless Blogger News

Read the Brainless Blogger News via this link

#chronicpain #chronicillness #painmanagement

The Chronic pain Daily |  Support from Coach Amber Rose  |

Editor’s note

Information is readily available but deciding what is important for you can be overwhelming. I hope that you find good information in these articles.

Thriving with Pain has webinars, group coaching and individual coaching to support your 5 steps to Thriving with Pain. I have lived with chronic pain for over a decade. I am well now and know that a flare can happen.

The Chronic pain Daily | Support from Coach Amber Rose

Visit the paper to find out what stories / articles Amber has selected for today

Check out

#brain #mentalhealth #chronicillness #invisibleillness

The brain and mental health voice is out! | selection by Valeria Duflot

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Valeria Duflot – Paper Li

#Socent co-founder

Striving for sustainable, community driven, eco-friendly innovation in the fields of health, culture, innovation and travel

Updates every couple of days!

#Fibro #ME #CFS #ChronicPain #invisibleillness

Twice Daily! Fibromyalgia ME Chronic Pain is out!

How it’s Costing You in Happiness, Financially and in Your Relationships!

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Read Fibromyalgia & ME news via this link

“Life doesn’t have to be over when you are chronically ill, you just have to reinvent yourself and what you do… Fibromyalgia, ME, Chronic Pain… We can help”

Fibromyalgia & ME news

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Twice Daily!

#HealthNews #ChronicPain #Autoimmune #Systemic #Dementia #Arthritis #Lupus #Sjogrens #PatientAdvocacy #chronicillness #invisibleillness

Life Chronic Pain & Autoimmune Systemic Diseases & Dementia® 

This paper is great for variation, and health related news for disorders that are invisible or not generally heard of.  

Read Rhia’s Blog

An Autoimmune Arthritic Systemic Life©

Twice Daily! #carenews #careguide #care #homecare #elderly #disabled #chronicillness #invisibleillness

News from UK Care Guide

A UK care news site designed to help both those going in to care and those supporting a loved one going in to care.  Their aim  is to bring together all the important information that people will need.

Follow the link below for Uk Care News

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