‘What Patients Want’ Executive Round table Summary – eyeforpharma Patient Summit October 2019

Download this 21 page report to find out why we should start taking the patients vie

What Patients Want Executive Round table Summary

As promised here is the roundtable report from the eyeforpharma by Reuters Events Patient Summit EU 2019 last October that I was fortunate enough to co-author with Craig Mills from Frontera.

This EXCLUSIVE PAPER ‘What Patients Want’ discusses the roundtables / interactive sessions that were designed + led by patients, co-chaired by patients, and moderated by industry facilitators ie patient advocates.

The interactive sessions were designed + led by patients, co-chaired by Ruth Wilson, Co-Founder – PERSON BEFORE PATIENT + Craig Mills FRONTERA GROUP MD

Moderated by industry facilitators –

Carole Scrafton | Cécile Tardy-Srinivasan | Teresa Ferreiro | Elly Aylwin-Foster | Geoffrey Henning | Dr Ava Easton | Siobhan Southam | Richard Stephens | Alan Thomas (Ataxia & Me)

Got to say, it was a great honour to collaborate on this paper with Craig + Ruth!

The event hosted more interactive sessions between pharma peers and patients than ever before.

A great warm-up read for the roundtables at eyeforpharma Barcelona March 31st – 2 April

You can find the 21 page Report below, you must fill out a request form in order to receive it, but it is free and you’re not obliged, or required, to purchase anything and the eyeforpharma privacy policy link is available to read. I hope you find the discussions of interest

What Patients Want Executive Round table Summary

Report: Patient Summit EU 2019 patient-led roundtables

Discover why there’s a need to start hearing the ‘patients view‘ of the world, if you’re to understand the drivers of health behaviour that impact their health conditions so that they can play a more active role in managing them.

Topics of discussion

Humanising Healthcare

Healthcare is undergoing a digital transformation, technology and innovation designed to deliver more
immediate, personalised and accessible care. Is digital the answer to the human needs of those facing
sickness or are we just being subjected to the opinions of those who program the all-powerful AI. Living with
sickness is a truly human experience,
How do we balance these emerging tensions and still provide comfort and, when needed, hold a hand?

Health Literacy

Digital enables us to be more connected and informed than ever before. Yet, we are becoming more
chronically ill and sick.
What does health literacy truly mean in this context and how do we ensure that people are connecting
with the concept of health rather than just managing symptoms?

Building Trust

Who do we design disease awareness campaigns for – patient or healthcare professional?
The answer is likely to be different depending on our starting point and the perspective of your
organisation.. Gaps can also appear from a siloed approach to communication – are important needs
being missed as a result?

Disease Awareness

Working in partnership is often presented as the solution to the problems we cannot solve on our own. Yet
we often fail to see beyond the short-term outcome of any partnership, leaving us feeling cynical and
unsure of how to articulate the value. Why? Are our expectations of the partnership too different, too
How can we help partners to better appreciate the value and importance of the experience of living
with health conditions to improve trust by presenting a shared view of what success looks like?

What Patients Want Executive Round table Summary

Report: Patient Summit EU 2019 patient-led roundtables

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Co-chairs of the event last October 2019

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