Fibromyalgia Research Newsletter September 2018 UK AWARENESS RAISING WEEK

Our September Awareness special magazine is out now


Including >>>

  • Becoming a Fibro Advocate by Eric Patterson
  • FMA UK Welcomes Awareness Week by Des Quinn
  • Which one of these seems like the best way to raise awareness? FM Survey By Shel
  • Why You Should Use Social Media More If You Live with Fibromyalgia by Katie Zulak
  • Top 4 Books for a Parent Living with Fibromyalgia by Brandi Clevinger
  • Reach out to your Fellow FM’ers for Awareness Month
  • Fibromyalgia, the Fab Four, and a Film by David Bedford
  • How nutritional supplements can help with fibromyalgia – a recap By Dr D Mantle
  • Treatment with mirtazapine may improve pain, sleep, and quality of life
  • The positive impact the group programme has on members pain levels By Julie Barker
  • Ten-year PIP reviews for people with most severe health conditions
  • What’s Breathing Got to Do with “It”? by Kayleigh Roberts and Christine Harris
  • Manual Lymph Drainage by Karen Crosby
  • Access – Good and bad by Helen Watts
  • Risk Factors to Poor Health By David Jenkins –FM Exercise Specialist
  • Ask the Solicitor by Brian Barr
  • FM Cartoon by Brendan

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Fibromyalgia Research and News September 2018 UK AWARENESS RAISING WEEK
Twenty one fibromyalgia news stories from the month of August that they did not have room for in the September Fibromyalgia Magazine.
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UK Fibromyalgia ~ Fibro Awareness Week Special Newsletter & link to magazine

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