How Physical Therapy can Help Fibromyalgia (sponsored post) – shared by Julie Ryan on Counting My Spoons

‘How Physical Therapy can Help Fibromyalgia (sponsored post) – Counting My Spoons’ shared by Julie Ryan is a useful read about exercise and it’s benefits to people with Chronic Pain disorders such as Fibromyalgia.

For example, the author of the article Sarah Ross explains ‘how physical Therapy works‘,’types-of-hands on treatments‘ and also, very importantly… ‘Self-Management‘ where topics such as Hydrotherapy, TENS, Ultrasound and stretching are also briefly explained.

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It is important that I point out to you as readers that it is advisable to speak to your GP before embarking on any new treatments to make sure you are ok to do it.  All information on this blog should not replace the treatment or care given to you by your own medical care team that looks after your medical welfare 🙂

Originally Published here on 2015/06/08

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