A discovery that could alter the whole way that disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, Autism & Alzeimers are looked at: – Medical News Today

‘Landmark discovery’ of vessels connecting brain to immune system

According to Medical News Today (MNT) Saturday 6 June 2015 researchers have made an interesting discovery regarding a connection between the brain and the immune system. The findings if correct will overturn ‘decades of textbook teaching” according to The University of Virginia (UVa) as quoted below by Jonathan Kipnis who is a professor there.  (The items in blue, or underlined, are links to MNT pages)

Title of the study: – ‘Landmark discovery of vessels connecting the brain to the immune system

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Excerpt from text showing the words/thoughts of professor J Kipnis

Jonathan Kipnis, a professor in The University of Virginia’s (UVa) Department of Neuroscience and director of UVa’s Center for Brain Immunology and Glia, says his team’s discovery “changes entirely the way we perceive the neuro-immune interaction. We always perceived it before as something esoteric that can’t be studied. But now we can ask mechanistic questions.”

Not only is it surprising that the vessels connecting these two bodily systems have escaped detection for so long – when the lymphatic system has been so comprehensively studied – but the researchers say the discovery could have a huge impact on the study and treatment of neurological diseases such as autism, Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

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‘Landmark discovery’ of vessels connecting brain to immune system – Medical News Today.

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What I find interesting about this is the fact  that they’ve said for decades that the Central Nervous System (CNS)  doesn’t have a Lymphatic system but the new findings show that there is.  I like to think positive whenever I can so with the idea of Fibro being some kind of a CNS disorder as suggested by Daniel Clauw in his recent study: Fibromyalgia now considered as a lifelong central nervous system (CNS) disorder’,

Maybe there is a slim chance of us finding a missing link too 🙂

Optimism 🙂

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