Avoiding ‘Boom and Bust’ with Pacing and Spacing

I find pacing is difficult to master but it truly does help with managing day to day tasks to minimize the amount of pain & fatigue

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The importance of pacing and spacing is one of the most useful things I learnt on the Pain Management Programme I attended. The aim of pacing and spacing is to break the ‘boom and bust’ cycle whereby I overdo things on ‘good’ days and then pay for it afterwards.

It’s a vicious cycle: Overactivity leads to increased pain. Increased pain leads to prolonged rest. Prolonged rest causes feelings of guilt, frustration, and a sense of tasks that need to be done building up. That leads to more overactivity and the cycle continues.

Pain: Boom and BustThe key to breaking this cycle is to moderate activity. Spacing is helpful in this regard. I tend to make lots of lists. At the start of a week I’ll list everything I need to accomplish over the next seven days. Once it’s down on paper I find it easier to assign certain tasks to certain days. Large…

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