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It is a great pleasure to let you know that I’m going to be co-hosting a roundtable with Dr. Oleksandr Gorbenko at Reuters Events Clinical 2021, 7-9 April. We’re excited to be speaking on the implementation of patient engagement in post-pandemic early phase R&D at Clinical 2021.

The premise for this roundtable has come from an initiative by ‘Patient Focused Medicine Development‘ that both of us were core team members on. How-To Guide on Patient Engagement in Early Discovery and Preclinical Research. Recently launched and co-created by a large group of multi-stakeholders from pharma, clinical and patients.

The guide has been through different rounds of internal review and validation with feedback received from over 25 organizations and individuals providing more than 250 suggestions for further improvements. The usability and impact have been tested in open consultation and one organization is already in the piloting phase of the How-To Guide.

The AIM of this roundtable is to draw from the guide and encourage the discussion towards how you can implement Patient Engagement in post-pandemic early phase R&D.

Our ROUNDTABLE at Clinical 2021

Implement patient experience in post-pandemic early phase R&D


  • Identify your primary objectives of implementing PE experience in post-pandemic early phase R&D
  • Build partnerships by selecting the most appropriate approaches to engaging with your patients during early phase R&D
  • Develop condition profiles using PE experience in early phase R&D
  • Introduce PE experience to R&D design of methodology & TVP/TPP in early phase R&D

Co-hosting a roundtable at Clinical 2021

Carole Scrafton

Patient Advocate


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Co-hosting a roundtable at Clinical 2021

Dr. Oleksandr Gorbenko, MD, PhD, BCMAS

Global Patient Centricity Director


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About the event Clinical 2021

Clinical 2021 is the new home of clinical collaboration. Together, let’s harness momentum in digital and cultural transformation to build an agile future for clinical trials.

As the world focuses its lens on pharma, the opportunity and pressure is there to found a new era of agile, patient-centric clinical trials. Long standing barriers to innovation are falling, digital transformation is accelerating, and new cultures in collaboration, and patient centricity are rapidly growing. Clinical 2021 is where US and EU clinical leaders work together to harness this momentum of change, and with it design and implement a new patient-preferred future for clinical trials.

Join hundreds of clinical innovators plus leaders from across real-world evidence, medical affairs, and patient centricity functions, plus key regulatory bodies, providers, and patient representatives to form new collaborations and gain new insights.

Event Speakers include:

  • Cindy Hoots, CDO and CIO, AstraZeneca
  • Jessica Federer, Managing Director, HUMA
  • Kai Langel, Director R&D Operations Innovation, Janssen Clinical Innovation
  • Anne Marie Inglis, Senior Director Clinical Operations, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals
  • Charlotte Burton, Vice President Nephrology, Global Clinical Development, Otsuka
  • Vicky DiBiaso, Global Head Patient Informed Development & Health Value Translation, Sanofi
  • Mo Ali, VP Digital Analytics and Performance, GSK
  • Sam Hariry, Global Head Clinical Innovation, Novartis
  • Craig Lipset, Advisor and Founder, Clinical Innovation Partners
  • Munther Baara, VP Product Strategy and Innovation, EDTEK Inc.
  • Irfan Khan, CEO, Circuit Clinical
  • Lionel Bascles, Global Head, Clinical Sciences & Operation, Sanofi
  • Melissa Suprin, Head of Quality Risk Management, Pfizer
  • Joy Bhosai, Co-Director, Digital Health Solutions, Duke Clinical Research Institute
  • Rachel Edwards, Executive Director Global Development Operations, AMGEN
  • Catharina Ostberg, Head Clinical Operations Sweden, GSK
  • Stephane Orssaud, Director, Biometry Innovation, Ipsen
  • Rohit Nambisan, President, Lokavant
  • Ken Getz, Director and Professor, Tufts University School of Medicine
  • Andrew Pearlmutter, Digital Innovation Leader, Sanofi
  • Matty Culbreth-Notaro, SVP Global Operations, ObvioHealth
  • Sara Eapen, VP Clinical Data Science, Valo Health
  • John Zibert, CEO, Studies and Me

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It would be great it you were able to join us at the event!

If you are Patients / Patient Advocates and interested in attending you can obtain a free pass by emailing who is the event organiser.

Anyone from pharma can apply to attend Clinical 2021 for free and will be able to access our session!

Just follow this link to register:

Key themes for the event: –

Design life-proof trials:

  • Implement agile, digitally enabled.
  • Globally scalable processes that incorporate existing health networks.
  • Reduce costs and withstand changing environments.

It’s patient-preferred or nothing:

  • Build hybrid digital patient recruitment and support systems to improve every patient’s experience.
  • Increase diversity and ensure retention

Enable agile trial design:

  • Align technology capabilities to ensure seamless data transfer across the business.
  • Enabling trial flexibility.
  • Design efficiency and novel RWE endpoints.

Push the boundaries for innovation:

  • Understand how to innovate within current regulation guidelines.
  • The future guideline trends to watch out for.
  • How to employ quality-by-design principles to ensure trial approval.

Please take a look at the agenda and the speaker line-up here:

We thank Reuters Events for giving us this great opportunity

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