Updated Version! New Look! | #chronicillnessVOICE | SPECIAL EDITION | eyeforpharma Patient Summit Europe ~ My experiences, incl. Im-patient | Carole Scrafton


Thank you very much for taking the time out to read my special edition of #chronicillnessVOICE.

Your support is valuable as is your feedback so please don’t hesitate to comment, or get in touch.

Wishing you wellness as always

Carole Scrafton
Patient expert, Patient / Health / Research advocate, ambassador, Patient-voice / speaker, and supporter of patient-centricity and ‘all-stakeholder’ approaches that lead to better outcomes for all involved, especially Patients!

Patient-Led Patient Group Leader, and certified business professional, MBS, with special interests and skills in Corporate Responsibility, Strategy and Governance balanced with organic growth and very little cost.

Manager, co-ordinator, owner of FibroFlutters Social Media Network / Chronic Illness Portal for information, support and advice.

Author & Editor

CEO fibroflutters.com / FibroFlutters


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