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A blend of newsletters, event campaigns, webinars and resources from around the Pharma / Science / Tech / Digital / AI areas of the medical healthcare industries

Some things are sponsored by the companies or resources that I share, unless stated clearly I am not affiliated with them.

Well after taking a couple of months to build it is finally here! There has been a hold-up due to enduring quite a bit of chronic health during this last month or so.
As a person with multiple chronic conditions this is always a drawback, but I will always endeavour to complete my projects. Of course I have had to update it several times because it has taken me so long to put together, yep, very time consuming when you’ve already inputted relevant data to then need to replace it!

What I’d like you all to remember is that I am not a medical professional, but a ‘patient’ who is reaching out to ‘all stakeholders’ with information and articles that I think people should be reading within the medical healthcare industries.
The newsletters are ones which I have come across, subscribed to, and I share them in the hope to bring new resources to you all no matter if you are a pharma guy / gal, research professor, #scientist, student, doctor, nurse, carer or patient, everyone is welcome because we’re all #notjustpatients, #notjustpharma, #notjustresearcher or #notjustHCP.

Is there an editorial you would like to see in my magazine that isn’t listed, or event you’d wish to share, please just e-mail me – Carole at fibroflutters@gmail.com

Many thanks for taking a look and if you enjoy the content please can you share it with your peers and colleagues. It is purposefully designed to keep you reading for a little while as it will be a couple of months before the next edition will be published. Regarding finding your way around it is constructed with each page linked to the contents page for ease of navigation, however if you discover an accessibility issue please don’t hesitate to contact me… many thanks.

Wishing you all wellness from ‘The Editor’ – Carole

Hope you enjoy reading!


  1. Editors words & Contents
  2. Latest! News Medical
    • The latest medical device news from News Medical
    • The latest pharmacy / pharmacology news from News Medical
    • The latest drug discovery news from News Medical
  3. Featured EVENTS > AI Med ‘Sponsored by FibroFlutters‘: (plus disclosure)
    • Who are AI Med?
    • Why is ‘AI’ so important to the medical healthcare industry? #patient perspective!
    • What inspired me to get more closely involved with AI Med?EDUCATING AI TO THE NORM – Incl. What Is Deep Learning AI? A Simple Guide With 8 Practical Examples | Bernard Marr
    • Event: AIMed #Radiology | Chicago June 2019
    • Event: AIMed #Cardiology | Chicago June 2019
    • The latest articles from Anthony Chang’s AI Med Newsletter | Social good & AI | 23 May 2019, 20:36
  4. Digital Health /AI Newsletters
    • Digital Health Digest | 24 May 2019
    • Digital Health News – 9 May 2019
    • Digital Health Digest – 3 MayDigital Health Website Link and Privacy policy
  5. Pharmaphorum:
    • Market access round-up: the UK opens up to innovation | George Underwood | Pharmaphorum May 10th 2019
    • WEBINAR 13 June Orphan medicines launch excellence: sustaining launch success
    • Deep Dive Magazine ~ Access & Commercialisation is out now, including a focus on digital health engagement| Pharmaphorum | 30 April 2019
    • Deep Dive Magazine ~ R&D Innovation, plus a focus on rare diseases| Pharmaphorum | 28 February 2019
  6. Product review: ActivePosture 2.0 Shirt for women
    • Stretch, 1, 2, 3, 4… Bend 1, 2, 3, 4 … | ActivePosture shirt – Product review | Carole Scrafton (sponsored post)
  7. Eyeforpharma:
    • Webinars:
      • The Ultimate Plan for your Patient Solutions in 2020 12 June
      • FREE WEBINAR |RPA + AI: How Automation Can Solve Your Core Business Challenges | June 11
      • NOT AN EFP WEBINAR but Chairman Paul Simms is moderating | Achieve night vision! See further with AI and smart analytics hosted by OKRA Technologies
      • Bridge the divide – and inspire your customers |eyeforpharma | 8 May | You Tube webinar recording
      • Webinar: Transform Customer Engagement with Pfizer, Microsoft and Indegene | eyeforpharma | 28 May 2019
    • Article by Paul Simms:An additional article to his ‘Five ‘Bold’ Statements that he gave us in Barcelona, March 12th 2019.
    • Articles by Adam Chapman:A Win-Win Situation – Teresa Ferreiro and Catalina Cernica both take home the prestigious Patient Champion award
    • Could Systems Thinking Solve Pharma’s Problems?
      Adam Chapman | eyeforpharma | 21 March 2019
    • Articles :The Art Of Leadership|  Danielle Barron | eyeforpharma Mar 27, 2019
    • Patient-Centricity: An Appraisal | Ross Davies | eyeforpharma | 30 January 2019
    • Events link & eyeforpharma Mission Statement
    • Social links
    • STAT: First Opinion | Weekly roundup of STAT’s First Opinion | Sunday, May 26, 2019
    • STAT Morning Rounds 14 May 2019
    • STAT: First Opinion | weekly roundup of STAT’s First Opinion | 12 May 2019
    • Sign up for STAT Newsletters
  9. Industry Dive, Inc newsletters
    • BioPharma Dive Weekender May​ 25,​ 2019
    • Biopharma Dive Newsletter 14 May 2019
    • BioPharma Dive Weekender May​ 11,​ 2019
    • Healthcare Dive weekender May​ 25,​ 2019
    • Healthcare Dive Newsletter 14 May 2019
    • Healthcare Dive weekender May​ 25,​ 2019
    • MedTech Dive Weekender May​ 25,​ 2019
    • Medtech Dive 14 May 2019 Brought to you by ZS Associates
    • MedTech Dive Weekender May​ 11,​ 2019
  10. Other pharma stories / resources
    • Societal Impact of Pain – eighth international SIP Symposium 2019 on November 7th in Brussels
    • New AI Sees Like a Human, Filling in the Blanks | Neuroscience news | 16 May 2019
    • MD BioSciences promoted post via Endpoint News
    • John Carroll — Endpoints News | May 14th 2019
    • Osteoporosis and fragility fractures | UCB | Disease Area
    • A blueprint for setting up an impactful patient experience program | Insights series – Issue 3: A paper on improving the patient experience with an introduction by Jason A. Wolf, PhD, CPXP | Siemens Healthineers
    • Tech Crunch weekly round-up
    • EMG GOLD magazine
    • EMG Pharma magazine Issue 4 | February 2019
    • Medicines Discovery Catapult | State of the Discovery Nation Webinar
  11. Vertmarkets, Inc Newsletter
    • SPECIAL EDITION Med Device Online | 15 May 2019
    • Pharmaceutical Online Newsletter | May 14 2019
    • Laboratory Network Newsletter | May 14 2019
  12. Platforms & Communities to visit
    • Siemen’s Healthineers
    • Patient’s Like Me
    • Savvy Co-operative
    • WEGO Health
    • Mayo Clinic
    • The Medtech & Pharma Platform (MPP)
    • iOPharma community
  13. FibroFlutters disclaimers, privacy policy and information including useful posts and social media links

I’ll be doing my best to report the best bits via social media, but wouldn’t it be great to watch it for real!?

Featured EVENTS > AI Med ‘Sponsored by FibroFlutters’: | Pharma / Science / Tech / Digital / AI – A mix of News and Resources | MAY 2019

Please remember that I subscribe to all the newsletters included in this magazine

The main aim of this resource magazine is to help everyone have access to a range of places to go for information under one roof. An ‘easy-to-get-to’ mini-directory. It will sit under the Pharma Section of the website on a permanent basis and be regulary updated.

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