#ChronicillnessVOICE SPECIAL EDITION ‘PHARMA’ APRIL 2019 | eyeforpharma Barcelona review | Plus Newsletters & Resources

Welcome to this special edition pharma, science, health IT, technology and digital mini-magazine.

This edition is honouring my attendance to the ‘eyeforpharma 17th Annual conference’, in Barcelona last month, where I participated in a panel discussion, hosted an ‘Impatient’ roundtable and helped to chair the Impatient conference from behind the scenes.
I was also fortunate enough to be invited to attend the #efpawards pitching day on 11 March and will write a short review about the day.

Also included is a blend of articles, posts and newsletters, ‘old’, and ‘new’, that are in no particular order…
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  1. Editors opening words
    • Contents
  2. REVIEW: eyeforpharma 17th Annual Barcelona conference March 12th – 14th 2019
    • Opening words from eyeforpharma Chairman Paul Simms
  3. EXPERIENCE /REVIEW: Panel Discussion
  4. REVIEW:
    • #efpawards and Pitching Day 11th March
    • Impatient Barcelona 2019
  5. Carole’s overall thoughts and experiences, ideas and conclusions
    • Including – Meeting’s and Networking
    • eyeforpharma Patient Policy & Mission Statement
    • Articles to read
    • Social media links for eyeforpharma and their disclaimer
  6. Latest!  News Medical
    • The latest medical device news from News Medical
    • The latest pharmacy / pharmacology news from News Medical
    • The latest drug discovery news from News Medical
  7. Industry Dive, Inc newsletters
    • BioPharma Dive Weekender
    • Healthcare Dive weekender
    • MedTech Dive Weekender
    • STAT Morning Rounds | FEATURE: A halt to an emergency measles ban, an E. coli outbreak, & STAT Madness winners | 8 April 2019
    • Other STAT News links you can sign up for
    • STAT Twitter feed
  9. Pharmaphorum 
    • pharmaphorum recommends | DH4P – Taking Place This April
    • Deep Dive Magazine ~ R&D Innovation, plus a focus on rare diseases| Pharmaphorum | 28 February 2019
    • Deep Dive Magazine ~ Future Pharma 2018| Pharmaphorum | 6 June 2018
  10. Digital Health /AI Newsletters
    • Digital Health Digest – 5 April
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    • Swiss Cognitive
  11. Other pharma stories / resources
    • Tech Crunch weekly round-up
    • EMG GOLD magazine
    • BMP Grant Team | BMP Grant 2019-2020 – New Theme Announcement
    • MedCity News
  12. Vertmarkets, Inc Newsletters
    • Med Device Online
    • Pharmaceutical Online
    • Laboratory Network
  13. Platforms & Communities to visit
    • Siemen’s Healthineers
    • Patient’s Like Me
    • Savvy Co-operative
    • WEGO Health
    • Mayo Clinic
    • The Medtech & Pharma Platform (MPP)
    • iOPharma community
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Hope you enjoy reading!

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