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Market access round-up: the UK opens up to innovation | George Underwood | Pharmaphorum May 10th 2019

In this article George discusses a few things including the junior health minister ‘Nicola Blackwood‘ announcing plans to upgrade the ‘Accelerated Access Collaborative‘ (AAC), at the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) conference in London on 2 May. The AAC aims to champion development of novel medicines and therapies and was set up by the British Government to speed up the time it takes for patients to benefit from ground-breaking therapies for conditions such as cancer, dementia, and diabetes.
The AAC consists of members who are experts from the industry and the NHS. Under the new proposed plans the AAC will become a new umbrella organisation for UK health innovation.

Other news reported by George regsrding ‘NICE’ approving two medications by Roche.

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Orphan medicines launch excellence: sustaining launch success
This pharmaphorum debate, held in partnership with IQIVA, is taking place Thursday 13th June from 15:00-16:00 BST

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Deep Dive Magazine ~ Access & Commercialisation is out now, including a focus on digital health engagement| Pharmaphorum  | 30 April 2019

Deep Dive: Access and Commercialisation is out now, including a focus on digital health engagement.

As always, the issue is free to access and can be viewed by clicking the button link below

Read expert views from

Research PartnershipICONImpetus Digital and IDEA Pharma, as well as thought-provoking interviews with Sandoz’s Andre Heeg, LEO Innovation Lab’s John Zibert and Janssen’s Kris Sterkens.

What you can read about

  • Sandoz’s head of digital Andre Heeg spoke to Paul Tunnah about how he uses his experience from start-ups to find new ways to harness digital
  • Brett Gardiner and Boon Yap from Research Partnership discuss access opportunities for novel therapies in the world’s hottest emerging market
  • Change could be on the way for US healthcare. ICON’s Pricing and Market Access team conducted interviews with formulary decision makers to analyse potential outcomes
  • Alexander Gray and Mike Rea from IDEA Pharma explain why the current pharma R&D model is broken, and how it’s hindering commercialisation for companies across the industry
  • Natalie Yeadon from Impetus Digital on how asynchronous stakeholder engagement platforms can bring real transformation to the industry
  • Also, a catch-up with LEO Innovation Lab’s John Zibert to learn more about the philosophy behind the Lab and how he sees the future of digital in pharma, and Kris Sterkens, Janssen’s company group chairman EMEA, about the challenges facing big pharma and the increasing importance of engaging with patients.

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Deep Dive Magazine ~ R&D Innovation, plus a focus on rare diseases| Pharmaphorum  | 28 February 2019

What you can read about

  • Reimagining the future of healthcare with William Hait (Innovation) from Johnson & Johnson
  • Company Profile: IDEA pharma
  • Innovating in clinical trial recruitment with Havas Lynx Faze discussing “how talking to patients could prove to be a huge innovation in patient recruitment for clinical studies”.
  • Precision medicine: the next steps with Ruth March from AstraZeneca.
  • Forthcoming issues of Deep Dive
  • Realising the potential of wearable tech key problems with using wearable tech in clinical trials, such as usability and accuracy as explained by Spire Health
  • A lifeline for rare disease patients Sean Richardson and Charles de Wet on how Alexion are tackling the challenges in developing orphan drugs”
  • Living with LHON: Adapting to sight loss at 15 years old
  • The pharma world at your fingertips Daily News from pharmaphorum .
  • How pharma can support doctors who treat rare diseases Where do doctors see patients with rare diseases, how do they keep up with treatment advances and what can pharmaceutical companies do to help?”
  • The patient perspective on advocacy with Partnership manager at ‘Inspire’ Seth Rotberg
  • Strength in numbers: Because having a rare disease isn’t rare.
  • Deep Dive – contact us

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