The RARE Revolution – Youth Takeover is here!!!! –  #RareYouthProject

Exciting new magazine for youths with #rareillness |   The RARE Revolution – Youth Takeover is here!!!! –  #RareYouthProject|  18 March 2018

‘This magazine has been created and brought to you by the #RareYouthProject. Following a year long programme of work experience and mentoring, our team made up of children and young people aged 8-23 have created the FIRST EVER dedicated, FREE publication for young people affected by rare disease and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you!’  

#RareYouthProject  RARE Revolution Magazine


‘You can view this publication from a desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet and it is packed with interactive links so you can enjoy the best possible experience when engaging with the content. You can also download the full publication for viewing offline as a pdf. Our full magazine is available as an AUDIO Magazine via our website and by request as a CD.’