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“Remove Negative Thoughts & Subconscious Blockages” Meditation Music for Positive Energy

By  Meditation and Healing |  7 August 2018

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DAILY! European Medical Journal

The Patient Registry Daily News & more on patient registries and their impact on healthcare today


The Immunology Daily

Twice Daily!   |   News from Focus on Disability 

Daily! Above The Fold in Healthcare is out!

Daily!  Brainless Blogger News

The Chronic pain Daily |  Support from Coach Amber Rose 

The brain and mental health voice is out! | selection by Valeria Duflot 

Twice Daily! Fibromyalgia ME Chronic Pain is out!  

Twice Daily! Life Chronic Pain & Autoimmune Systemic Diseases & Dementia® 

Twice Daily!  News from UK Care Guide 

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Digital Health Digest | 23 August 2018

News  >>>

NEWS | £412.5m allocated to STPs for provider digitisation

DIGITAL PATIENT |  Push Doctor announces founder and CEO has stepped down

AI AND ANALYTICS |  Sensyne Health plans to raise £60m through floating on London Stock Exchange 

CLINICAL SOFTWARE |  NHS Digital tests waters for new £450m GP IT framework

INTEROPERABILITY |  Tech giants make interoperability pledge for US health data

Features  >>>

FEATURE |  The benefits of remote control at St Helens and Knowsley

FEATURE | Why we’re gathering around the NHS wireless at my GP practice

Upcoming Webinars  >>>

Digitally driven workflows and patient journeys – how can we get from ‘good’ to ‘great’? 

How NHS trusts can benefit from real-time data to improve cyber security

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Carole’s selection from

Science X Newsletter  | Aug 24 2018

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Empowering young people
to create a better life

For our #Youthful readers #MentalHealth

Respect Yourself | Weekly digest for Respect Yourself  |  August 20 2018

Headlines  >>

Not forgiving makes you the prisoner  |  Source: Forgive and Forget: Healing the Hurts We Don’t Deserve @ goodreads

Holding on to grudges only hurts you  |  Source: Hurt people hurt people @ My So-Called Chaos: Life, love, and Everyday Insanity

Increase your sense of control in changes  |  Source: How to Handle Changes in Your Life @ wikiHow

Respect Yourself website:  respectyourself.org.uk/

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Wearables: This Season’s Must-Have Marketing Accessory

By    |  21 August 2018

Medical devices are generating real-world data on patient populations. Are marketers making the most of this opportunity?

Opening paragraph

Thanks to the exploding consumer wearables market we’ve become Fitbit-obsessed data bores, tweeting our latest 5K PBs, Instagraming our Strava cycling stats or Facebooking our lucky friends with a daily log of steps taken.’


‘The era of digital therapeutics offers great potential, in which data is gathered and the resulting insights are tailored to a specific user and a specific condition thus improving medication efficacy, symptom management, and reducing rehospitalization or ER visits..’

Marketing and Customer Experience USA 2018

Nov 14, 2018 – Nov 15, 2018, Philadelphia

A best in class marketing show for Pharma – not just another Pharma marketing show!


eyeforpharma Editorial Disclaimer
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We believe the industry must focus on a business model combining service with product, with patients at the center.


Healthcare Dive: IT | Main headlines:  Amazon hires Mass Gen cardiologist / One Medical gets $350M in funding |  August 23 2018

  • Amazon builds out healthcare team with hire of top cardiologist
    • Maulik Majmudar helped to lead Mass General’s Healthcare Transformation Lab. His role at the e-commerce giant has not yet been disclosed.
  • One Medical gets up to $350M infusion from The Carlyle Group
    • The Alphabet-backed concierge medicine platform will use the funds to expand its U.S. footprint.
  • Healthcare execs see Amazon as biggest disrupter
    • Apple and Google were among those also feared, though Amazon held a giant lead in the survey, according to a report from Reaction Data.
  • Mobile phones, smartphone apps could help boost patient matching, RAND report finds
  • Facebook, NYU team up to use AI to accelerate MRI scans
  • Health orgs aren’t fully following IT safety advice, survey finds
  • Fitbit updates wearable line with health tracking features
  • How TraceLink will use $93M in new funds to showcase benefits of serialization

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Healthcare Dive: IT

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August 2018 Newsletter from Stress Resources |  Pamela Ressler |  August 2018

A great newsletter with a mix of things to help you live with less stress

Quoted from the home page:

‘Stress Resources specializes in providing individuals and organizations with strategic, sustainable tools to build resilience and mindfulness. Our goal is to empower your creativity, productivity and leadership’  

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Patientcare #Patientnews #NHS 

Patient Newsletter  |  Subject:  |Do you bruise like a peach? |  21 August 2018

Main Headline:   Why do some people bruise so easily?

Healthy living tips

  • How to treat constipation fast
  • What it’s really like to have OCD

Carole’s pick

  • Can a standing desk really help your back pain?
  • What causes itchy skin?

This week’s recipes: nutritious desserts

  • Cherry chocolate mousse
  • Coconut brownies

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MedicineNet ~ Newsletter  |  Special: Eye on Health  24 August 2018

What Your Eye Symptoms Mean
Will your eye condition clear up, or is it a warning sign of a critical eye health issue? Learn about common eye symptoms, what they could mean, what you can do about them, and when to see your eye doctor.

Other headlines  >>>

  • SLIDESHOW  |  Anemia Causes, Symptoms, Treatments
  • QUIZ  | What Causes Eczema?
  • ARTICLE | Job Stress and Your Health


  • Don’t Let Arthritis Stop You
  • Your Sex Life After Baby
  • Knee Pain Dos and Don’ts

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MedicineNet’s Depression Center

‘MedicineNet’s Depression Center gives you all of the tools necessary to maintain a healthy body and mind…’

Read more and access the Depression Centre via the newsletter link above

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News and Research from the NIHR |  NIHR  | 23 August 2018

This edition includes:

  • New review of support for sex assault victims
  • A look into the future of children’s research
  • Healthcare in 2088

Taken from the Newsletter:

A round up of research news and news from the NIHR. You’ll also find features that take a look behind the news, blogs from our experts, and the latest Journals Library publications and Dissemination Centre Signals.

News from the NIHR  >>>

  • Leicester goes global to support chronic lung disease sufferers
  • NIHR Journals Library incorporates new guidelines for reporting involvement of patients and the public in trials

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News and Research from the NIHR

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Mayo Clinic Social Media Network | 20 August 2018

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This Week’s Highlights


Coping With Loss of the”Health Privilege” – Experts by Experience

MPR Outlines Deficiencies in CNN ‘Escape from Mayo Clinic’ Series

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Neuroscience Newsletter |  23 August 2018

Enjoy our latest Neuroscience News updates from the last 24 hours. You can read the full articles by clicking on the headlines or the links embedded in the summary. 

Baby Poop May Be a Source of Beneficial Probiotics
Researchers have developed a probiotic ‘cocktail’ from gut bacteria found in infant feces. They say the ‘cocktail’ could help to increase the body’s ability to produce short chain fatty acids. The probiotic could be used to help those suffering from cancers, autoimmune disorders, obesity, diabetes and other disorders which limit the ability of the body to produce SCFAs naturally.

Ant-y Social: Ant Study Reveals Evolutionary Benefits of Group Living
A new study of ant populations reveals group living confers immediate benefits, even among genetically identical individuals. The study revealed larger groups produced more offspring and greater stability than smaller groups. The study may shed new light on the evolution of social behavior.

Alzheimer’s May Soon Be Predicted During Eye Exams
According to researchers, it may soon be possible to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease during a simple eye exam. The study reports those with elevated amyloid and tau levels have significant thinning at the center of the retina.

Movement Control: How the Brain Responds to Unexpected Situations
Researchers report the motor cortex is only essential for motor control when movements are executed in response to unexpected sensory feedback.

Neuroscience News | Neurology | Robotics| Psychology | Submit News

Neuroscience News
4747 Research Forest Drive, STE 180
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For the #Professionals

Psychiatry Advisor’s Daily Updates  | Featuring:  Antipsychotics Adversely Affect Adiposity and Insulin Sensitivity in Youths |  August 23 2018

Psychiatry Advisor’s Daily Updates email features the latest NewsClinical Features, and Opinions for psychiatric health-care providers.

Featuring >>>

  • Antipsychotics Adversely Affect Adiposity and Insulin Sensitivity in Youths
  • Examining Whether Adjunctive Glutamatergic Medication Further Eases OCD Symptoms
  • Symptoms of Anxiety, Depression Differ Depending on Gender, Race, Ethnicity
  • FDA Permits Marketing of Brain Stimulation Device for OCD
  • Know Before You Go: Practicing Medicine Abroad
  • How to Discuss Morally Charged Topics With Medical Students
  • Psych Screening Beneficial in Pediatric Abdominal Pain
  • Methylphenidate Good First-Choice Pediatric ADHD Drug
  • Healthcare Community Should Favor More Restrictive Alcohol Policies
  • Abuse-Deterrent Opioid Formulations: Barriers to Broader Use
  • Steps Provided for Discharging Patients From Practice
  • ACA Coverage Gains Include Workers Without Insurance


Pediatric Anxiety Disorders: A Comprehensive Overview


Predicting Quetiapine Response in Adolescent Bipolar Depression

Investigators examined the neurofunctional effects of quetiapine to predict improvement in bipolar depression. Learn more.


Comorbidity of Adult ADHD in Our Psychiatric Patients
This activity highlights the high rates of psychiatric comorbidity in adult ADHD.
1.00 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)TM

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Psychiatry Advisor’s Daily Updates

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MSK ~ Rheum ~ Arthritis ~ Pain

Arthritis Action eNews  | Despina Koniordou  |  August 2018

Headlines >>>

Meet Ruth Smith, who joined Arthritis Action in August, as the new Area Coordinator for the Midlands and the North of England. Ruth will be playing a key role in helping Arthritis Action set up more Groups in the region, bringing local communities together, in the area.

Musculoskeletal Core Capabilities Framework – Education for healthcare professionals

Arthritis Action are pleased to have been involved in this initiative and you can read about it along with other headlines and discover what events are going on via the following link  >>>

Thank you Despina 🙂

Arthritis Action 2018 eNews All Rights Reserved – www.arthritisaction.org.uk
Address postal inquiries to:
Arthritis Action
56 Buckingham Gate



#ESHRE2018 Reviewed Inside: EMJ Reproductive Health 4.1 Out NOW!

European Medical Journal

Reproductive Health 4.12018
ESHRE 2018, Barcelona, Spain

Inside you will find…

Interviews with EMJ Reproductive Health Editorial Board

Abstract Reviews

Feature: Uterine Microbiota: A Role Beyond Infection
by Signe Altmäe

Editor’s Pick: Children After Cancer? Meeting Male Patients’ Fertility Needs During Cancer Care
by María Belén Herrero, Peter T.K. Chan

A Powerful and Universal Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis Protocol for Cystic Fibrosis
by Victoria Viart et al.

Read the above and more via this link >>

#ESHRE2018 Reviewed Inside: EMJ Reproductive Health 4.1 Out NOW!

European Medical Journal | Part of the European Medical Group (ID: 08198092) | 88 Wood Street, London, EC2V 7RS (+44 (0) 1245 334450) | VAT No. GB144219234





When you have Polymyalgia Rheumatica you feel pain and stiffness in the muscles in your shoulders and upper arms (shoulder girdle) and hips (pelvic girdle). This feeling often comes after you’ve spent time resting, and is most severe upon awakening from sleep.

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#EDS  #EDSUK  #Toolkit

The Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes Toolkit  |  Ehlers-Danlos Support UK | Sourced via Royal College of General Practitioners

The Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes Toolkit

This toolkit has been developed in partnership between the RCGP Clinical Innovation and Research Centre and Ehlers Danlos Support UK led by Emma Reinhold and with contributions from Lisa Jamieson, Lesley Kavi, Kay Julier, Hanadi Kazkaz, Alan Hakim, Nikki Praiba, Gemma Pearce, Philip Bull and Jan Groh.

Please send any feedback or suggestions to circ@rcgp.org.uk

©2018 Royal College of General Practitioners



Disability Rights UK is pleased to announce that we are working in conjunction with UNITE Magazine.

NEW! Disability Rights Magazine Out Now!

Disability Rights UK Training  |  UNITE Magazine

‘UNITE is your new disability rights magazine. Out every month, UNITE covers a wide range of topics from accessibility and housing to universal credit and mental health campaigns.’

From the Disability Rights UK Training newletter 8 July 2018

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Disability Rights UK

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020 7250 8181


#disability  #disabilitynews

Disability News Service (DNS) 

A great site for health and disability news 

Disability News Service (DNS) is run by John Pring, an experienced journalist who has been reporting on disability issues for nearly 20 years.

He launched DNS in April 2009 to address the absence of in-depth reporting in both the specialist and mainstream media on issues that affect the lives of disabled people. 

Read more Disability News Service – About us

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 FibroFlutters continuously

Advocating for a Multi-Disciplinary approach to all aspects of medical healthcare. With a model approach using all the ‘stakeholders’ I’ve designed a patient’s perspective of what patient-centred care, patient-included, patient-involved, patient-centric should look like and involve, that’s everyone by the way! 

You all need to pitch in!!


Awareness Campaigns

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Connecting You to the Chronic Illness Community

chronicillnessbloggers.com  | 2018/02/07 | new-era-chronic-illness-bloggers


“PatientsLikeMe is the world’s largest personalized health network that helps people findnew treatment options, connect with others and take action to improve their outcomes.”

I am Proud to be a member and Ambassador of

@patientslikeme, the world’s largest personalized health network
helping 600,000+ people with 2,800+ conditions find new options for treatments, connect with others and take action to improve their outcomes.

Join for free on PatientsLikeMe.com!

A chance to change the future of personalized health.

Very soon PatientsLikeMe.com will have their own spot on the website where you will have access to the links to their community as well as their news and information.  ~ Carole



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Fundraising to raise £20,000 for Fibro drop-in centre  |  Rock Off Fibro ~ Fibromyalgia awareness

Quoted from Just Giving page:

“Weʼre raising £20,000 to Help fund the opening of the UKs 1st Fibromyalgia, drop in center to drive our work forward helping those with Fibro , Ptsd , Chronic pain”, Jackie Williams ~ Rock Off Fibro, Fibromyalgia Awareness

Please can you help such a worthy cause, patients are trying to help other patients?!

PLEASE help raise awareness of join us as we launch our double album. fantastic night of     

Special guest appearance by

The Rigger , Newcastle Under Lyme

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ROCK OFF FIBRO, Fibromyalgia Awareness concert. Public group

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Rock off Fibro   @rock_off_fibro


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“Remove Negative Thoughts & Subconscious Blockages” Meditation Music for Positive Energy

By  Meditation and Healing |  7 August 2018


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