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News from Focus on Disability 

Their mobile-friendly websites provide online support, information and products for disabled people, the elderly and their carers in the UK.

For disabled people, the elderly and their carers in the UK

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Life Chronic Pain & Autoimmune Systemic Diseases & Dementia® 

This paper is great for variation, and health related news for disorders that are invisible or not generally heard of.  

Rhia Steele

All aspects of autoimmune/chronic pain illnesses, fighting to survive & grow past them, as I now stand alone to disallow these to get me down.  Published author, writer, activist, Platinum Ambassador for the Arthritis Foundation, Advocate for WEGO Health, blog Lupus, RA, Sjogrens’, Health, patient with autoimmune illnesses, and how they can wreck life, or you can make it better, love helping others.

The Latest Health News & Related Subjects from Rhia at your fingertips

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News from UK Care Guide 

A UK care news site designed to help both those going in to care and those supporting a loved one going in to care.  Their aim  is to bring together all the important information that people will need.

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My Disability Matters News & Opinion Digest |  See TODAY’s headlines | Visit the link to sign up foHow to deliver the mental health services that young people desperately needr their newsletter and to read latest news | 17 May 2018

Headlines for today >>>

  • There is extra funding for aged care in the budget, but not enough to meet demand

  • Informed consent: women need to know about the link between the pill and depression
  • New memorial fund will empower disabled women


Further Reading

  • EHRC appoints eight disabled people to advisory committee
  • Charity faces claims of abusive behaviour over care home closure meeting
  • Why consumers need better protection from dodgy health care: the case of ‘Universal Medicine’Loneliness is a health issue, and needs targeted solutions
  • DWP figures on ‘unacceptable’ WCA reports cast doubt on decisions made on tens of thousands of ESA claims
  • Suicides at record level among UK students

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Fibromyalgia ME Chronic Pain is out!  

How it’s Costing You in Happiness, Financially and in Your Relationships!

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“Life doesn’t have to be over when you are chronically ill, you just have to reinvent yourself and what you do… Fibromyalgia, ME, Chronic Pain… We can help” – Fibromyalgia & ME news

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The brain and mental health voice is out! | selection by Valeria Duflot 

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Valeria Duflot – Paper Li

  • #Socent
  • veneziaautentica.com co-founder
  • Striving for sustainable, community driven, eco-friendly innovation in the fields of health, culture, innovation and travel
  • paper.li/


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Psych Central  |  Psych Central  Daily Newsletter  |  16 May 2018 

Headlines for today  >>>

  • How To Talk To Your Partner About Sex Therapy
  • When Your Child’s Normal Emotions Are No Longer Normal
  • Argument with Spouse Can Worsen Pain in Osteoarthritis, Diabetes Patients
  • Many Anxiety, Depression Patients May Have Chronic Thyroid Illness

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Disability News Service (DNS) 

A great site for health and disability news 

Disability News Service (DNS) is run by John Pring, an experienced journalist who has been reporting on disability issues for nearly 20 years.

He launched DNS in April 2009 to address the absence of in-depth reporting in both the specialist and mainstream media on issues that affect the lives of disabled people. 

Read more Disability News Service – About us

Visit the website to check out their latest disability news >>>



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The Chronic pain Daily |  Support from Coach Amber Rose  | paper.li

Editor’s note

Information is readily available but deciding what is important for you can be overwhelming. I hope that you find good information in these articles. Thriving with Pain has webinars, group coaching and individual coaching to support your 5 steps to Thriving with Pain. I have lived with chronic pain for over a decade. I am well now and know that a flare can happen.

Check out >>>> www.thrivingwithpain.com 


Visit the paper to find out what stories / articles Amber has selected for today  >>>



Other Newsletters / Magazines / Blogs of interest including  > > >

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Indian Meditation Music: 20 minutes Indian flute music, Yoga music, relax music, soothing music 49Y1 |  NuMeditationMusic |  10 May 2018



 FibroFlutters continuously

Advocating for a Multi-Disciplinary approach to all aspects of medical healthcare. With a model approach using all the ‘stakeholders’ I’ve designed a patient’s perspective of what patient-centred care, patient-included, patient-involved, patient-centric should look like and involve, that’s everyone by the way! 
You all need to pitch in!!




Awareness Campaigns

Got a campaign you’d like to share, drop me an e-mail, Carole at fibroflutters@gmail.com




We’re now going GLOBAL

Im-patient is expanding into North America, with the eyeforpharma Patient Summit USA in Philadelphia on October 23-24.

Thankyou to everyone who has already participated in the ‘Impatient’ survey, your ideas and thoughts have already been collated and are being discussed, by the Steering Group, already, for the ‘Impatient’-London event in October.

If you’re from North America…

…and have an idea, or suggestion, that you would like to be put forward for consideration towards the Conference agenda or Conference Design, then we would love to hear from you.  Maybe you’d like to get involved!

You can let us know by filling out the survey via the following link  🙂

Please tell us your ideas for the FIRST EVER ‘Im-patient’-Philadelphia Conference


We’re putting on a pharma conference where patients are the ones to design, create and implement the programme. This way, patients really are setting the agenda.


The Im-Patient Summit - Logo



#The Big Leap #MS
Take a leap on the wild side and help stop MS.  |  MS Society

‘On Sunday 2 September, join our team of daredevils and take the leap of a lifetime at our brand new and exclusive MS Society skydiving day, the Big Leap.’  MS Society

The Big Leap Take a leap on the wild side and help stop MS.


#MillionsMissing  #MEAction

#MEAction |  Daily Digest: Contact Congress to Ask for Support for #MILLIONSMISSING

Daily Digest: Contact Congress to Ask for Support for #MillionsMissing




Find out how Trussy’s campaign for Fibromyalgia Action UK (FMAUK) @fmauk is going




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An Update During Awareness Week: How Is My Mental Health? | ribbonrx | 17 May 2018

About ribbonrx  >>>

Read more from ribbonrx via this link to their WordPress blog >>>



LATEST ISSUE! #Nutrition #Vegetarian #diet #Recipes #HealthyFood

Patient Newsletter  |  Subject:  Is it time to go vegetarian?  |  16 May 2018

Opening to newsletter >>>

‘The big benefits of a plant-based diet

It could be time to shift the focus on our plates and make room for plants. Such eating habits would lower the risks of diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and certain cancers.’ 

Try something new for National Vegetarian Week


  • How to go vegan healthily
  • Is red meat bad for your health?
  • How to eat more vegetables without even realising
  • Can eating spicy food help you lose weight?
  • Sweet potato and spinach chilli recipe
  • Coconut energy balls recipe

Read more articles / posts from the newsletter by following this link  >>>

Visit the Home Page and register for patient access as well as newsletters >>>

Patient work in partnership with the NHS




#Diabetes #DiabetesManagement #MedicationTherapy

Diabetes Self-Management Magazine | Managing Diabetes / Treatment Approaches | Title: Medication Therapy | Updated May 15, 2018

Published July 22, 2014 by Laura Hieronymus, DNP, MSEd, RN, MLDE, BC-ADM, CDE, FAADE, and Gordon Parmley, PharmD


‘Healthy eating and physical activity are always components of a diabetes treatment plan. For people with Type 1 diabetes, insulin is always a necessary part of treatment, and it is often used by people with Type 2 diabetes as well. However, people with Type 2 diabetes usually start medication therapy with oral medicines.’

Read more by following this link >>>

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The Migraine Mantras | May E-Newsletter | 16 May 2018

The Migraine Mantras ~ May E-Newsletter

The Migraine Mantras have partnered with Chronic Migraine Awareness Inc.

for #MHAM18!

Find out how you can get involved via visiting the link above



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Main Headline: Survey Sheds Light on Common Migraine Symptom | Migraine.com weekly | 16 May 2018

Headlines >>>

  • A Survey Sheds Light on a Common Migraine Symptom Lisa Robin Benson
  • The Unfunny Meme #purpleproject
  • Booking My Birthday Vacation at Last The Migraine Girl
  • Pulling Up Roots: Envisioning a Life Free of Migraine Holly Baddour
  • As A Caregiver: Do You Know What to Do? Steven Workman
  • You’re Too Expensive Amanda Workman

Featured story:  Tough Cookie 

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http://www.healtheo360.com | Register for a ‘PATIENT’ community and ‘Tell your story!’

Join a Caring Network
healtheo360 is a community where patients can connect with one another for support, inspiration, and motivation.

About healtheo360  >>>

Opening paragraph:

‘The healtheo360 community includes patients, their caregivers, family members and friends who come to share their personal healing stories so that others may find inspiration and motivation as they go through the journey of living with their condition. Members share their health related stories and learn from each other through discussion. We encourage you to upload your story via video testimonies but we also offer blogging for those who are more comfortable with that method of sharing. At healtheo360 we believe in the healing power of story telling and how beneficial it is to share your story as well as to learn from other people with similar experiences.’

Follow this link to join in  >>>




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Three lifestyle changes that could alleviate your back pain | Barmac5 | backpainblog UK | 16 May 2018


‘In this article, we’re going to talk about positive changes you could make to your lifestyle in order to reduce your back pain. We’re also going to talk about negative habits you could stop. Here are three lifestyle changes that could help to alleviate your back pain.’

Read more via the following link  >>>

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MOVING INTO THE LIGHT | The Invincible Summer | 15 May 2018

Opening paragraph:

May is Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome awareness month. I wrote this in hopes of giving a better understanding of how *I* have experienced EDS throughout my life; keeping in mind that EDS is a spectrum meaning some people barely have any symptoms and can live normally and some have more severe symptoms. – Author, Kathleen Elizabeth

Read more via the following link  >>>

Visit Kathleen at her WordPress blog for more posts and real-life reads  >>>

For EDS support – US – The Ehler’s Danlos Society >>> 

For EDS support – UK – Ehler’s Danlos Support UK  >>> 




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I Told You I was Sick | My Review of the Benepod Pain Management Device | 15 May 2018


‘Since the rise of the opioid crackdown, more and more people just like you are seeking alternative pain relief. Dietary changes, supplements, and electronic pain relief devices are among the most popular choices for drug-free pain relief.

Benepod offers electronic pain management in a small, convenient, and affordable unit.’

Visit Jaime’s site for more reviews to read and sign-up for newsletters  >>>

  • itoldyouiwassick.info/
  • Jaime’s Disclaimer: I have been given a Benepod for review as a gift, but this has in no way influenced my comments on this piece.




How to gain control over #osteoarthritis #OA and keep it

Get and Keep Control of Your RA | Rheumatoid Arthritis Blog | Arthritis Foundation  |  14 May 2018 

Get and Keep Control of Your RA

When your disease is under control, you may be tempted to stop taking your medication. But doing so is NOT a good idea.

Advice from Arthritis Foundation


‘Most doctors begin hard-hitting treatment as soon as rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is diagnosed. Research shows that even in the first months after diagnosis, joint damage can occur if the disease is not treated aggressively, says Paul Howard, MD, a rheumatologist at Arthritis Health in Scottsdale, Ariz.’

Link to the post >>>

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FREE eBook – #selfpublishing #publishing & #marketing 

Xana Publishing and Marketing |Kindle Direct Publishing | Author Branding | eBook Marketing

Are you sitting at home with chronic illness and looking for a new challenge?

‘The Self-Publishing Tools of the Trade Every Author Must Know’
sets out to help you navigate the treacherous route to making
your self-published book a success.

  1. Maybe, you’re a #healthblogger, #chronicblogger or #chronicinfo writer and fancy publishing a book after you’re post blogging and article writing inspires you.
  2. Maybe you’re a #healthadvocate wishing to raise awareness and raise pennies for a cause and writing a book could help you to do that.
  3. Maybe, you’re stuck at home with limited capabilities bored out of your mind and cannot think of how to challenge your brain and keep yourself busy, or distracted. 
  4. You might have a story to tell, or, a desire to write children’s educational books in relation to your chosen #chronicillness.
  5. Take the opportunity to get this free e-book which could help be successful at self-publishing

Link to the LIMITED TIME OFFER >>>

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fibroflutters mental health discussion group cover pic
Don’t be afraid to reach out!



#developmental #MentalHealth #Personality #TheSelf

Study suggests your adulthood self-esteem has its roots in the way you were raised as a child  |  Christian Jarrett | 14 May 2018

About the Author  >>>

‘Dr Christian Jarrett is the author of PERSONOLOGY, Using the Science of Personality Change to Your Advantage, forthcoming from Simon and Schuster (North America) and Little Brown (UK and Commonwealth).

He is editor of the Research Digest blog published by the British Psychological Society, and presents their PsychCrunch podcast.’ from his bio page


Sourced via Research Digest on WordPress  >>>




#Lonliness  #ManicDepression  #copingstrategies  #MentalHealth  #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek2018

Psych Central | Blogs | Tales of Manic Depression | 8 Rules to Help Alleviate Being Lonely | Erica Loberg | 1 May 2018

2 minute read

Other reads from author >>>

Psych Central >  Blogs   Tales of Manic Depression  8 Rules to Help Alleviate Being Lonely

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Leadership In Japan | Ross Davies | eyeforpharma | 11 May 2018

‘In the face of new drug pricing reforms, the need to nurture strong leadership is imperative, but not without its challenges.’

eyeforpharma logo

Eyeforpharma – Mission statement:
Our mission is to make pharma more open and valued.
The ultimate driver for the pharmaceutical industry’s health is meeting the needs of patients, otherwise it will cease to matter. For healthcare to be as good as it could be, the strength, skills and resources of our industry need to be fully integrated into health outcomes and we need pharma experience at the decision-making table.
We believe the industry must focus on a business model combining service with product, with patients at the center.

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#endometriosis #endometriosisawareness #AustralianNews #healthcare

‘People have never heard of the word’: Plan to tackle endometriosis  |  Esther Han | The Sydney Morning Herald | 13 May 2018

Opening paragraph:

‘The Federal Government has vowed to lift the lid on the “silent epidemic” of endometriosis, detailing its plan to educate doctors, teachers and employers about the painful condition affecting 700,000 Australian women.’

Read more via the following link  >>>

Visit The Sydney Morning Herald website for more Aussy News  >>>



#PsoriaticArthritis  #Arthritis #PatientVoice #Patients 

Meet 3 People Living with Psoriatic Arthritis | Arthritis Foundation | 11 May 2018

Meet Richard, Nandi and Andre

If you have PsA, you might be inspired by the stories of three people living with the disease. 

Follow this link to read more  >>>

Visit The Arthritis Foundation website to subscribe to their newsletters and to find all kinds of information and support >>>



#chronicpain #opioidcrisis #patientvoice

Want To Talk With the Media About Chronic Pain? | Ed Coghlan  | National Pain Report  | 12 May 2018


‘They are interested in speaking with patients and providers about their experience. I filled out the form recently–identified myself as the editor of the National Pain Report and received a response email asking that we tell you about the opportunity to comment.’

Visit the National Pain Report website for more posts  >>>



#digitalhealthnews #digitalhealth #AI #analytics #digitalpatient   

Digital Health Newsletter |  11 May 2018

Feature  >>>

  • Tara Donnelly: “My aim is to create an ecosystem for the digital companies of the future”

News headlines >>>

  • Almost 14,000 women contact breast cancer helpline after IT error revealed
  • Government tightens grip on NHS Digital’s sharing of non-clinical patient data
  • videoDoc doc discusses life as an online GP
  • NHS England seeks GP and patient views of online consultations
  • Hull taps Inhealthcare for community telehealth service

Link to the newsletter with many more stories / posts and news to read >>>

Link to their homepage on WordPress where you can read more digital health news and sign up for newsletters  >>>

Registered No. 9257440
Vat No. 198 3531 71



#Arthritis #LivingwithArthritis #Arthritisdiet #Musculoskeletal #Rheumatology #nutrition 

Arthritis Foundation | Living with Arthritis|12 Best Foods For Arthritis 

  • Best Foods for Osteoarthritis
  • Twelve food choices that can help treat your OA symptoms.

Arthritis Foundation advise >>>

‘To ease the symptoms of your osteoarthritis, watch what you eat.
There are a dozen best food choices that can help fight inflammation and fortify your bones.’ (from the e-news link I subscribe to)

Visit The Arthritis Foundation website to subscribe to their newsletters and to find all kinds of information and support >>>



Latest!  #stressresources #stress #mindfulness #meditation

May 2018 Newsletter from Stress Resources  |  Pamela Ressler  |  May 2018

Quoted from the home page:

‘Stress Resources specializes in providing individuals and organizations with strategic, sustainable tools to build resilience and mindfulness. Our goal is to empower your creativity, productivity and leadership’  

For more articles and information visit the Stress Resources website where you can also sign up for their newsletter  >>>


Latest!  RONNY ALLAN – LIVING WITH NEUROENDOCRINE CANCER NETwork with ronny© | RonnyAllan.NET – Community Newsletter| 30 April 2018


Ronny’s Community Newsletter  >>>

 RonnyAllan.NET – Community Newsletter April 2018

Blog Home Page  >>>




#IntegratedCare #IntegratedMedicine #wellbeing  #healthcare

* Is integrative medicine right for you?  | Len Canter ~ Healthday Reporter |  8 May 2018


‘Integrative medicine focuses on your well-being and considers all aspects of your health: physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental. It draws on whatever medical approaches—traditional or alternative—will serve you best.’

Read more via the following link >>>

Sourced from >>>



Healthday Copyright © 2018 HealthDay. All rights reserved. 




#Fibromyalgia #fightfibro #Fibro2018 #fibroawareness #shoutitloud #Patients #JustGiving

Fundraising to raise £20,000 for Fibro drop-in centre  |  Rock Off Fibro ~ Fibromyalgia awareness

Quoted from Just Giving page:

“Weʼre raising £20,000 to Help fund the opening of the UKs 1st Fibromyalgia, drop in center to drive our work forward helping those with Fibro , Ptsd , Chronic pain”, Jackie Williams ~ Rock Off Fibro, Fibromyalgia Awareness

Please can you help such a worthy cause, patients are trying to help other patients?!

Visit Rock Off Fibro’s PUBLIC group on FaceBook  >>>

Visit Rock Off Fibro on Twitter  >>>



#HeartHealth #bhf #nutrition #100calories

British Heart Matters – magazine, nutrition | What does 100 calories look like?  | British Heart Foundation  |  5 May 2018

A fabulous post showing you the different food types as 100 calories!

Why not visit the website and register for ‘British Heart Matters’ magazine and newsletters  >>>

The British Heart Foundation >>>

British Heart Foundation is a registered Charity No. 225971. Registered as a Company limited by guarantee in England & Wales No. 699547. Registered office at Greater London House, 180 Hampstead Road, London NW1 7AW. Registered as a Charity in Scotland No. SC039426




#Healthcare #health #care #NICE

Latest issue!  NICE Newsletter | 25 April 2018

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence – NICE –  provides national guidance and advice to improve health and social care.

‘Improving health and social care through evidence-based guidance’

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Newsletters via News Medical

Latest!  News Medical |Diabetes Newsletter | 4 May 2018 


News Medical |  Endocrinology  Newsletter |  10 April 2018


Latest!  News Medical |  Respiratory Diseases  |  23 April 2018


News Medical |Sleep Disorder Newsletter | 9 April 2018


Latest!  News Medical | Pediatrics Newsletter | 25 April 2018


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Indian Meditation Music: 20 minutes Indian flute music, Yoga music, relax music, soothing music 49Y1 |  NuMeditationMusic |  10 May 2018

Why not visit NuMeditationMusic to see what other tubes they have?  >>>



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Here’s a few links to my favourite online newspapers for finding a variety of health related news from other Chronic Illness Bloggers & Warriors, for up to date news about health conditions such as latest research papers or people sharing hints and tips about how they cope day-to-day.

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FibroFlutters – Support Group for people with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, EDS/Hypermobility, Mental health, Chronic fatigue/Me, Rare & others offering friendship, support & advice in Sunderland, NE UK and across the globe

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