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My favourite daily’s

  • Focus on Disability;
  • Autoimmune / Arthritic Systemic Life; Fibromyalgia ME Chronic Pain;
  • UK Care Guide;
  • My Disability Matters News & Opinion Digest  
  • The brain and mental health voice;
  • Psych Central Daily Newsletter – New today from Psych Central
  • Disability News Service …


Twice Daily!  news from Focus on Disability 

#carenews #careguide #care #homecare #elderly #disabled #chronicillness  #invisibleillness

For disabled people, the elderly and their carers in the UK

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Their mobile-friendly websites provide online support, information and products for disabled people, the elderly and their carers in the UK.
Please help their wealth of information and resources reach the disabled community by visiting them and sharing. 

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Twice Daily!  Life Chronic Pain & Autoimmune Systemic Diseases & Dementia® 

#HealthNews #ChronicPain  #Autoimmune  #Systemic #Dementia #Arthritis #Lupus #Sjogrens #PatientAdvocacy  #chronicillness  #invisibleillness

This paper is great for variation, and health related news for disorders that are invisible or not generally heard of.  

Rhia SteeleAll aspects of autoimmune/chronic pain illnesses, fighting to survive & grow past them, as I now stand alone to disallow these to get me down.

The Latest Health News & Related Subjects from Rhia at your fingertips

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Published author, writer, activist, Platinum Ambassador for the Arthritis Foundation, Advocate for WEGO Health, blog Lupus, RA, Sjogrens’, Health, patient with autoimmune illnesses, and how they can wreck life, or you can make it better, love helping others.

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Twice Daily!  news from UK Care Guide 

#carenews #careguide #care #homecare #elderly #disabled #chronicillness  #invisibleillness

A UK care news site designed to help both those going in to care and those supporting a loved one going in to care.  Their aim  is to bring together all the important information that people will need.

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Daily!  My Disability Matters News & Opinion Digest |  See TODAY’s headlines | Visit the link to sign up for their newsletter and to read latest news | 27 April 2018

#disability #disabilitynews chronicillness


Headlines for today

  • Female doctors show more empathy, but at a cost to their mental well-being
  • League table would help government departments improve on assistive technology
  • Unlocking the potential of employees with neurodiverse conditions

Further Reading

  • Mother of ESA suicide woman pledges to continue fight for justice
  • Disability needs to be on the agenda for businesses now
  • UK MPs’ inquiry into SEN support ignores inclusive education
  • Disabled people split over personal health budget expansion plans
  • Three key rules for accessible businesses


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Twice Daily!  Fibromyalgia ME Chronic Pain | 

#Fibro  #ME #CFS #ChronicPain #invisibleillness

Fibromyalgia ME Chronic Pain is out!  How it’s Costing You in Happiness, Financially and in Your Relationships!

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“Life doesn’t have to be over when you are chronically ill, you just have to reinvent yourself and what you do… Fibromyalgia, ME, Chronic Pain… We can help” – paper.li > fibromyalgia ME /publisher

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The brain and mental health voice is out! | selection by Valeria Duflot | 

#brain #mentalhealth #chronicillness  #invisibleillness

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Valeria Duflot on Paper Li

  • #Socent
  • veneziaautentica.com cofounder
  • Striving for sustainable, community driven, eco-friendly innovation in the fields of health, culture, innovation and travel

Updates every couple of days!


Latest! from Psych Central  |  Psych Central  Daily Newsletter  |  26 April 2018 

#mentalhealth #depression  #anxiety #stress #chronicillness  #invisibleillness

Headlines for today

  • Love In Action
  • 7 Myths about Parenting that Can Make You Miserable
  • Hydration May Boost Cognitive Benefits of Exercise in Older Adutls
  • Many New Dementia Patients Get Unnecessary Drugs

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Disability News Service (DNS) 

#disability  #disabilitynews

A great site for health and disability news 

Disability News Service (DNS) is run by John Pring, an experienced journalist who has been reporting on disability issues for nearly 20 years.

He launched DNS in April 2009 to address the absence of in-depth reporting in both the specialist and mainstream media on issues that affect the lives of disabled people. 

Read more Disability News Service – About us

Visit the website to check out their latest disability news >>>


FREE EVENT – not many tickets left!  Get yours now via the link below 🙂

Burning Nights CRPS – 4th Annual national Burning Nights CRPS conference

4 November 2018 | 9:30am – 4:30pm

North East UK | Marriott Gosforth Park Hotel | Newcastle Upon Tyne

Burning Nights CRPS – 4th Annual national Burning Nights CRPS conference


Other Newsletters / Magazines / Blogs of interest

including >

Something for the Chillout Lounge!  “Wipe Out All The Negativity” Meditation Music, Positive Energy Healing Music, Sleeping Music  |  Meditation and Healing  |  11 April 2018

* * *

Many thanks SQUARE POSTER Communit

 A Huge thankyou to everyone who took part in the ‘Impatient’ survey


The ‘im-patient’ Summit


We’re putting on a pharma conference where patients are the ones to design, create and implement the programme. This way, patients really are setting the agenda.

Watch this space for further developments


Awareness Campaigns

With May 12th drawing closer campaigns are beginning to hot up as everyone is busy preparing their events and awareness drives.  So between now and then I shall endeavour to share as many as I can 🙂

Got a May 12th campaign you’d like to share, drop me an e-mail, Carole at fibroflutters@gmail.com


Unbelievable Tech Advances!  Please tell us what you think of this, write your thoughts in the comments box!!

Researchers 3-D print electronics and cells directly on skin  |   University of Minnesota  |  25 April 2018


‘Researchers also successfully printed biological cells on the skin wound of a mouse. The technique could lead to new medical treatments for wound healing and direct printing of grafts for skin disorders.

The research study was published today on the inside back cover of the academic journal Advanced Materials.’

Read more via this link  >>>

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Common class of drugs linked to dementia even when taken 20 years before diagnosis  |  Regenstrief Institute | 26 April 2018


‘The study, which was led by the University of East Anglia and funded by the Alzheimer’s Society, both in the UK, utilized data from the Clinical Practice Research Datalink which includes anonymized diagnosis, referral and prescription records for more than 11 million patients from 674 primary care practices across the UK. The data is broadly representative of the UK population in terms of age, sex and ethnicity.’

Read more via this link >>>

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Related reading by CNN – Certain common medications tied to 30% higher dementia risk, study finds  >>>



YIPPEE!  short but sweet post!!

A bit of dark chocolate might sweeten your vision  |  E.j. Mundell, Healthday Reporter  |  26 April 2018 

Healthday Copyright © 2018 HealthDay. All rights reserved. 


Only dark for me please, always 🙂

Just like on these strawberries Sonia and I recieved as an apology from the hotel in Barcelona, when away for eyeforpharma 16th Annual conference, for the accommodation mix-up.


Now you all know, LOL not a fan of milk chocolate! – Carole Sian aka fibrofly73

NEEDED! #research into new #medications for #chronicillness 

Want new medicines? You need fundamental research  |  Harvard University |  25 April 2018

Opening questions and lines of the article:

‘Would we be wise to prioritize “shovel-ready” science over curiosity-driven, fundamental research programs?

Would that set the stage for the discovery of more new medicines over the long term?’

Read more via this link  >>>

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#Patient #ChronicBlogger  #spoonie

A Spoonful of Strength  |  Sam – My Medical Musings  |  25 April 2018


‘Chronic Illness Turbulence
Today I hit “chronic illness” turbulence. The less pleasant part of my health journey.

It’s not just one thing, it’s a culmination of health events which have created cyclonic circumstances.’

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#positivethoughts! from a fellow #chronicwarrior #peertopeer #Encouragement #Chronicillness 

Your Life is Worth Living… Blog that!  | Blog – My Foggy Brain | 25 April 2018


‘I am sure many of you have said to yourself, “I’m so tired of this shit, I’m ready to go…” and by “go” you know what I mean. The pain turns into little to no sleep which turns into depression which turns into difficulty being a friendly human which turns into stress which turns into more pain!’

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Very interesting! #RLS #RestlessLegSyndrome

Brain structure linked to symptoms of restless legs syndrome  |  American Academy of Neurology  |  25 April 2018


Opening lines:

‘People with restless legs syndrome may have changes in a portion of the brain that processes sensory information, according to a study published in the April 25, 2018, online issue of Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.’

Read more via this link >>>

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#telemedicine has it’s valuble uses

Telemedicine aided people hit by hurricanes Harvey and Irma  |   RAND Corporation  |  25 April 2018


‘During the 2017 hurricane season, at least five direct-to-consumer telemedicine companies offered free visits to hurricane victims. RAND researchers analyzed the experiences of one of those providers, Doctor on Demand, during the 30 days following Hurricanes Harvey and Irma’

Read more via this link >>>

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Guest Blogger!

Are tweets a goldmine for psychologists or just a lot of noise? Researchers clash over the meaning of social media data  |  By guest blogger Jon Brock  |  BPS Research Digest  |  23 April 2018

Post written by Dr Jon Brock (@drbrocktagon) for BPS Research Digest. Jon is a Sydney-based science writer specialising in psychology and neuroscience.

About- BPS – British Psychological Society  Research Digest  >>>

The Psychologist is the monthly magazine of the British Psychological Society. Visit their website for the May issue and their latest online articles.


 Corrected date

Latest issue!  NICE Newsletter | 25 April 2018

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence – NICE –  provides national guidance and advice to improve health and social care.

‘Improving health and social care through evidence-based guidance’

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Patient Newsletter  |  Headliner:  How to beat hay fever this year – Abi Millar  |  25 April 2018

About the author >>>

Opening paragraph:

‘For many people across the UK, the arrival of spring is a mixed blessing. No sooner have they shaken off the winter gloom, than they’re hit with the onset of hay fever season. Characterised by a streaming nose and itchy eyes, the condition can range in severity from annoying to debilitating.’

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© Patient Platform Limited. Registered in England and Wales.

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Patient work in partnership with the NHS



#Young #KGAT #arthritis #juvenilearthritis

Arthritis Foundation – KGAT Newsletter |  Headliner:  Junior Ambassador Applications Now Accepted! |  25 April 2018

Opening paragraph:

‘This new and exciting program gives teens 13-17 the opportunity to represent the estimated 300,000 kids in the U.S. who have arthritis and raise awareness by sharing their personal arthritis story. This advocacy initiative will enable those who do not have a connection with arthritis to put a face to the disease. Junior Ambassadors will receive advocacy training, help raise awareness with policymakers about their disease and receive our Junior Ambassador Newsletter.’

Read more of the headliner via this link >>>

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Find out about KGAT (Kids get arthritis too) >>>

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Latest Issue!

‘The Bottom Line’ Newsletter – Bowel & Cancer Research  |  25 April 2018

Motto of Bowel & Cancer Research:  

We believe that no one should die of bowel cancer or have to live with chronic bowel disease.

Visit the Bowel & Cancer Research website >>>


Lumeon & their holistic approach!

Designing for the Whole Patient Journey: Lumeon Enters the US Health Provider Market  |  EMR and HIPAA  |  Andy Oram |  23 April 2018

Opening paragraph:

‘Lots of companies strive to unshackle health IT’s potential to make the health care industry more engaging, more adaptable, and more efficient. Lumeon intrigues me in this space because they have a holistic approach that seems to be producing good results in the UK and Europe–and recently they have entered the US market.’

About the Author Andy Oram who is an editor at O’Reilly Media >>>




GDPR and Why U.S. Healthcare Providers Should Care|  EMR and HIPAA  |  Steven Marco  |  19 April 2018

  • The following is a guest blog post by Steven Marco, CISA, ITIL, HP SA and President of HIPAA One®.

Opening question:

The European Union (EU) has drafted guidance to give citizens more control over their personal data, so what does this mean for U.S. based healthcare providers?

Read more via the following link  >>>


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From the website:  Please note…

Copyright © 2018 HealthcareScene.com, All rights reserved. 
Healthcare Scene provides news, updates, white papers and webinars covering the latest in healthcare IT. Visit us online and see our network of Health IT websites at: www.healthcarescene.com 

A great platform for patient leaders!

WEGOHEALTH Newsletter  |  Headliner:  Our Vote: Stay on Facebook  |  23 April 2018


100k+ Patient Leaders – advocates, influencers & experts – helping others and transforming healthcare.

When companies collaborate with and hire Patient Leaders, with strong professional backgrounds and deep experience navigating the healthcare system, the impact on healthcare can be profound.

From the website


Read the latest from WEGO >>>

Learn more about WEGOHEALTH, and register >>>

If you’re a #patientleader and sign up to #WEGOHEALTH you also get to join the CLOSED Facebook Group called ‘The Patient’s Leaders Network’ (PLN), where you get to share your ideas, experiences, ask queries of your peers, get involved in activities and learn about events that you can apply to partake in.

Of course one of the biggest benefits are the new friends that you will make in a friendly and supportive environment.  If you’re from the UK/Europe and unsure about joining then please consider the fact that the more of us that join from this side of the pond the better the spread of our #patientvoices will be as we span united across the Globe, of course helping to spread the messages for WEGOHEALTH at the same time.

Of course, WEGOHEALTH isn’t just for patients but also for ‘organisations’ etc looking for patient experts, patient voices that could provide you as a ‘patient-expert’ with paid opportunities.

Hope to see you there

Carole Sian (CEO) FibroFlutters & Founding Five Member


Healthy home made recipes!

Homemade Recipes for a Clean Diet  |  Healthy Recipes > Lifestyle Diets Clean-Eating  | Eating Well | 

There are some wonderful ideas in amongst these recipes that I’m certainly going to suggest to my hubby to try.  Fed-up of the same nasty stuff that makes me ill and the unhealthy options that I am frequently offered!

Check out the website for even more recipes and food ideas, and also sign up their newsletters >>>


Breast Cancer Awareness!

Medicine Net | Breast cancer pictures slideshow article  |  26 slides | 

Medicine Net > Breast cancer pictures slideshow article

PLEASE NOTE >>> This tool does not provide medical advice

  • Reviewed by Melissa Conrad Stöppler, MD on Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Sources: Sources

Visit Medicine Net’s Cancer centre >>>

Visit the home page and sign up for newsletters, read about many health conditions and how to live and manage them, learn about what they are and their symptoms etc >>>



18 Types of Pain I Experience With Fibromyalgia  |  Jo Moss (Contributer) |  The Mighty |  23 April 2018

Opening paragraph:

‘Chronic pain is just one of the myriad of symptoms present within the fibromyalgia body at any one time, but for me it is the most predominant one. Pain affects every aspect of my life. I pay for every physical activity I do; even the smallest task can lead to a flare of my symptoms.’

Read more via this link  >>>

About the Author >>>

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3 weeks to go!

Awareness campaign by Fibromyalgia Action Uk (FMAUK) for May 12th International Awareness Day 2018

Please sign our to help us make some noise on international awareness day!

‘Fighting for the freedom from Fibromyalgia’ – FMAUK.




Mmm I can hear the controversy!

Is it ever OK for doctors to lie to their patients?  | NANA MATOBA and ANGIRA PATE |  First Opinion – STAT  |  17 April 2018

Opening paragraph:

‘Doctors shouldn’t lie to their patients, even now when the parsing of words and the telling of white lies is common at the highest level of our government. But they do it all the time — sometimes for personal reasons but most of the time for what they believe is the good of their patients.’

Read more via this link  >>>

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#CarersVoice!  #caregivers  #longtermsick  #chronicillness

We are Simply Human: A Caregiver’s Perspective |  Stuart Smith |  National Pain report  |  18 April 2018  


‘The primary challenge to those caring for loved ones may be in not allowing their own fears and anxieties to overwhelm them and become debilitating for them as the caregiver. I am well aware of the extreme hazard which caregiver anxiety can present.

Read more via the link below >>>

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TrussyTrek 2018 – Magnetic North!

A 900 mile solo walk from Dover to Cape Wrath

Keep up to date with Paul’s Trek via the following links  >>>





An adventure raising awareness of #Fibromyalgia and supporting

Fibromyalgia Action UK (FMAUK) >>>


#Millionsmissing is a global campaign for ME health equality  |  Register for this years May 12th Campaign

CAMPAIGN #Millionsmissing – #MEAction

Visit the website for #ME information, the community and also sign up for newsletters  >>>



 Diabetic Sweet treat!

Brown Sugar Strawberry Shortcakes  | Desserts & Sweets Recipes for Diabetics  | Diabetes Self-Management  

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New Service for #caregivers, spouses, & siblings of ME sufferers!   (US)

#MEACTION | Are you a Caregiver for someone with ME? Join our Saturday call.


‘On this call we’d like to discuss (among other things) the recurring sense of loss that comes with ME (and all chronic diseases/conditions) – and in particular the sense of loss caregivers experience.

To be able to better handle the recurring sense loss, we would also like to talk about how we, as caregivers, soothe ourselves when these losses surface.’

Read more via the following link  >>>

Do you have ME?  visit the MEACTION website and join up for support and advice and the opportunity to join a community with people just like yourself  >>>

New Post!  Are sleep issues at the root of many Fibromyalgia symptoms? |  Counting My Spoons  |  Julie Ryan  |  16 April 2018


‘Past research has shown a connection between sleep deprivation and cognitive issues, emotional processing (the ability to determine if social cues are friendly or threatening) and control, impaired executive function (ability to complete basic tasks), attention, and working memory. Again, all of these things are things that are facts of life for those of us living with Fibromyalgia.’

You can subscribe to Julie’s newsletter and also connect with Julie on varying social mdia platforms too.  Why not pay her a visit, have a chat, or even ask her a question?


Remember if you have persistent problems it is best to visit your doctor to get checked out and to see if they can help you.

#Musculoskeletal   #Skin  #Inflammation # PsA #Psoriasis  #Arthritis  #PsoriaticArthritis

What Type of PsA (PsoriaticArthritis) Do You Have? |  What is PsA |  Arthritis Foundation


‘Most people with psoriatic arthritis have skin symptoms before joint symptoms. However, sometimes the joint pain and stiffness strikes first. In some cases, people get psoriatic arthritis without any skin changes.’

Read more via the link below  >>>

Something Complementary & Alternative!

Your Aromatherapy – It’s Spring – give your body that wake-up call!  |  Your Aromatherapy Guide  |  Jan Randall  |  14 April 2018

Opening paragraph:

‘Spring is a beautiful time of the year with the longer days and the warmer weather…….it is a time of hope, anticipation and renewal. We feel brighter and more active as our yang energies are beginning to rise and there is a sense of renewed energy and an excitement to be outside. We want to shake off our sleepy winter hibernation!’

Read more via the link below  >>>

Visit Jan’s website to sign up for the quarterly FREE newsletter and to read all about aromatherapy and the different uses it can have >>>

Citizen Scientist Bulletin #60 | 5 April 2018

Sign up with Citizen Scientist if you’re interest in taking part in #research

Visit the site >>>  www.citizenscientist.org.uk/

If want to help make a difference with research become a member, I am – Carole Sian aka fibrofly73

Latest!  RONNY ALLAN – LIVING WITH NEUROENDOCRINE CANCER NETwork with ronny© | RonnyAllan.NET – Community Newsletter March 2018 | 3 April 2018


Ronny’s latest post |  RonnyAllan.NET – Community Newsletter March 2018


Latest edition!  ARMA Newletter | Arthritis & Musculoskeletal Alliance  | April 2018

Who are ARMA? – About ARMA

Lots of things to read in this issue!


Interesting reading!  SIP Newsletter March 2018

Please register for the SIP Newsletter via this link >>>



Save the Date – Second Annual Community Symposium

Second Annual
Community Symposium on the Molecular Basis of ME/CFS


Please can you help Pain Concern to secure funding for future programmes and continue to support people affected by chronic pain by filling this short survey


Why not visit the website for more information and pain related things


Useful information!  Parenting with a mental health problem | Mind, the mental health charity – help for mental health problems  

For more information regarding mental health help, support and advice please follow the link below. 

If you require confidential support you can also find your local support centre via the site!  


Namaste Irrfan Khan  |  RONNY ALLAN – LIVING WITH NEUROENDOCRINE CANCER NETwork with ronny© | RonnyAllan.NET  |  16 March 2018

Newsletters via News Medical

News Medical |Diabetes Newsletter | 3 April 2018 


Latest!   News Medical |  Endocrinology  Newsletter |  10 April 2018


News Medical |  Respiratory Diseases  26 March 2010


Latest!  News Medical |Sleep Disorder Newsletter | 9 April 2018


News Medical | Pediatrics Newsletter | 3 April 2018



Patient Research Ambassadors Initiative Issue 2 | 5 February 2018

#whywedoresearch #ResearchAmbassador #PRAI  

Would you like to be a research ambassador? Visit here to check out the varying ways you can help.

Something for the Chillout Lounge!

“Wipe Out All The Negativity” Meditation Music, Positive Energy Healing Music, Sleeping Music  |  Meditation and Healing  |  11 April 2018


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