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HealtheVoices Conference in Chicago USA


What is the HealtheVoices Conference?

The link below provides a brilliant explanation about not only, ‘what’ HealtheVoices is, but also ‘how it works’. 

HealtheVoices Conference provides online #healthadvocates the empowerment to throw their patient voices, share ideas and also gives them the opportunity network, connect and meet other fabulous Advocates/Peers at the same time.

A prestigious event in the ‘World of Health / Patient advocacy’, but is currently, mainly, just an American event, there are regulatory protocols and guidelines etc that make these things difficult.  Sponsored by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson company.  Everything I’ve written here are my own words

Could it be possible to dual host with a EuroHealtheVoices at the same time?  “I wonder” says I, Carole 😉


How can you keep up to date with the event?

Well that’s easy!  Use the links below to access healthevoices18VE – HealtheVoices Virtual Experience which gives folks like us at FibroFlutters and many other advocates across Europe and the Globe access to feeling the event, experiencing it althoough we’re not there.  We still get the opportunity to hear advocates speak, and Josh Robbins, ( Twitter- @imstilljosh ), HIV advocate, is being an excellent healthevoices18VE host!


Take the HealtheVoices18 Virtual Experience >>>

HealtheVoices18 Virtual Experience

Follow HealtheVoices18 on Twitter: Use & follow these Twitter Hashtags to use if posting to HealtheVoices18.



Quote from the CEO / Founding Five Member of FibroFlutters.

“People may wonder why I have an interest in this US event and maybe they’re right to wonder.  However, the answer is a pretty simple one!

Approximately, 40-45% of FibroFlutters following is from the US so along the years I have made contact, with many, many wonderful advocates, as well as made some good #chronicillness friends too from across the United States.

It is only fair to let our US readers know that I care, I am there for them even though I’m here in Europe, and that they have the support of FibroFlutters also.  I thank Janssen for the ‘Virtual Experience’ which gives me that chance to be there… and to hear the wonderful speakers… and feel the empowering emotions… and also hear valuable hints and tips!… as well as be inspired.” 

Carole Sian Scrafton, (CEO), & Founding Five member FibroFlutters.

Wishing everyone wellness from all at FibroFlutters

Also a huge thank you to Janssen for presenting the event along with their supporters, but even greater gratitude to the organisers and fabulous Advocates that make it so special.

You’re all amazing

Carole Sian Scrafton (CEO) & Founding Five Member on b/h FibroFlutters


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