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My favourite daily’s

  • Focus on Disability;
  • Autoimmune / Arthritic Systemic Life; Fibromyalgia ME Chronic Pain;
  • UK Care Guide;
  • My Disability Matters News & Opinion Digest  
  • The brain and mental health voice;
  • Psych Central Daily Newsletter – New today from Psych Central
  • Disability News Service …


Twice Daily!  news from Focus on Disability 

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For disabled people, the elderly and their carers in the UK

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Their mobile-friendly websites provide online support, information and products for disabled people, the elderly and their carers in the UK.
Please help their wealth of information and resources reach the disabled community by visiting them and sharing. 

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Twice Daily!  Life Chronic Pain & Autoimmune Systemic Diseases & Dementia® 

#HealthNews #ChronicPain  #Autoimmune  #Systemic #Dementia #Arthritis #Lupus #Sjogrens #PatientAdvocacy  #chronicillness  #invisibleillness

This paper is great for variation, and health related news for disorders that are invisible or not generally heard of.  

Rhia SteeleAll aspects of autoimmune/chronic pain illnesses, fighting to survive & grow past them, as I now stand alone to disallow these to get me down.

The Latest Health News & Related Subjects from Rhia at your fingertips

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Published author, writer, activist, Platinum Ambassador for the Arthritis Foundation, Advocate for WEGO Health, blog Lupus, RA, Sjogrens’, Health, patient with autoimmune illnesses, and how they can wreck life, or you can make it better, love helping others.

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Twice Daily!  news from UK Care Guide 

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A UK care news site designed to help both those going in to care and those supporting a loved one going in to care.  Their aim  is to bring together all the important information that people will need.

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Daily!  My Disability Matters News & Opinion Digest |  See TODAY’s headlines | Visit the link to sign up for their newsletter and to read latest news | 17 April 2018

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Headlines for today

  • UK Government set to ignore key air travel discrimination concerns
  • A vision splendid


Further Reading

  • Isle of Man set to scrap its fitness for work test
  • Network neglect leaves UK Government closer to coercion than co-production
  • Autism advocacy and research misses the mark if autistic people are left out
  • England expects 40% of new housing developments will be affordable, why can’t Australia?
  • I’m autistic. Here are 5 ways you can support me at work.


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Twice Daily!  Fibromyalgia ME Chronic Pain | 

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Fibromyalgia ME Chronic Pain is out!  How it’s Costing You in Happiness, Financially and in Your Relationships!

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“Life doesn’t have to be over when you are chronically ill, you just have to reinvent yourself and what you do… Fibromyalgia, ME, Chronic Pain… We can help” – paper.li > fibromyalgia ME /publisher

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The brain and mental health voice is out! | selection by Valeria Duflot | 

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Valeria Duflot on Paper Li

  • #Socent
  • veneziaautentica.com cofounder
  • Striving for sustainable, community driven, eco-friendly innovation in the fields of health, culture, innovation and travel

Updates every couple of days!


Latest! from Psych Central  |  Psych Central  Daily Newsletter  |  16 April 2018 

#mentalhealth #depression  #anxiety #stress #chronicillness  #invisibleillness

Headlines for today

  • Today I Love Getting Home Safely
  • How to Do the Right Thing
  • Survey: Disabled Workers Overcoming Barriers to Employment
  • Gay, Straight Residents May Not See Eye-to-Eye on ‘Gayborhoods’

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Disability News Service (DNS) 

#disability  #disabilitynews

A great site for health and disability news 

Disability News Service (DNS) is run by John Pring, an experienced journalist who has been reporting on disability issues for nearly 20 years.

He launched DNS in April 2009 to address the absence of in-depth reporting in both the specialist and mainstream media on issues that affect the lives of disabled people. 

Read more Disability News Service – About us

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FREE EVENT – not many tickets left!  Get yours now via the link below 🙂

Burning Nights CRPS – 4th Annual national Burning Nights CRPS conference

4 November 2018 | 9:30am – 4:30pm

North East UK | Marriott Gosforth Park Hotel | Newcastle Upon Tyne

Burning Nights CRPS – 4th Annual national Burning Nights CRPS conference


Other Newsletters / Magazines / Blogs of interest

including >

Something for the Chillout Lounge!  “Wipe Out All The Negativity” Meditation Music, Positive Energy Healing Music, Sleeping Music  |  Meditation and Healing  |  11 April 2018

* * *

#MentalHealth  #SelfDoubt  #Fear

An Exercise to Help Us Overcome Fear & Self-doubt  |   John Allcock  |  Elephant Journal  |  12 April 2018

John Allcock is the Co-Founder and Director of Mindfulness at Sea Change Preparatory, a trailblazing academy that regularly integrates the practice of mindfulness into it’s curriculum.

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This is especialy poignant for myself at the moment as I struggle’ to see the value of my own selfworth and am currently facing many fears such as failure, not knowing what I’m doing, letting folks down, not living up to other people’s expectations, being around people / strangers, being in the lime-light and cameras, being wanted/needed, general social anxieties and even using telephones and conference calling,

Long list huh!

It’s not easy when you have only been out of hiding for 6/7 months, I made this choice to try and take my Advocacy work into the real world instead of just being online. 

Actions speak louder than words

And Yes, I have considered going back into hiding!

I want to help make a difference to the way healthcare is provided for people like me who have #chronicillness #invisibleillness or #raredisease so I have made the move into learning about current pharma wants, clinical needs / research, HCPs, medical affairs etc and through attending events and joining relevant organisations.

Using my #PatientVoice to help promote changes, whilst fighting my own personal fears #MentalHealth.

Carole aka fibrofly73




Scientists watch the brain’s lining heal after a head injury  | National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke – NINDS | National Institutes of Health (NIH) |  16 April 2018

Excerpt / Quote:

“The lining of the brain, with help from the immune system, has a remarkable ability to put itself back together again after injury,” said Dorian McGavern, Ph.D., scientist at the NIH’s National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke* and the senior author of the study published in Nature Immunology. “As we learn more about all the cells involved in the repair process, we may be able to identify potential targets for therapy that lead to better outcomes for patients.”

*National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke – NINDS

NIH Home Page  >>>


New Post!  Are sleep issues at the root of many Fibromyalgia symptoms? |  Counting My Spoons  |  Julie Ryan  |  16 April 2018


‘Past research has shown a connection between sleep deprivation and cognitive issues, emotional processing (the ability to determine if social cues are friendly or threatening) and control, impaired executive function (ability to complete basic tasks), attention, and working memory. Again, all of these things are things that are facts of life for those of us living with Fibromyalgia.’

You can subscribe to Julie’s newsletter and also connect with Julie on varying social mdia platforms too.  Why not pay her a visit, have a chat, or even ask her a question?


Remember if you have persistent problems it is best to visit your doctor to get checked out and to see if they can help you.



Innovative ways to pay for new antibiotics will help fight superbugs  |  KEVIN OUTTERSON  |  STAT – First opinion |  11 April 2018


Opening paragraph:

‘Antibiotics are the most important drug class in human history. Without them, minor infections like strep throat or urinary tract infections could turn deadly. Heart surgery, cancer treatment, and virtually everything else that happens in a hospital would be far more dangerous than it is today. But if we keep taking them for granted, and fail to provide innovative approaches to funding the development of new antibiotics, drug-resistant microbes will get the upper hand.’

Read more via the link below  >>>

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#Musculoskeletal   #Skin  #Inflammation # PsA #Psoriasis  #Arthritis  #PsoriaticArthritis

What Type of PsA (PsoriaticArthritis) Do You Have? |  What is PsA |  Arthritis Foundation


‘Most people with psoriatic arthritis have skin symptoms before joint symptoms. However, sometimes the joint pain and stiffness strikes first. In some cases, people get psoriatic arthritis without any skin changes.’

Read more via the link below  >>>

#Fibro & #Stress, #chronicblogger #CopingStrategy 

I Have Fibromyalgia…I Work on Stress…The Fibromyalgia and Stress Connection | The – So Is Fibromyalgia Real? What I Know Is Real – Blog  |  9 February 2018


‘And the stresses that it seems that most “regular” people’s bodies absorb without any obvious ill effects…well, ours get affected by them…big time! And it doesn’t have to be a major stress…even just low-level stress IS STRESS as far as fibromyalgia is concerned…even positive stress IS STRESS as far as fibromyalgia is concerned.

Visit the blog site to read more real-life experiences >>>

Read my post – This is your body on anxiety >>>


Something Complementary & Alternative!

Your Aromatherapy – It’s Spring – give your body that wake-up call!  |  Your Aromatherapy Guide  |  Jan Randall  |  14 April 2018

Opening paragraph:

‘Spring is a beautiful time of the year with the longer days and the warmer weather…….it is a time of hope, anticipation and renewal. We feel brighter and more active as our yang energies are beginning to rise and there is a sense of renewed energy and an excitement to be outside. We want to shake off our sleepy winter hibernation!’

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#Arthritis #Fitness & #Nutrition

The Arthritis Foundation | Fitness & Nutrition | Overcoming Workout Hurdles  |  13 April 2018

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Genes behind deadly heart condition found, scientists say  | Alex Therrien – Health reporter | BBC News  |  15 April 2018

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Expert discusses #MentalHealth

The Top Reasons Why People Don’t Receive Needed Mental Health Services  |  David Susman PhD & Clinical psychologist  |  12 April 2018

Opening line:

‘I’ve written several times about the important issue of the need for affordable and effective treatment for mental health issues.’

Read more via the link below  >>>

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Useful links!  School and JA: Helping Your Child Cope  |  Kids get Arthritis too  |  Arthritis Foundation Newsletter |  11 April 2018

  • Resources to help with the ups and downs of school.
  • Life With JA > Daily Life With Juvenile Arthritis > School Success with Arthritis > Helping Kids With Arthritis Cope

Link to article

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Hopeful for the future!

Bad antibodies made good: The immune system’s secret weapon uncovered  |  Garvan Institute of Medical Research  |  11 April 2018

Opening line:

‘The ‘bad apples’ of the immune system are also its secret weapon, according to major Australian research published today in the world-leading journal Science.’

Sourced via medicalxpress >>>


#PatientVoice! A Story of How Medical Cannabis Transformed One Patient’s Life  |  Ed Coghlan  |  National Pain report  |  12 April 2018  


‘In suburban Chicago later this month, you are going to hear the journey of a one woman injured in her youth who went to hell and back as an adult and thinks using cannabis has changed her life.

Her name is Rebecca Sewell.’

Read more via the link below >>>

Women’s problems!  Straight, No Chaser: Uterine Fibroids  |  JEFFREY STERLING, MD |  11 April 2018


‘Fibroids are noncancerous growths on the female uterus (the womb). Fibroids are extremely common. In fact, by age 50 approximately half of women will have fibroids. On the other hand, they appear to be rare under age 20. This is a condition that is most prominent during the childbearing years.’

Read more via the link below >>>

About the author:

Welcome page >>>


#ChronicBlogger!  Climbing Mountains With My Chronic Illness Friends  |  My Medical Musing’s  |  Sam | April 11 2018

Medically Retired and Living a Life of Faith and Hope with a Rare Disease


“I love that we laugh together and cry together. I love that we are free to express to each other our deepest thoughts in a way that is raw and real.’  Sam Moss, Climbing mountains with my chronic illness friends. 

Read more via the link below >>>

About the Author >>>




#whywedoresearch  Meet the hidden heroes of BHF research  | HEART MATTERS More than a magazine: information, inspiration and support British Heart Foundation (bhf)  |  Heart Matters Newsletter  |  11 April 2018


Opening of article:

‘Hidden heroes of BHF research
BHF research is rigorously scrutinised so we get the most out of the money you donate. Lucy Trevallion meets four people who work behind the scenes to make this happen.’

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British Heart Foundation is a registered Charity No. 225971.


Latest issue!  Patient Newsletter |  Subject: How to tame your tummy troubles  |  11 April 2018


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Patient work in partnership with the NHS


Hopeful for the future!  Scientists induce sensations of touch and movement in the arm of a paralyzed man  |  California Institute of Technology |  10 April 2018 

Opening paragraph:

‘For the first time, scientists at Caltech have induced natural sensations in the arm of a paralyzed man by stimulating a certain region of the brain with a tiny array of electrodes. The patient has a high-level spinal cord lesion and, besides not being able to move his limbs, also cannot feel them. The work could one day allow paralyzed people using prosthetic limbs to feel physical feedback from sensors placed on these devices.’

Read more via the link below >>>

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Interesting!  Discovery sheds new light on how neurodegenerative diseases might occur |  University of Leicester  |  10 April 2018

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From the heart of the Dr!  I Wrote This for You  |  Dr. Author ~ Always Lookin’ Out for #MyCaringFriends!  |  9 April 2018

Quote:  “I’m a prolific writer these days, because … there’s so much to say!”  

Including a few recent pieces she wrote as a columnist for Pain News Network:

  • Why Human Suffering Should Bother You 
  • 5 Things to Know about Epidural Injections

Posted by Dr Margaret Aranda, MD in Authors and Writers, blogging, Invisible Illnesses, Musings, The Rebel Patient

Latest! Citizen Scientist Bulletin #60 | 5 April 2018

Sign up with Citizen Scientist if you’re interest in taking part in #research

Visit the site >>>  www.citizenscientist.org.uk/

If want to help make a difference with research become a member, I am – Carole Sian aka fibrofly73

Latest issue!  NICE Newsletter | 28  March 2018

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence – NICE –  provides national guidance and advice to improve health and social care.

‘Improving health and social care through evidence-based guidance’

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Something for the Mental Health Professionals!

Psychiatry Advisor’s Daily |  14 April 2018


  • Psychosis Could Be a Potential Side Effect of Steroid Treatment in Kids
  • Phonemic Verbal Advantage in Mild Cognitive Impairment May Predict Risk for Alzheimer Disease
  • Clinical Outcomes Assessed for Major Depressive Disorder With Psychotic Features
  • Risk for Neurodevelopmental Disorders Increased in Siblings of ADHD Probands
  • Risks and Benefits of FDA “Pre-Cert” Program for Medical Software Devices Examined
  • Guidance Offered for Improving Mental Health in Workplace



  • Pediatric Anxiety Disorders: A Comprehensive Overview

Psychiatry Advisor’s Daily Updates email features the latest News, Clinical Features, and Opinions for psychiatric health-care providers

Visit the website for other news and information >>>

Ⓒ Haymarket Media Inc. 275 7th Avenue, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10001

Latest!  RONNY ALLAN – LIVING WITH NEUROENDOCRINE CANCER NETwork with ronny© | RonnyAllan.NET – Community Newsletter March 2018 | 3 April 2018


Ronny’s latest post |  RonnyAllan.NET – Community Newsletter March 2018

Including >>>

Living with NETs – Patient Power  |  Ronny Allan  |  March 2018

Opening line:

‘It’s no secret that I and other patients (see picture) have been helping Ipsen Group and their website consultants (Kanga Health) with a new site designed to support and help all Neuroendocrine Tumour patients.’  Ronny Allan

A huge congratulations from FibroFlutters to Kanga and Ipsen

I was super excited to hear this after Ronny told me about how we almost met in Barcelona at the @eyeforpharma event because of his involvement within the video.  However, he was busy at the ENETS 2018, also in Barca, the week before, where he’d been sponsored by INCA, and couldn’t make it.

Excellent achievement! 

and Ronny!  One day we will meet I’m sure!!

Thank you Ronny for all the work you do with #patientvoice  🙂

Carole (CEO) FibroFlutters & Founding Five Member

About eyeforpharma  >>>


Ipsen Group >>>

Latest edition!  ARMA Newletter | Arthritis & Musculoskeletal Alliance  | April 2018

Who are ARMA? – About ARMA

Lots of things to read in this issue!


Interesting reading!  SIP Newsletter March 2018

Please register for the SIP Newsletter via this link >>>



Save the Date – Second Annual Community Symposium

Second Annual
Community Symposium on the Molecular Basis of ME/CFS

New Service!   #MEACTION | Are you a Caregiver for someone with ME? Join our Saturday call.

Do you have ME?  visit the MEACTION website for support and advice and the opportunity to join a community with people just like yourself  >>>



Please can you help Pain Concern to secure funding for future programmes and continue to support people affected by chronic pain by filling this short survey


Why not visit the website for more information and pain related things


Useful information!  Parenting with a mental health problem | Mind, the mental health charity – help for mental health problems  

For more information regarding mental health help, support and advice please follow the link below. 

If you require confidential support you can also find your local support centre via the site!  


Namaste Irrfan Khan  |  RONNY ALLAN – LIVING WITH NEUROENDOCRINE CANCER NETwork with ronny© | RonnyAllan.NET  |  16 March 2018

Newsletters via News Medical

News Medical |Diabetes Newsletter | 3 April 2018 


Latest!   News Medical |  Endocrinology  Newsletter |  10 April 2018


News Medical |  Respiratory Diseases  26 March 2010


Latest!  News Medical |Sleep Disorder Newsletter | 9 April 2018


News Medical | Pediatrics Newsletter | 3 April 2018



Patient Research Ambassadors Initiative Issue 2 | 5 February 2018

#whywedoresearch #ResearchAmbassador #PRAI  

Would you like to be a research ambassador? Visit here to check out the varying ways you can help.

Something for the Chillout Lounge!

“Wipe Out All The Negativity” Meditation Music, Positive Energy Healing Music, Sleeping Music  |  Meditation and Healing  |  11 April 2018

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