Up for debate next week | Patient Summit | Humanising Healthcare, Building trust, Health Literacy and Disease Awareness

Humanising Healthcare is what I’ll be discussing with friend and fellow patient advocate Cécile Tardy, but it’s just one of the Patient-Led Round-Table topics!

Humanising healthcare: Carole Scrafton & Cécile Tardy

Healthcare is undergoing a digital transformation, with technology (e.g AI, big data) aiming at delivering more personalised, immediate and accessible care.

While the benefits of technology to accelerate R&D and innovation are promising, is digital the answer to the human needs of those facing sickness?

How do we ensure that the ‘care’ component of healthcare still remains the focus in an increasingly digital and connected world?

Living with sickness is a truly human experience, how do we balance these emerging tensions, combine the best of both technology and humanity, still provide comfort and when needed hold a hand?”

Take a read of this article written by Tom Murphy that I sourced from ‘Medical Express‘, OCTOBER 8, 2019, that gives you an excellent example of ‘holding a hand’ which goes beyond comforting and the need for quick / immediate access to answers from a doctor.

Doctors turn to thumbs for diagnosis + treatment by text by Tom Murphy


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There are other discussions going to be taking place

All the round tables are co-chaired by

Ruth Wilson & Craig Mills

Considering Chronic diseases are on the rise…

How can digital help us to become more actively involved in our own health? Disease Mapping through Health Apps for example collecting data that can help pharma understand our diseases better, whilst we get to self manage to a better level!

Should a better understanding of patient experience be the driver behind disease awareness? The question could be… Is it the driver behind disease awareness, which then helps to improve communications, and also, to develop a level of trust between pharma and patients?

Health Literacy

Teresa Ferreiro | Elly Aylwin-Foster | Geoffrey Henning

October is Health Literacy Awareness Month and an issue that as patients we feel to be a very important issue to address. It is great to be able to debate it, and hopefully, to help build a bridge between pharma and patients by creating possible solutions.

Thinking about medical literature, jargons and general language, and how it is written… Will improving health literacy help to create a better relationship between patients and pharma through having easier, and understandable, communications?

Then, will that help to improve the shared decicion making process?

Disease Awareness

Ava Easton | Siobhan Southam

Having a true understanding of what our diseases are, and how they affect us, will help them to understand our ‘needs’ to a much better level, the kind that brings us closer together and be able to communicate easier. This is my own opinion!

Decision making could become a ‘shared experience’ meaning patient involvement, and engagement, could become more ‘viable’ as well as successful. This is my own opinion!

Is this true? Does having a better understanding of disease awareness improve shared decision making?

Building Trust

Richard Stephens | Alan Thomas

Through learning to understand our diseases better, and how they affect us, it should develop a better understanding of the patient experience.

In my own opinion!! This means that learning about disease awareness, how to create a shared decision making experience through using a communicable language understood by both patients, and pharma, should improve the level of trust!

Considering the above… Would this help to bridge the gap between patients, and pharma, by improving their relationships enough to improve the level of ‘trust’?

Take a look at the video showcase below

eyeforpharma Patient-led round-tables 16th Annual Patient Summit 2019

eyeforpharma Patient-led round-tables 16th Annual Patient Summit 2019

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