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News from Focus on Disability 

Their mobile-friendly websites provide online support, information and products for disabled people, the elderly and their carers in the UK.

For disabled people, the elderly and their carers in the UK

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Life Chronic Pain & Autoimmune Systemic Diseases & Dementia® 

This paper is great for variation, and health related news for disorders that are invisible or not generally heard of.  

Rhia Steele

All aspects of autoimmune/chronic pain illnesses, fighting to survive & grow past them, as I now stand alone to disallow these to get me down.  Published author, writer, activist, Platinum Ambassador for the Arthritis Foundation, Advocate for WEGO Health, blog Lupus, RA, Sjogrens’, Health, patient with autoimmune illnesses, and how they can wreck life, or you can make it better, love helping others.

The Latest Health News & Related Subjects from Rhia at your fingertips

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News from UK Care Guide 

A UK care news site designed to help both those going in to care and those supporting a loved one going in to care.  Their aim  is to bring together all the important information that people will need.

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My Disability Matters News & Opinion Digest |  See the latest headlines  | 16 June 2018

Headliners  >>>  



The series continues to include graphic scenes and confronting issues that are likely to be challenging for some viewers.

Solutions are needed that not only defuse the internet’s power to amplify abuse, but also encourage crucial shifts in social norms and values within online communities.


Parents may also not see symptoms of a mental health problem or not be aware of how severe the problem is, due to lack of knowledge or understanding of depression in children.


Other Headlines for today >>>

  • Caring for elderly Australians in a home-like setting can reduce hospital visits
  • Mental Health: Not just a place to live – From homelessness to citizenship
  • Why pregnant women with depression often slip through the cracks
  • 13 Reasons Why is a real opportunity to help troubled teens
  • Neurons made from blood cells – a new tool for understanding brain diseases and mental illnesses

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Fibromyalgia ME Chronic Pain is out!  

How it’s Costing You in Happiness, Financially and in Your Relationships!

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“Life doesn’t have to be over when you are chronically ill, you just have to reinvent yourself and what you do… Fibromyalgia, ME, Chronic Pain… We can help” – Fibromyalgia & ME news

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The brain and mental health voice is out! | selection by Valeria Duflot 

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Valeria Duflot – Paper Li

  • #Socent
  • veneziaautentica.com co-founder
  • Striving for sustainable, community driven, eco-friendly innovation in the fields of health, culture, innovation and travel
  • paper.li/


Updates every couple of days!


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Psych Central  |  Psych Central  Daily Newsletter  |  15 June 2018 

Headlines for today  >>>

  • Abolish Father’s Day? Is Misandry (man hating) Killing Our Men?
  • 7 Critical Coping Strategies to Teach Your School-Aged Kids
  • EEG May Predict Effectiveness of Either Talk Therapy or Antidepressants
  • Severe Mental Illness Tied to Greater Risk of Prediabetes, Type 2 Diabetes

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Disability News Service (DNS) 

A great site for health and disability news 

Disability News Service (DNS) is run by John Pring, an experienced journalist who has been reporting on disability issues for nearly 20 years.

He launched DNS in April 2009 to address the absence of in-depth reporting in both the specialist and mainstream media on issues that affect the lives of disabled people. 

Read more Disability News Service – About us

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The Chronic pain Daily |  Support from Coach Amber Rose  | paper.li

Editor’s note

Information is readily available but deciding what is important for you can be overwhelming. I hope that you find good information in these articles. Thriving with Pain has webinars, group coaching and individual coaching to support your 5 steps to Thriving with Pain. I have lived with chronic pain for over a decade. I am well now and know that a flare can happen.

Check out >>>> www.thrivingwithpain.com 


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RONNY ALLAN – LIVING WITH NEUROENDOCRINE CANCER NETwork with ronny© | RonnyAllan.NET – Community Newsletter May round up | 7 June 2018


Ronny’s Community Newsletter  >>>

Blog Home Page  >>>

Living with Neuroendocrine Cancer



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http://www.healtheo360.com | Register for a ‘PATIENT’ community and ‘Tell your story!’

Join a Caring Network:

healtheo360 is a community where patients can connect with one another for support, inspiration, and motivation.

About healtheo360  >>>

Opening paragraph:

‘The healtheo360 community includes patients, their caregivers, family members and friends who come to share their personal healing stories so that others may find inspiration and motivation as they go through the journey of living with their condition. Members share their health related stories and learn from each other through discussion. We encourage you to upload your story via video testimonies but we also offer blogging for those who are more comfortable with that method of sharing. At healtheo360 we believe in the healing power of story telling and how beneficial it is to share your story as well as to learn from other people with similar experiences.’

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In the Chillout Lounge!

Indian Meditation Music: 20 minutes Indian flute music, Yoga music, relax music, soothing music 49Y1 |  NuMeditationMusic |  10 May 2018



 FibroFlutters continuously

Advocating for a Multi-Disciplinary approach to all aspects of medical healthcare. With a model approach using all the ‘stakeholders’ I’ve designed a patient’s perspective of what patient-centred care, patient-included, patient-involved, patient-centric should look like and involve, that’s everyone by the way! 
You all need to pitch in!!




Awareness Campaigns

Got a campaign you’d like to share, drop me an e-mail, Carole at fibroflutters@gmail.com




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Shared via Simon Stones | Twitter | 28 May 2018

Do you have a rheumatic and musculoskeletal disease ()? If so, you’re invited to take part in a global survey looking at what people with RMDs think about using for health-related purposes.

To take part follow this link to the study >>>


About Simon >>>

Follow on Twitter >>>  Simon Stones  @SimonRStones

BSc (Hons) • Doctoral Researcher in Child & Family Health •  &  Member •   Trustee • Patient Consultant/Leader




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Credit: Wandercraft


Exoskeleton designed to help paraplegics walk |  Nancy Owano | Tech Xplore | 14 June 2018

Opening paragraph:

‘An exoskeleton that can restore mobility for people confined to wheelchairs is always met with interest by medical professionals and by those affected. This time around, a lot of interest is evidenced in a team’s effort to provide an exoskeleton that does not require the use of crutches.’

Read more via this link  >>>

Other tech news via Tech Xplore  >>>


#tumormetabolism #cancerdrugs #cancer #TrinityCollegeDublin #science #research 

Credit: CC0 Public Domain

Scientists show that drugs targeting tumor metabolism will not stop natural killer cells | Trinity College Dublin  |  14 June 2018


‘NK cells are immune cells that play an important role in our defence against cancer, as they can directly kill tumour cells. Once activated, NK cells increase their intake of fuels and generate more energy, which facilitates a boost in their tumour-killing capabilities. The new research shows that activated NK cells do not use glutamine, a fuel commonly used by cancer cells, to generate energy.’

Read more via this link  >>>

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New evidence sheds light on how Parkinson's disease may happen
Dr. Hugo Bellen. Credit: Baylor College of Medicine

#Parkinsons #NewEvidence #Medicine

New evidence sheds light on how Parkinson’s disease may happen | Baylor College of Medicine |  14 June 2018, 

Opening sentence:

‘Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital have identified unexpected new key players in the development of an early onset form of Parkinson’s disease called Parkinsonism.’

Read more via this link  >>>

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Credit: CC0 Public Domain

US painkiller restriction linked to ‘significant’ increase in illicit online drug trading | British Medical Journal |  13 June 2018

Opening paragraph:

‘The US Drug Enforcement Administration’s decision to restrict prescription drugs containing hydrocodone (a popular opioid painkiller) was associated with a ‘significant’ increase in illicit trading of opioids through online markets, finds a study published by The BMJ today.’

Read more via this link  >>>

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Other Medicine & Health news via Tech Xplore  >>>

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More information: www.wandercraft.eu/en/exoskeleton/ 

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British Heart Foundation |  Keep hearts beating and blood flowing | 13 June 2018

It’s not too late to choose a fundraiser, so get your FREE FUNDRAISING KIT get going and make your summer count! Every pound you raise will help fund vital research, giving hope to the 7 million people in the UK living with heart and circulatory diseases, including stroke, vascular dementia and diabetes.

You can get you fundraising kits via the following BHF newsletter link  >>>

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The British Heart Foundation >>>

British Heart Foundation is a registered Charity No. 225971. Registered as a Company limited by guarantee in England & Wales No. 699547. Registered office at Greater London House, 180 Hampstead Road, London NW1 7AW. Registered as a Charity in Scotland No. SC039426


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British Heart Matters – magazine |  Could an egg a day help your health? 🍳 | British Heart Foundation  |  4 June 2018

“Information, inspiration and support for a heart-healthy lifestyle”


Headlines  >>>

  • Could an egg a day keep the doctor away?
    • New research has suggested that eating an egg a day could help to reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. We delve deeper to discover the truth behind the headlines.
  • Watch an animation discussing The truth about ‘free’ sugars.
    • We all know we need to avoid eating too much sugar. But do you know what types to avoid? Our animation explains.
  • What I’ve learned from my cardiac arrest
    • In a letter to her younger self, nurse Sarah Woodford shares what it feels like to think you’re dying, and the things she wishes she’d known before her cardiac arrest.
  • What really counts as your 5-a-day?
    • Knowing what counts as one of your 5-a-day – and what doesn’t, can be tricky. We debunk some of the myths with a list of 12 things that really shouldn’t count as your 5-a-day.
  • Recipe of the week |  Salmon with honey-roast beetroot salad
    • Create this light and fresh salad for lunch or dinner – it’s perfect with crusty bread and a tangy lemon dressing.
  • Tell us what you think of Heart Matters
    • You could win a £50 John Lewis or Marks & Spencer voucher by telling us what you like about Heart Matters, and what you’d like to see more of in the magazine. Take the survey, help us improve and you could be a winner!

Popular in the last 7 days  >>>

  1. How much salt is in your restaurant meal?
  2. 8 ways to stay slim for life
  3. Watch: What’s the difference between a heart attack and a cardiac arrest?
  4. 10 surprisingly sensational salad ingredients
  5. Blood pressure research

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The British Heart Foundation >>>

British Heart Foundation is a registered Charity No. 225971. Registered as a Company limited by guarantee in England & Wales No. 699547. Registered office at Greater London House, 180 Hampstead Road, London NW1 7AW. Registered as a Charity in Scotland No. SC039426




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Book Review: The Pain Companion |  Ribbonrx | 12 June 2018

An Introduction to ribbonrx.com   >>>


I would like to thank New World Library for contacting me and providing a copy of The Pain Companion by Sarah Anne Shockley in exchange for an honest review.

Visit Ribbonx’s blog on wordPress for most posts >>>


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Patient ~ Take part in our BBQ survey | 15 June 2018

Summer is upon us, and so is a new wave of people opting for a meat-free diet. We want to know if vegans and vegetarians are well catered for at traditionally meat-heavy barbecues.

The survey shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes to complete and questions are relevant whatever your dietary choices. All responses are completely anonymous.

To take part follow this link  >>>

Patient ~ Take part in our BBQ survey

WORLD CUP SPECIAL & Common Football Injuries / Sports Injuries

#Patientcare #Patientnews #NHS 

Patient Newsletter  |  Subject:  Football injuries that could scupper a World Cup victory |  12 June 2018

Main Headline:  Common Football Injuries 

‘Patient’ asked the fine folk at the Football Ramble podcast for their views on some of the most notable injuries in World Cup history.

Listen to the PODCAST via the link below, then take a look at our other expert features covering the phyical and mental aspects of football.

Other Headlines ~Know the score :  

  • Can football tackle mental health stigma? | Heads together
  • When is it safe to return to sport after an injury? | Wait it out
  • What to pack in a sports first aid kit | Be prepared
  • How to recover from a sports injury | Regain strength

Join our mental health forum

Join the Patient Mental Health forum

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Patient Newsletter 12 June 2018

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Neuroscience News via ~ Neuroscience Newsletter | Headliner:   Early Birds Less Prone to Depression – Neuroscience News – Neuroscience News| 15 June 2018

Early Birds Less Prone to Depression 2018-06-14 
A new study reports middle aged people who are early risers have a lower risk of developing depression.
Treatment Options For Nightmare Disorder in Adults | 2018-06-14 
Researchers propose a variety of therapeutic approaches and medications to help combat adult nightmare disorder.


Brain Changes Linked to Sleep Needed|2018-06-14 
A new study sheds light on the biochemistry of sleep need in the brain.
Risk of Burnout Can Be Estimated by Analyzing Saliva Samples2018-06-14 
Researchers report a simple saliva test that measures cortisol levels at specific times of the day, can identify those at risk of stress and depression.
Binge Drinkers’ Brains Respond Differently to Risky Child’s Play2018-06-14 
Researchers report those who are more prone to take risks while playing a simple children’s game may be more prone to risky behaviors, like binge drinking.
Poker Has a ‘Tell’ About Strategic Thinkers2018-06-14 
Reviewing the data of over 35,000 people playing online poker games, researchers gain insight into how people process strategic information in competitive settings.
Brain Matures Faster Due to Childhood Stress | 2018-06-15 
Childhood stress accelerates maturation of the prefrontal cortex, amygdala and hippocampus, a new study reveals.
When Emotional Memories Intrude, Focusing on Context Could Help2018-06-15 
A new study reveals focusing attention to the context of a memory, rather than the emotional aspects, increases activity in brain regions associated with executive function and attention.
Is There a Link Between Diabetes and Parkinson’s?2018-06-15
According to researchers, people with type 2 diabetes have a higher risk of being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease later in life. The study reports the risk may be higher for younger people and those with complications related to diabetes.
Foods Combining Carbs and Fats More Rewarding That Just Carbs or Fats Alone2018-06-15
A new study reports foods that contain both carbs and fats evoke greater response in the brain’s reward center than foods that contain either just carbs or fats.


Neuroscience News |  Neurology  |  Robotics |  Psychology  |  Submit News


Neuroscience News
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The Woodlands Texas 77381



World Health Organization Newsletter |  Hot topics this week in health  |  15 June 2018

World Health Organization ~ Hot topics this week in health

The following link will take you to the World Health Organization website for more World Health news  >>>




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Deep Dive Magazine ~ Future Pharma 2018| Pharmaphorum  | 6  June 2018

“As pharma’s model is increasingly disrupted, how will health care and drug development progress? Click the button to read our preview article from the Medicines Discovery Catapult.” Quoted from the cover

What you can read about via the link below  >>>

  • Chris Molloy, Medicines Discovery Catapult, explains why the future of medical innovation lies with the industry’s SMEs
  • Karen Taylor, Deloitte, offers six predictions for the course of our industry into 2022, both evolutionary and revolutionary
  • How Blockchain could enable a truly global healthcare ecosystem
  • And a look into real-world examples of how nanotechnology is now advancing medicine, and the challenges faced
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Adam Jeffery
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A fabulous pharma magazine!


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Patients, Power, Participation: How Enrolling in Clinical Trials Can Help Ensure That The Future of Pain Medicine is Now | SKILLFULLY WELL & PAINFULLY AWARE | KATARINA ZULAK  | 7 June 2018


‘Participants in clinical trials have the opportunity to access cutting-edge therapies before they are made widely available, often at leading medical facilities. Experimental treatments can be appealing to individuals who have failed to benefit from conventional treatments. There is no cost to participate in medical research and health insurance is not required. Additionally, some studies compensate individuals who join the clinical trial.’

About Katarina  >>>

This piece has been entered in the Patients Have Power Writing Contest run by Clara Health designed to raise awareness about clinical trials.

Visit the homepage for more blog posts by Katarina >>>



Follow the progress and keep up to date

#EULAR2018 ~ Amsterdam 13th – 16th June

Annual European Congress of Rheumatology

How to keep up with the #EULAR2018 news if like me you’re not lucky enough to be there in person.

EULAR websites

EULAR Congress website: www.congress.eular.org

EULAR Congress 2018 documents: www.congress.eular.org/download.cfm

EULAR website: www.eular.org

EMEUNET website: emeunet.eular.org

EULAR Young PARE website: www.youngpare.org

Welcome message from Johannes W. J. Bijlsma who is EULAR President  >>>

Welcome message from the EULAR President

Are you not heading to Amsterdam?  Well don’t worry too much there are a few ways that you can keep up to date with what is going on.


The (EMJ) European Medical Journal will have a full congress review of in their next edition of EMJ which is FREE to subscribe to via this link >>>

You can see all of EMJ’s Rheum content by visiting this link, please share. Please opt-in & help me to get proper peer reviewed articles out there  >>>


Copyright © 2018 European Medical Group LTD trading as European Medical Journal. All rights reserved. European Medical Journal is for informational purposes and should not be considered medical advice, diagnosis or treatment recommendations.


#healthcareprofessionals #MedicineMatters

Medicine Matters | medwireNews@EULAR2018

Medicine Matters is developed for healthcare professionals as a premier resource for the latest clinical information in medicine.

Keep an eye on this page for their live #EULAR2018 coverage  >>>

FREE registration for Medicine Matters ~ Rheumatology, you can opt-in via this link >>>

Rheumatology Matters twitter feed >>> 


If you’re attending #EULAR2018 maybe some advice from a fellow peer will be useful

Simon Stones  >>>

Getting the most from – Some of my tips and tricks for those attending the EULAR Annual European Congress of Rheumatology this week in Amsterdam!

Visit Simon’s blog for his ‘tips and tricks’ to help you in Amsterdam >>>

Thankyou Simon for those useful EULAR links



The European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) is the organisation which represents the patient, health professional and scientific societies of rheumatology of all the European nations. EULAR endeavours to stimulate, promote, and support the research, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of rheumatic diseases. In line with UEMS, EULAR defines rheumatology as including rheumatic diseases of the connective tissue, locomotor and musculoskeletal systems.



#spoonie #spooniewarrior #ehealth #ehealthcoach #fibromyalgia #patientjourney #patientvoice #chronicblogger 

My past will not change, but I control my future  |  Julie Ryan  | Counting My Spoons  | 11 June 2018


‘My past will never change and I’m OK with that, because I control the future.’

Julie is a wonderful, lovely and friendly healthcoach and Counting My Spoons is an excellent blog to visit with lots of great posts by Julie, and her guest interviews as they discuss the trials and tribulations of living with fibromyalgia and / or other chronic conditions.  Also, great product reviews too!

Visit the site via this link  >>>


About Julie taken from the website:

Spoonie. Fibro Warrior. E-health advocate. Located in Huntsville, AL.

I’ve been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Endometriosis, Hypothyroidism, TMJ, Migraines, and Cluster Headaches. I share my journey here in an attempt to educate and inspire others who are dealing with similar health issues.

Blog title inspired by The Spoon Theory, by Christine Miserandino, an excellent explanation of what it’s like to live with invisible illness.




OA and your lifestyle
constantly texting?!

#arthritis #osteoarthritis #lifestyle #knucklecracking #texting #highheels #vitaminE

Arthritis Foundation E-news | Lifestyle Factors & Osteoarthritis Outcomes | Five lifestyle factors that may be linked to OA.

Here are five lifestyle factors researchers have studied to see if they’re linked to OA:

  • Besides possibly irritating those around you, can knuckle cracking lead to the disease?
  • If your child is constantly texting, is the development of OA more likely in his or her future?
  • Can wearing high-heeled shoes contribute to an OA diagnosis?
  • Is high-impact, weight-bearing exercise helpful or harmful?
  • Can a diet rich in vitamin E reduce the risk of OA or its progression?

‘Managing your arthritis – and the pain and restrictions that come with it – is much easier if you know what to avoid and what can be beneficial. We want to arm you with useful information that helps put you in control!’

Arthritis Foundation

Original posted on Arthritis Blog Home »  Osteoarthritis Blog Home  » Can Lifestyle Factors Influence Osteoarthritis Outcomes? | Arthritis Today Magazine  June 2017.

Visit the ‘Arthritis Foundation via the following link for more useful information, blogs, blog posts and there are also newsletters that you can opt-in for >>>


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1355 Peachtree Street NE – Suite 800 – Atlanta, GA 30309




Try This, Not That: JA Complementary Therapies  |  Arthritis Foundation E-newsletter | 6 June 2018

JA Alternative Treatments

Complementary Therapies for JA  |  Try this, not that: find out which therapies to try and which ones to avoid.

Many families turn to complementary therapies to help ease the pain of a child with arthritis.

That can be a good thing – just be sure whatever you’re considering works for your situation.

  • Exercising with free weights and activities like jumping rope can improve both physical and emotional health without increasing pain. But avoid high-impact sports.
  • Relaxation exercises may diminish pain intensity … and they cause no negative side effects.
  • Water therapy is a good way to limber up stiff joints in the morning, and relax tight, aching muscles at bedtime.
  • Massage can relax muscles, lessen pain and improve circulation.

Learn all about complementary therapies for JA.

They may provide you with new methods to help manage your child’s pain.

© 2018 Arthritis Foundation. All Right Reserved. 
1355 Peachtree Street NE – Suite 800 – Atlanta, GA 30309




Happiful Magazine E-newsletter | Help us help you | 7 June 2018

Happiful Magazine Help us help you

Visit the Happiful website to read past issues online, FREE, and you can also opt-in for newsletters  >>>





#biopharma #pharma #FDA  |  For the execs

BioPharma Dive E-newsletter | BIO18: Pfizer (sort of) inches back to neuro; Building ties with FDA | 7 June 2018

Headlines  >>>

BIO18: Pfizer (sort of) inches back to neuro; Building ties with FDA
Day Three of the BIO International convention shined a light on the neuroscience space and its evolution.

ASCO18:  Who were the big winners and losers?
Merck, Loxo and Bluebird departed Chicago looking stronger, while mixed results from Roche, Nektar and a few others left investors unimpressed.

ASCO18:  3 unanswered questions from oncology’s largest conference
This year’s ASCO meeting showcased dozens of major advances in cancer care, but several major questions remain in the red-hot field of immunotherapy.


Tech Success: Improving patient medication adherence through apps
Patient engagement in clinical trials is key to improving poor medication adherence.

Novartis won’t face Swiss criminal probe over payments to Trump lawyer
The Swiss attorney general received a complaint alleging bribery by Novartis, but found insufficient suspicion to merit opening criminal proceedings.

BIO18:  Diversity takes center stage
The conversation highlighted industry gender diversity — and lack of it. BIO had 18 “manels,” or panels that were only men.

Axovant stock rockets up on Oxford gene therapy deal
A new addition to its pipeline signals the biotech is still forging ahead despite a recent Alzheimer’s trial blowup.

First Neulasta biosimilar headed to US market
The FDA has approved Mylan and Biocon’s copycat pegfilgrastim, putting even more pressure on the already weakening Amgen franchise.

Read all the above and more via the following link where you can also opt-in for E-newsletters  >>>

About BioPharma Dive

Our mission is to provide busy execs like you with an overview of the BioPharma industry in 60 seconds. BioPharma Dive is a product of Industry Dive. 

View other Industry Dive publications.




#diabetes #highbloodsugar #bloodglucose #selfmanagement #symptoms #diabetesawareness #diabetesinfo

High Blood Sugar Symptoms  |  Diabetes Self-Management  E-newsletter |  6 June 2018  


‘Signs and symptoms of high blood glucose are often what lead people with undiagnosed diabetes to visit their doctors and, consequently, get diagnosed. But signs and symptoms of high blood glucose can also occur after diabetes is diagnosed and treatment has been started. It is a signal that your diabetes has slipped out of control.’

  • High Blood Sugar Symptoms
    • Updated March 31, 2017
    • Wil Dubois BS, AAS, CPT, is a diabetes columnist and author of four books about diabetes that have collectively won 14 national and international book awards. He has Type 1 diabetes, and is the diabetes coordinator for a rural nonprofit clinic.

Visit the ‘Diabetes Self-Management’ website for more posts / articles, information and advice related to diabetes.  You can also opt-in for E-newsletters  >>>




#chronicpain #patients #healthcarecomapanies  #discrimination #education #professionals

Do we need to educate the professionals?  | Steve Ariens | via National Pain Report | 5 June 2018


‘Now is the time for chronic pain patients to start contacting law firms and point out to them – EDUCATE THEM… all the patient abuse, neglect and discrimination that is going on at the hands of these corporate entities that are called “healthcare companies” – and individually these companies are harming hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of chronic pain patients.’

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Public Meeting for Patient-Focused Drug Development on Chronic Pain |  Ed Coghlan  |  National Pain Report  | 4 June 2018

Opening paragraph:

Over 1,000 people—many of whom are National Pain Report readers—have filled out a survey designed to inform an FDA Patient Meeting on July 9, 2018. The official title of the event is a Public Meeting for Patient-Focused Drug Development on Chronic Pain.

About the Author: Ed Coghlan

If you haven’t completed the survey yet, it only takes about 30 minutes to take and you can do that via the following link  >>>




Latest edition! 

ARMA Newletter | Arthritis & Musculoskeletal Alliance  | June 2018

Harnessing a collective focus to transform MSK services

Who are ARMA? >>> 

About ARMA

Link to the newsletter where there are lots of things to read in this issue! >>>

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Heard about the new MSK Hub ? It’s a tool for sharing knowledge and collaboration, an online library of resources. If you know of reports, evidence, guidelines that should be posted, please let those authors and organisations know they can add content.



2018 Migraine Awareness Month

#Migraine #migrainesymptoms #patientvoice #bloggers #ChronicPain #chronicillness #caregivers

Main Headline: 2018 Migraine Awareness Month| Migraine.com weekly | 6 June 2018

Headlines >>>

2018 Migraine Awareness Month| By Editorial Team | 1 June 2018

Little Joy, Big Impact | Kyky Knight | 31 May 2018

Gravity Blankets – Are they Worth the Hype? | #purpleproject | 29 May 2018

What’s Your Secret: Travel Tips | Holly Baddour | 27 May 2018

Coping Mechanisms | Steven Workman \ 25 May 2018

When that Little Voice in Your Head Is Mean | Holly Baddour \ 24 May 2018

Featured story  >>>

Migraine For The Past Five Months. Really struggling! |  By stephckj | 18 May 2018

Featured poll  >>>

How do you raise awareness for migraine?

Read all of the above via this link >>>

Migraine.com weekly

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J U N E is Migraine & Headache
Awareness Month!

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#Migraine #ChronicPain  #Migraineawareness

The Migraine Mantras | May E-Newsletter | 16 May 2018

The Migraine Mantras ~ May E-Newsletter

The Migraine Mantras have partnered with Chronic Migraine Awareness Inc.

for #MHAM18!

Find out how you can get involved via visiting the link above

#Migraine #ChronicPain  #Migraineawareness

Weekly digest for The Migraine Mantras  | 4 June 2018

Headlines  >>>

Ways I’ve Healed My Mental Illness  | By   Alisha

You Are Not Alone | By   Winslow 

Being a “Zebra” with Migraine   |  BY JORIEJEANNETTE,SARINA

Chronic Pain & Yoga: My Journey  |  By María –

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Sizing Up Pharma’s Tech Maturity |   Andrew Stone | eyeforpharma |  1 June 2018

About the Author  >>>

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#NHS70 #NIHR  #IAmResearch

Please sign and support new research

Thunderclap ~ NIHR I Am Research & NHS70 |  by The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) |

Thunderclap ~ NIHR I Am Research & NHS70

NIHR I Am Research & NHS70

I share this campaign as a Patient Research Ambassador for NIHR #PRAI

Carole Sian Scrafton ~ CEO FibroFlutters / Founding Five Member FibroFlutters / Patient Group Leader / Patient / Patient Expert

#ResearchAdvocacy #HealthAdvocacy #PatientAdvocacy




#medicaldevice  #newsmedical  #medicalnews  #medicaltech  #technology #healthcare  #pharma 

Latest!  News Medical | |  The latest medical device news from News Medical |  1 June 2018 Edition


  • High Voltage Power Supplies Selection Guide
  • Snail’s eye inspires new type of RIOCATH urinary catheter
  • Uterine Artery Embolization: Technique and Complications
  • Novus Varia Lumenis Multicolor Photocoagulators from Lumenis
  • X-CLARITY™ Tissue Clearing System II
  • Sonohysterography – Technique and Indications
  • Automated Hit Picking and IC50 Plate Preparation
  • Technique and Precautions During Hysterosalpingography
  • Titan Enterprises’ new MetraFlow ultrasonic flowmeter preserves process integrity

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MedCity News | Top Stories E-newsletter  |  New $10 million fund for AI launches  |  2 June 2018


Bessemer Venture Partners unveils new seed stage fund to invest in AI-driven technologies for healthcare  |  By STEPHANIE BAUM  |  1 June 2018

Other headlines >>>

  • SPONSORED |  Access to Carriers Across the Nation Through a Single Point of Integration
  • SV Angel goes ‘back to basics’ as partners exit
  • Andy Slavitt, AVIA will team up to bring innovation to the Medicaid space
  • Right-to-try law intended to weaken FDA, bill’s author tells agency commissioner
  • SPONSORED  |  Hurry! Save $300 by 6/5 on MedCity CONVERGE, strategies and solutions in oncology innovation

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E-news ~  Bipolar Disorder on The Mighty  | Theme  ~ A selection of  posts RE: Self-care tricks for people with bipolar disorder  |   1 June 2018

4 Depression Self-Care Tips for When You Literally Cannot  |  Erica Chau  | 11 December 2017

About ‘The Mighty’ contributor  >>>


Self-Care Tricks I Practice for Bipolar Disorder  |  Katie Gallo  |  2 November 2017

About ‘The Mighty’ contributor  >>>


101 Self-Care Suggestions for When It All Feels Like Too Much  |   Annie Wright, LMFT  |  4 April 2016

About ‘The Mighty’ contributor  >>>


Sarah ~ Mental Health Editor at The Mighty, says 

I hope the self-care tips in this newsletter inspire you to take care of your needs this weekend. Whether you rest, have an adventure or get through some chores, I hope you get what you need.


Take care of yourself,


Quoted from the end of the ‘Bipolar Disorder on The Mighty’ newsletter


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Gallium PET Scans – Into the Unknown  |  Ronny Allan  |  31 May 2018


‘There’s a lot of excitement about the Gallium 68 PET Scan since it was approved by the US FDA. It’s not new though and has been in use in several countries (mainly Europe) for some time. It’s a ‘nuclear scan’ and can often form part of what is known as a ‘Theranostic Pair’ (i.e. in conjunction with a therapy – read more here).’

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#The Big Leap #MS
Take a leap on the wild side and help stop MS.  |  MS Society

‘On Sunday 2 September, join our team of daredevils and take the leap of a lifetime at our brand new and exclusive MS Society skydiving day, the Big Leap.’  MS Society

The Big Leap Take a leap on the wild side and help stop MS.

Visit the MS Society for more news and events  >>>





#MEAction Indiegogo campaign

“We need to raise $100,000 through this Indiegogo campaign to support our work for the remainder of the year to expand our reach, build community, increase our advocacy, educate doctors and scientists, and inspire new researchers and clinicians to join the field. Here is what your support can help us achieve.”

#MEAction Indiegogo campaign

#ME It is way past time for recognition, ME must be taken seriously!

Visit #MEACTION website and join many other ME and CFS patients >>>





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Ice vs heat for pain, which works for you ~ Infograph | Barmac5 | backpainblog UK | 20 May 2018

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#clinicalsoftware #sharedrecocords #healthCIO #LHCRE #digitalNHS

New!  Digital Health Newsletter | Digital Health | 7 June 2018

News Headlines  >>>

  • CLINICAL SOFTWARE:  Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust gets Epic approval
  • NEWS: Hunt reveals revised breast cancer IT scandal figures
  • SHARED RECORDS:  Surrey Care Record due to launch in August
  • NEWS:  Jeremy Hunt becomes longest serving Health Secretary
  • DIGITAL PATIENT:  Mobile healthcare to top $28bn in 2018 as doctors turn to digital
  • SHARED RECORDS:  Greater Manchester LHCRE to work with neighbours toward ‘common capability’

Features  >>>

  • HEALTH CIO:  The CNIO interview: Rachael Robins, Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board
  • INTEROPERABILITY:  Can the ‘have-nots’ overtake Exemplars in the interoperability stakes?
  • Upcoming Events:  Digital Health Summer Schools
  • Upcoming Webinars: 
    • Building a digital NHS which empowers people to better manage their health and care
    • Blueprints for the future: how will the knowledge of GDEs be shared?
    • Implementing a Single Sign On Solution – Our Experience of Imprivata OneSign

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Registered No. 9257440 | Vat No. 198 3531 71



#elderlycare #healthcare #postopcare  #advancedsurgery  #AgeUK  #domiciliarycare #HomeCareSolutions #HomeCare

‘What good is advanced surgery if we can’t even offer proper homecare?’  |  Anna Bawden and Nicola Slawson | The Guardian  |  30 May 2018

Opening paragraph:

‘Almost 1.2 million people aged over 65 do not receive the support they need with essential daily tasks such as getting washed and dressed or preparing meals, according to Age UK. The perilous state of the domiciliary care sector, which provides support in people’s own homes, is one of the main reasons for this, the charity says.’

Read more via the following link  >>>

About the Authors  >>>

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Note taken from ‘The Guardian’ website to its readers
“Thank you to the many people who have already supported us financially – your contribution is what makes stories like you’ve just read possible. We increasingly need our readers to fund our work so that we can continue holding power to account and producing fearless journalism.” From the Guardian

Even as little as £1 can help them make a difference!



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Latest issue!  NICE Newsletter | May 2018

Including their latest PODCAST:  Managing multimorbidity: putting patients at the heart of their care

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence – NICE –  provides national guidance and advice to improve health and social care.

‘Improving health and social care through evidence-based guidance’

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#Campaign  #Petition #CarersTrust #GreenPaper2018 #elderlycare #careworkers #support

Meet your MP about the social care Green Paper 2018 | Carer’s Trust

The Government has promised to consult in 2018 on a long-term solution to social care funding for older people in England in a Green Paper.

If you’re a carer – why not meet your MP and tell them why the Green Paper has to include support for carers?

Meet your MP about the social care Green Paper 2018

Visit the ‘Carer’s trust’ website for more care news and opt-in for e-news  >>>

Carers Trust believes in a world where the role and contribution of unpaid carers is recognised and they have access to the quality support and services they need to live their own lives.


#CarersWeek2018  11th – 17th June



#CarersWeek2018  11th – 17th June

Get involved with events near you,why not check out if there is something happening close by?

Individuals and groups all over the UK are organising events to raise awareness for Carers Week 2018

If you’re planning an event or activity for Carers Week 2018, add it to the Carers Week map!


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#healthcare #healthcareprofessionals #HCP #MSA

 Multiple System Atrophy Trust | Health and Care Professionals Study Day

We are pleased to announce our next study day for Health and Care professionals will be held in Newcastle on 11th October 2018.

Multiple System Atrophy Trust | Health and Care Professionals Study Day

About the Multiple System Atrophy Trust  >>>




#NOTjustPatients #socialmedianetwork #digitalhealth #advocacyplatform #MAYOclinic #MCSMN

Mayo Clinic Social Media Network (MCSMN)

“After being, recently, introduced to this advocacy platform I can thoroughly recommend folks joining and making use of the Network to help empower themselves, and those of others.

I have been a fan of MAYO clinic for years so am really grateful to have access to such a great platform, especially not being a US resident but rather from UK.  However, FibroFlutters do have many readers from the US and helping to provide you with safe places to go to online holds as much importance to us as finding safe places for our own UK readers to go to.

There’s access to discussions, webinars & MCSMN Blog  depending on membership selection from Free, or, Premium.  Please note that e-patients and students receive a special rate.

I certainly look forward to using it more, and hopefully making a few new friends along the way.”

Carole Scrafton ~ CEO FibroFlutters / Founding Five Member


Do you think this is a network for you?, or maybe you know someone else who might benefit from it’s services?

You can join the MCSMN via the following link >>>




#HealthAdvocacy #healthcare #patients

Health Hats  |  You say you want a revolution  |  By Danny van Leeuwen  |  27 May 2018


‘One of the things that Victor said was that reformers are important, but healthcare is not designed for health and wellness, care and kindness. The entrenched forces will not fundamentally change with reform. It needs a revolution, a patient revolution. I’ve never been good at putting other people’s labels on myself – I don’t know if I’m a reformer or a revolutionary. During my professional and now activist career, I’ve seen myself as a catalyst for change – sustainable change that continues when you’re gone.’

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#MEActionDaily Digest: It’s Not “All in My Head”: Living with a Misdiagnosed Disability Five Years on. Volume Two   | 23 May 2018

Read: Volume One here. 

Other headline:

  • Who is advising the Australian government on ME and CFS research and treatment guidelines?

Catch up on the latest actions and news:

  • The NIH Plan for ME is Dismal
  • Calling all Patients: Fill Out the Research Survey about PEM
  • Just Invisible: Medical Access Issues for Homebound/Bedridden People
  • Inquest Rules Merryn Crofts Died Due to Severe ME
  • UK Call to Action: Ask Your MP To Sign EDM 1247!

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Get involved with #healthresearch in #Salford and #Manchester

Are you interested in #research?

Would like to get more involved, or know what research is going on around you?

Visit The ‘Citizen-Scientist’ website and take a look around, if you like what you read you can opt-in for newsletters  >>>


About #CitizenScientist  >>>


A CURRENT study opportunity:  Testing a new technology to reduce chronic pain

Study summary
The Human Pain Research group based at Salford Royal is trying to develop new technologies that can measure and treat changes in the brain that might contribute to chronic pain.

The research team are exploring a new approach aimed at reducing the unpleasantness of pain for people living with fibromyalgia and/or osteoarthritis using sound stimulation.

 Citizen-Scientist Tags ~   , , 

Read more via this link  >>>


Posted on 14th March 2018 by Jess Zadik


A study update:  Cloudy with a chance of pain – preliminary findings

Citizen-Scientist Tags ~    

Cloudy with a Chance of Pain is a large smart-phone based research study examining the link between weather and pain. 

Read more via this link  >>>


Posted on 14th March 2017 by Natalie Balmain




Im-patient UPDATE 

Thankyou to everyone…

…who has participated in the design of ‘Impatient’-London event in October, and the ‘Impatient’ Philadelphia event also in October.

You can now take a look at the brochures for ‘Patient Summit Europe’, ‘Patient Summit USA’ and book your places via the following links >>>

Get your copy of the brochure now – for the full details of the agenda and “im-patient” summit

Get your copy of the brochure now – for the full details of the agenda and “im-patient” summit.


We’re putting on a pharma conference where patients are the ones to design, create and implement the programme. This way, patients really are setting the agenda.


The Im-Patient Summit - Logo



#Diabetes #advocacy

Diabetes Blog – Happy-Medium.net | WEEKLY DIGEST | StephenS  |  4 June 2018


  1. One at a time.
  2. My turn.
  3. You do You.

Read more via this link >>>

Visit Stephens blog for more posts >>>



#GDPR & the new Privacy Laws.  What do they mean for you?

What’s changing and what’s not under new data privacy rules | Anick Jesdanun  | physorg.com  | 18 May 2018 


‘Not much will change for you, at least right away; companies will keep on collecting and analyzing personal data from your phone, the apps you use and the sites you visit. The big difference is that now, the companies will have to justify why they’re collecting and using that information.’

Read more by following this link  >>>



fibroflutters mental health discussion group cover pic
Don’t be afraid to reach out!


#PsoriaticArthritis  #Arthritis #PatientVoice #Patients 

Meet 3 People Living with Psoriatic Arthritis | Arthritis Foundation | 11 May 2018

Meet Richard, Nandi and Andre

If you have PsA, you might be inspired by the stories of three people living with the disease. 

Follow this link to read more  >>>

Visit The Arthritis Foundation website to subscribe to their newsletters and to find all kinds of information and support >>>



Latest!  #stressresources #stress #mindfulness #meditation

May 2018 Newsletter from Stress Resources  |  Pamela Ressler  |  May 2018

Quoted from the home page:

‘Stress Resources specializes in providing individuals and organizations with strategic, sustainable tools to build resilience and mindfulness. Our goal is to empower your creativity, productivity and leadership’  

For more articles and information visit the Stress Resources website where you can also sign up for their newsletter  >>>







#Fibromyalgia #fightfibro #Fibro2018 #fibroawareness #shoutitloud #Patients #JustGiving

Fundraising to raise £20,000 for Fibro drop-in centre  |  Rock Off Fibro ~ Fibromyalgia awareness

Quoted from Just Giving page:

“Weʼre raising £20,000 to Help fund the opening of the UKs 1st Fibromyalgia, drop in center to drive our work forward helping those with Fibro , Ptsd , Chronic pain”, Jackie Williams ~ Rock Off Fibro, Fibromyalgia Awareness

Please can you help such a worthy cause, patients are trying to help other patients?!

Visit Rock Off Fibro’s PUBLIC group on FaceBook  >>>

Visit Rock Off Fibro on Twitter  >>>


Newsletters via News Medical

Latest!  News Medical |Diabetes Newsletter | 11 June 2018 

News Medical |  Endocrinology  Newsletter |  10 April 2018


Latest!  News Medical |  Respiratory Diseases  |  11 June 2018


Latest!  News Medical |Sleep Disorder Newsletter | 4 June 2018


Latest!  News Medical | Pediatrics Newsletter | 1 June 2018


Change around in the Chill out Lounge!

Indian Meditation Music: 20 minutes Indian flute music, Yoga music, relax music, soothing music 49Y1 |  NuMeditationMusic |  10 May 2018

Why not visit NuMeditationMusic to see what other tubes they have?  >>>



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This is to ensure that all the news and stories go out to everyone that follows us across the social media platforms that we have profiles/accounts.

Here’s a few links to my favourite online newspapers for finding a variety of health related news from other Chronic Illness Bloggers & Warriors, for up to date news about health conditions such as latest research papers or people sharing hints and tips about how they cope day-to-day.

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