Fibroflutters #SocialMedia #healthadvocacy and #allstakeholder approach to #healthcare, across the globe – Peeking at the statistics!

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FibroFlutters website

Brief background

Back in 2015, one year into the life of FibroFlutters it became abundantly clear that we needed, well I needed, a website / blog in order to have somewhere to store all the information that I was gathering for our members and other readers.

At the time fibromyalgia was not recognised as a legitimate health condition so gathering as much information about it was necessary for campaign purposes. This was relatively easy as I was working as an admin for a fibromyalgia charity forum, (FibroAction then FibromyalgiaAction UK after a merger), at the time, so I already had access to somewhere to point our readers to go to. Plus, I had already had great mentoring from the chief admin Emma Jefferies who had set up her group in Andover and who pointed me in all the correct directions.

I was one of hundreds of fibro leaders across the globe trying to get it recognised and our campaigns were exceptionally fierce, especially when we united on a global front as bloggers to push the necessity for recognition. FibroFlutters was originally designed for fibromyalgia patients and also mental health as it was Sunderland Mind Centre that approached me initially to start a group. To be honest I was in a real ‘funk’ at the time coming to terms with my own diagnosis that took 20+ years to get and Fibromyalgia is not my primary condition, the EDS is. However, EDS was a recognised ‘genetic’ health condition, whereas fibro wasn’t so it made sense to campaign for that. Oct 1st 2016 Fibromyalgia received it’s diagnostic code!

By 2016/2017 between us as founders of the group we decided that we should be there for all chronic illness as between us we had quite a variety of health conditions that we were battling on a daily basis. With that in mind I began to develop us and expand out to cater for such and now we are who we are, a local support group for chronic, invisible and rare illness as well as being a Global Online support and Social Media Network supporting Patient, Health, Research and Pharma Advocacy. This website is the hub for all of that and is actually a library of resources mixed in with my own articles about my health and also about other things, such as this article about the value of social media statistics. For a more in-depth view of who we are please read our About Us mini-mag pages via the button link below.

This website is the hub for all of that and is actually a #library of #resources mixed in with my own articles about my #health and also about other things, such as this article about the value of #socialmedia #statistics #chronicillnessportal #FibroFlutters

Now, let’s get back to the point of this mini-magazine / report and take a look at what the statistics tell us about our position regarding attracting a global viewing.

The following picture of our ‘viewing map’ from was collected on 26 July 2019 and it is fair to state that we have managed to gather quite a fabulous stretch across the globe. Not many areas are left uncoloured, I know that in a number of cases there has only been one viewing, but that one viewing from those countries are still viewings! Remember that these figures reflect the last 365 days only up to 26 July 2019.

What amazed me back in 2016 and still does today is the fact that we have never really just been a site for UK viewers / readers, even Europe, because we have always had a fierce following from across the pond in America. I am extremely happy, and astounded by the fact that it is still true today as you will note from the table below the map. We have also developed a huge following from Pakistan that is a wonderful surprise and something that I am also proud of.

The following picture of our ‘viewing map’ from was collected on 26 July 2019 and it is fair to state that we have managed to gather quite a fabulous stretch across the globe. #globalreach #socialmedia #healthcomms #advocacy #FibroFlutters

Look at this map showing our ‘global’ coverage for the last 365 days on

Table of Global viewers

The following data was collected on 26 July 2019 and is quite a long list that will have you scrolling for a little while. It is my hope that you won’t just whizz your way through it but to actually take note of the places on it. It is amazing that we reach some of these places , some of which I hadn’t heard of and admittedly had to look up. Geography never was a strong point!

It is my hope that we can maintain this global following and continue to provide our support, advice, advocacy and information services across the globe.

Countries that have visited
in the last 365 days taken on 26 07 2019
United Kingdom 2943
United States 2403
Pakistan 1893
Ethiopia 421
Canada 366
Somalia 298
Nepal 266
India 266
Bhutan 263
Germany 215
Algeria 185
Mali 175
Guyana 158
Australia 153
Guinea 135
Lesotho 134
Solomon Islands 130
Fiji 117
Ireland 114
Suriname 113
Sierra Leone 112
Kenya 101
Myanmar (Burma) 86
South Africa 76
Madagascar 75
Uganda 72
France 69
Philippines 65
Libya 64
Austria 54
Nigeria 51
Japan 51
Liberia 48
Afghanistan 47
Mauritius 46
Venezuela 45
Netherlands 42
Belize 41
Turkey 39
Spain 39
Tunisia 38
Gambia 34
Cameroon 34
Nicaragua 34
Bangladesh 32
Morocco 31
Zimbabwe 31
Congo – Kinshasa 30
Hong Kong SAR China 28
Brazil 27
Yemen 27
St. Lucia 27
Portugal 26
Angola 26
Senegal 26
Paraguay 26
Tonga 26
Mauritania 26
Bulgaria 24
Sri Lanka 23
Belgium 23
European Union 22
Ghana 22
American Samoa 21
Zambia 21
Tanzania 20
Botswana 19
Isle of Man 19
Singapore 18
Egypt 18
New Zealand 18
Djibouti 18
China 18
Indonesia 17
Switzerland 17
Finland 17
Timor-Leste 14
Togo 14
Sweden 13
Romania 13
Haiti 12
Thailand 12
Poland 12
Jamaica 11
Laos 11
Israel 11
Saudi Arabia 11
Mexico 10
Malaysia 10
Dominican Republic 10
Italy 10
Namibia 10
Samoa 9
Mozambique 9
Czech Republic 9
Benin 9
Denmark 9
Niger 9
Cape Verde 8
Swaziland 8
Kuwait 8
Norway 8
Maldives 8
Moldova 8
Papua New Guinea 7
United Arab Emirates 7
South Korea 7
Taiwan 7
Congo – Brazzaville 7
Honduras 7
Colombia 6
Comoros 6
Burkina Faso 6
Bolivia 6
Argentina 6
Seychelles 6
Malawi 5
Luxembourg 5
Rwanda 5
Gabon 5
South Sudan 5
Burundi 5
Guatemala 5
Cyprus 5
Puerto Rico 4
St. Vincent & Grenadines 4
Oman 4
Croatia 4
Bosnia & Herzegovina 4
Palestinian Territories 4
Slovenia 4
Serbia 4
Hungary 4
Slovakia 3
Russia 3
Ukraine 3
Côte d’Ivoire 3
Caribbean Netherlands 3
Iraq 3
Greece 3
Grenada 3
Azerbaijan 3
Malta 3
Chile 3
Uzbekistan 2
Armenia 2
Nauru 2
Guam 2
Qatar 2
Ecuador 2
Albania 2
Sudan 2
Brunei 2
Monaco 2
Eritrea 2
Barbados 2
Montserrat 2
Belarus 2
Northern Mariana Islands 2
Georgia 2
Palau 2
Antigua & Barbuda 2
Kyrgyzstan 2
Kiribati 2
Vanuatu 2
Micronesia 2
Tajikistan 1
Bahamas 1
Sint Maarten 1
Guadeloupe 1
Bahrain 1
Tuvalu 1
Cambodia 1
Peru 1
Vietnam 1
Lithuania 1
Equatorial Guinea 1
Costa Rica 1
Trinidad & Tobago 1
Jordan 1
Kazakhstan 1
Faroe Islands 1

It would be difficult to contest the fact that we are definitely worthy of Global recognition. My task now is to get registered and start to get accreditation of worthiness for the information services which we provide.

Carole Scrafton, CEO of

Now it’s time to look at our growth since we began our website life in 2015. The following graphics were collected on 26 July 2019 and show a fantastic reflection of how we have not just grown… but expanded.

These graphics display our viewing numbers and unlike some of our connections, allies and fellow leaders we don’t get tens of thousands of visitors. This is something that has plagued my mind on this journey because it has always felt like we’re not worthy enough as a result.

When reviewing growth by looking at statistics you should expect to see an upward curve and it is obvious that we have achieved that when you look at the first graphic dated 2019, for some reason it didn’t include 2015 but that graphic is included further down. What has completely blown me away is that half way through this year, 2019, we had already equalled our viewing number statistic for the whole of 2018. However, maintaining a continuous flow of viewers is difficult and something that I am struggling with despite what these graphics not just show, but prove, regarding the fact we are growing in a healthy manner and in a way to be expected.

What has completely blown me away is that half way through this year, 2019, we had already equalled our viewing number #statistic for the whole of 2018. #statisticalanalysis #socialmedia #healthadvocacy #FibroFlutters #healthcare

Viewing and visitor numbers from 2015 -2019






All time views

The table above gives us our viewing statistics in a way that shows how many per month across our whole website lifetime. You will notice that in April this year, 2019, we had a massive spike which is what pushed our viewing numbers so high and past those of last year. This was as a result of a personal article that I wrote about coping with my health conditions, The burdens of pain management, inflammation and sensitivity to anti-inflammatories. | Carole Scrafton | 27 March 2019. This occurred after I placed a Facebook boost on it because of the importance of raising awareness about how difficult it is to manage multiple health conditions. It was sent out to a Worldwide audience because like I’ve mentioned many times before it doesn’t matter where in the world you live the health conditions are the same, they affect us the same so my message needed to go out across the globe.

Placing boosts on posts is not a regular occurrence and something that I am still learning and I had no way of knowing that my article would attract such an audience. Of course I am deeply flattered and very grateful for the support it received from everyone that read it. It also showed me the importance of boosting to increase website visits but unfortunately have’t been able to achieve this kind of response again, well not yet anyways. I suppose being that I have grown us organically it is still difficult for me to make the switch. Plus, I don’t have as much time to write such personal pieces as I used to even though I have many things that I want to write about.

Unfortunately, due to only having access to basic statistics there is no way of knowing what stakeholders are visiting the site but hopefully that will be rectified once I upgrade the site again, only next time to business plan which will give me access to ‘Google Analytics‘. They are currently supplied by ‘Jetpack‘. However, proving our Global presence has been easy by presenting the above graphics and tables. The numbers in the table above also reflect periods of ill health where the numbers drop significantly and also when I have been involved in projects that have required all of my energy. It is exhausting to type and takes a long time to complete the mini-magazines that I produce so there are times when not much gets posted. This is more than evident in the figures shown.


The above tables / images are just displaying some information given via WordPress statistics and does not reflect all of our viewers only some of them.

Please read the privacy policy and note their data sharing policies.

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