Fibroflutters #SocialMedia #healthadvocacy and #allstakeholder approach to #healthcare, across the globe – Peeking at the statistics!

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Let’s take a geographical look at our ‘Nuzzel Newsletter’ viewers on ‘Linked In’, their occupations and even see a list of a few company’s that have been taking a peek.

It has been a little while now since I began sending newsletters containing health related articles, news, research, pharma etc, out with Nuzzel news to our readers. The development of it now being our regular place of choice to send out our #chronicillnessVOICE health related newsletter for everyone #notjustpatients was quite recent. The limit of 10 stories is great for me and helps me to be selective and varied as a result. Also, it is scheduled every day at the same time 11am GMT UK Time, which means we now have a regular newsletter. It made sense as a ‘strategy’ to make this change and move forwards efficiently, and effectively, regarding our ‘health communications‘ because beforehand the newsletter ‘#chronicillnessVOICE‘ had developed into something quite huge that just wasn’t manageable anymore. The new page editor on WordPress was too slow for composing a regular daily post. Every day I had to write it fresh and schedule to publish and it was taking all my time and energy leaving nothing for anything else.

Since making this move I now have time to focus on updating the website, taking on co-creative / collaborative projects with other organisations, speak at conferences and even write special edition #chronicillnessVOICE magazines on the website as well as manage our social media network. I have no regrets, but do respect that our newsletter readers may not like the change, but it was essential.

One thing that I have recently gotten addicted to is checking my viewing statistics on Linked In, especially those figures for my Nuzzel newsletters because I need to know what kinds of articles to post for my Linked In readers. Each social media platform has a different type of audience so for the Nuzzel it is important to include variety.

My approach appears to be working because viewer numbers have gone up significantly. Plus, every now and again Linked In will tell me what companies have viewed my newsletter as well as, occupations and locations.

The following information has been taken from recent posts this last 2 weeks, including the ‘#chronicillnessVOICE Newsletter for everyone #notjustpatients’ via

Let’s take a look at Nuzzel News on Linked IN

Differing stakeholder following on Linked In
Political Staff
Public Relations Specialist
Business Owner
Marketing Specialist
Web Designer
Business Strategist
Research Fellow
Business Strategist
Community Development Specialist
Recreation Professional
Executive Director
Product Manager
Program Manager
Commercial Real Estate Specialist
Corporate Trainer
School Teacher
Customer Service Specialist
Legal Administrative Professional
Quality Assurance Tester
Military Officer
Banking Sales Consultant
Operations Specialist
University Professor
Mental Health Professional
Customer Service Specialist
Human Resources Specialist
Entertainment Administrator
Corporate Board Member
Business Development Specialist
Medical Writer
Creative Designer
Investment Portfolio Manager
Clinical Research Specialist
Social Media Specialist
Advertising Specialist
Laboratory Scientist
Pharmaceutical Scientist
Career Counselor
Laboratory Technician
Social Worker
Payroll Specialist
Banking Sales Consultant

It is fair to suggest that from this informal sampling taken from our Linked In / Nuzzel news readers that we are reaching a very broad readership with a variety of occupations. #allstakeholders #healthcare

It is fair to suggest that from this informal sampling taken from our Linked In / Nuzzel news readers that we are reaching a very broad readership with a variety of occupations. This is great news for me because it has taken hard work to develop FibroFlutters and build the connections that we have. Not only that, it is proof that we’re working towards that ‘all-stakeholder’ model which I have been asking ‘pharma’ and other medical healthcare industries to respect.

As a reminder this is because I firmly believe in the reality of life and the fact that patients, also, have stakeholders, which is something that never gets acknowledged. Pharma, ‘you’ are ‘one‘ of our stakeholders!

Geographics of Followers on Linked In
Manchester, United Kingdom
Basel Area, Switzerland
Derby, United Kingdom
Greater Boston Area
Bulgaria area
Belfast, United Kingdom
Paris Area, France
Cardiff, United Kingdom
Mumbai Area, India
Washington D.C. Metro Area
Amsterdam Area, Netherlands
Blackburn, United Kingdom
Crewe, United Kingdom
San Antonio, Texas Area
Charlotte, North Carolina Area
Malegaon Area, India
London, United Kingdom
Cambridge, United Kingdom
Sunderland, United Kingdom
Bristol, United Kingdom
Auckland, New Zealand
Leeds, United Kingdom
Greater New York City Area
Copenhagen Area, Capital Region, Denmark
Erie, Pennsylvania Area
Stockport, United Kingdom
Edmonton, Canada Area
Peterborough, United Kingdom
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Pandharpur Area, India
Shivamoga Area, India
Toronto, Canada Area
The Hague Area, Netherlands
Montreal, Canada Area
Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area
Greater Boston Area
Barcelona Area, Spain
Ahmedabad Area, India
Zürich Area, Switzerland
Brighton, United Kingdom
Harrow, United Kingdom
Greater Pittsburgh Area
Kreisfreie Stadt Aachen Area, Germany
Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Area
Greater Philadelphia Area
Ottawa, Canada Area
Wilmington, North Carolina Area
Within 23 wards, Tokyo, Japan
Antwerp Area, Belgium
Northern Region, Denmark
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Canterbury, United Kingdom
Tel Aviv Area, Israel
New Delhi Area, India
Gurgaon, India
Cape Town Area, South Africa
Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Norrkoping, Sweden
Perth, Australia
Sarawak, Malaysia

This list of locations above makes me smile and it really is a very small sample to show you that we are indeed a globally based network. Again, proof that our communications are read at a world-wide capacity and when coupled with occupations it is even more interesting. Demographics have long been the method of finding out where your marketing gaps are in ‘business’ so why should it be any different for advocacy, and, patient organisations?

Mapping where needs are specific to location is important when you have a global following because across continents politics means that healthcare treatment is not the same, even though our diseases are no matter where we live. There is no ‘one-size fits all’ model for patients to abide by, so how pharma expected to develop one in the past… is beyond me!? Critical of me to judge isn’t it?, speaking as an expert patient and not a pharma employee.

The following list is of different companies that have been amongst our Linked In / Nuzzel newsletter viewers. As you read through it you will see quite a diverse set of businesses and organisations that could help to reflect our commitment to the ‘multidisciplinary’ approach to medical healthcare of patients, which has been at the forefront of our wishes since 2014. In other words having an ‘all-stakeholder’ / ‘multi-stakeholder’ based business model, but also ‘readership’ and ‘following’ as well.

It’s difficult not to be awed by this list because it has helped me to understand the value of what I do, have already done, and will inevitably keep pursuing. Okay, so Linked in is for business, we all know that, but it’s not like we’re a super huge mega-firm is it? Even being who we are, as a Patient Led Support and Advocacy Group some would criticise us for taking a place in the business professional landscape. This may shock you, me saying that, but it’s true! sadly!!

What gives us our right to sit within this landscape is the work that we do to try and help change things for the better, whether it is helping a sick follower come to terms with a diagnosis, or whether we are campaigning for better healthcare delivery systems. This list of companies shows that what we believe in must mean something, or, must contain a certain level of value of some kind to the readers that we attract. With that in mind as a certified business professional I am happy with our ‘situ‘ on Linked In.

This list of companies shows that what we believe in must mean something, or, must contain a certain level of #value of some kind to the readers that we attract. #LinkedIn #statistics #healthcomms #allstakeholders #multidisciplined

Companies that viewed Nuzzel news on LinkedIn
Karbon Homes
NIHR Clinical Research Network
SNI Financial
WEGO Health
OKRA Technologies
Curtis & Wyss Group
CapSys Group
IHS Markit
Four Communications
CAE Healthcare
The Recruitment Events Co
Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets
EFGCP — European Forum for Good Clinical Practice
PASONA India Private Limited
Kisaco Research
eft Supply Chain & Logistics Intelligence
Santhera Pharmaceuticals
Jayaswal Neco Industries Limited – India
Centogene AG
International Pain Foundation (iPain)
Shenzhen Yaxinda Technology Co., Ltd
mix talent
Anglia Ruskin University
Brown Brothers Harriman
IC Axon
University of Helsinki

Linked In has shown me a lot just through the ‘basic‘ statistics that I have access to on the ‘basic‘ account that we have. One important thing that I have learned in the 25+ years of living with multiple chronic conditions is that you have to make the best of what you have.

Having to fund out of my own pocket I have become quite frugal with the way that I run the network. Time has come though for us to upgrade, update and become premium members with proper business accounts. Once I manage to sort all that we’ll have better analytics to work with.

One great discovery from looking closer at my statistics is that my Nuzzel is a great communication tool for sharing health/medical related news, events, research, and much more. Viewing numbers, on Linked In, can reach over 120 on an exceptional day and around 60-70 on average. A few months ago the nuzzel daily viewing average was around 25 so a definite increase!


The above tables are just displaying samples given via Linked In statistics from across the last 2 weeks and does not reflect all of our viewers only some of them.

Please read the Linked In privacy policy and note their data sharing policies.

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