May 12th International Fibromyalgia Awareness Day – Happy 5th Birthday FibroFlutters

Five years ago on May 12th FibroFlutters began it’s life as a support group for people living with Fibromyalgia and Mental Health conditions in the City of Sunderland in the North East UK. As members we spanned three counties and have slowly, and organically grown.

Now we are a global patient organisation providing resources and information to all stakeholders within the realms of the medical healthcare industries from patients, clinical researchers, medical students, carers and AI, life-science, even pharma, but with many others coming to read the articles that we share.

One thing that hasn’t changed during the last five years is our loyalty to the Fibromyalgia charity that has supported us, and helped us to start life. FibroAction was a charity that I worked as an admin for on their HealthUnlocked forum and taught me a lot, my mentor Emma teaching me the things that I needed to know and how to share and not share research, articles and how to profile potential new members.

FibroAction ceased to exist in 2016 when it merged with Fibromyalgia UK and began a new life as Fibromyalgia Action UK. Our loyalty has remained since 2014 and as a result today on our fifth birthday I ask you to please help us to support their 2019 International Awareness Day Campaign by ‘becoming Fibromyalgia Aware’. Please visit the website to learn about the condition, but also learn about the work that the charity does in support of research and education.

On behalf of myself as CEO of and as a Founding Five Member of FibroFlutters support groups, our other Founding Five Members and group supporters we thank everyone who has helped us to reach this important milestone.

Thanks for keeping us Fluttering!

Many thanks and please share using the hashtag #BecomeFibroAware

First ever FibroFlutters Flier

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