#ChronicillnessVOICE SPECIAL EDITION ‘PHARMA’ APRIL 2019 | eyeforpharma Barcelona review

Welcome to this special ‘pharma’ edition, which is honouring my attendance to the ‘eyeforpharma 17th Annual conference’, in Barcelona last month, where I participated in a panel discussion, hosted an ‘Impatient’ roundtable and helped to chair the Impatient conference from behind the scenes.

I was also fortunate enough to be invited to attend the #efpawards pitching day on 11 March and have written a short review about the day.


  1. Editors opening words
    • Contents
  2. REVIEW: eyeforpharma 17th Annual Barcelona conference March 12th – 14th 2019
    • Opening words from eyeforpharma Chairman Paul Simms
  3. EXPERIENCE /REVIEW: Panel Discussion
  4. REVIEW:
    • #efpawards and Pitching Day 11th March
    • Impatient Barcelona 2019
  5. Carole’s overall thoughts and experiences, ideas and conclusions
    • Including – Meeting’s and Networking
    • eyeforpharma Patient Policy & Mission Statement
    • Articles to read
    • Social media links for eyeforpharma and their disclaimer
  6. FibroFlutters disclaimers, privacy policy and information including useful posts and social media links

Hope you enjoy reading!

Please note
the page navigator buttons are very small and below related posts underneath the pages. This is something that I cannot personally alter so I have included ‘next page’ buttons. I hope they help.

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