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Here are some newsletters from around the world of science, pharma, technology, digital and AI

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Latest!  News Medical | The latest medical device news from News Medical | March 29, 2019 Edition


  • Medical Adhesive Resists Repeated Sterilization
  • Using Pump Technologies to Optimize Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • New X-ray measurement approach could lead to a better way to calibrate CT scanners
  • Ultrasound offers precise, minimally invasive way to measure cardiac output in children
  • Echocardiography may aid in patient selection for TMVR
  • Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Uses
  • Invasive surgeries could be avoided with new pacemakers powered by heartbeats

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Latest! News Medical | pharmacy / pharmacology news from News Medical


  • Osmolality as a quality attribute in downstream processing
  • Latest advances and perspectives of all AI types used in pharmaceutical R&D
  • Researchers uncover gender differences in reports of adverse drug reactions
  • Male contraceptive pill shown to be safe and tolerable in phase I trial
  • Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) for Immunotherapy Delivery
  • US opioid prescriptions drop by a half but it’s not all good news
  • Using the Mastermind strategy in brain research
  • Columbia researchers explore molecular mechanisms of treatment-resistant depression
  • Pharmaceutical and personal care products may result in new contaminants in waterways
  • Impact of legalizing cannabis on the opioid crisis

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Latest!  News Medical | The latest drug discovery news from News Medical | 3 April 2019

Monitoring Ambient Environmental Conditions in the Lab

  • Polypharmacology: The Future of Drug Discovery?
  • Metabolomics in Pharmacology
  • How are Host Cell Proteins Removed from Biopharmaceuticals?
  • Small Molecule Microarrays for Drug Discovery
  • Drug Repurposing: Biomedical Tools and Research Techniques
  • Pharmaceutical Applications of Supercritical Fluid Chromatography

“Fail Fast, But More Confidently”: Developing Organoids for Drug Development and Discovery

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