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 Platforms & Communities to visit

Siemens Healthineers online magazine channel

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News & Stories: In-depth information – convincing facts and figures
Explore an online magazine tailored to the needs of healthcare managers and clinical professionals

Siemens Healthineers
Shared knowledge and cross-border collaboration are shaping tomorrow’s world of diagnostics and therapy.
This online magazine channel, has news & stories, it features knowledge and experiences shared by clinical professionals as well as valuable market insights in healthcare.

Siemens Healthcare GmbH | Henkestr. 127, 91052 Erlangen, Germany

Information for healthcare professionals. The Siemens Healthineers newsletter and websites, including but not limited to siemens.com/healthineers and its affiliated sites, provide an online resource for healthcare professionals

“Patients Like Me is the world’s largest personalized health network that helps people find new treatment options, connect with others and take action to improve their outcomes.”

I am Proud to be a member and Ambassador on the world’s largest personalized health network helping 600,000+ people with 2,800+ conditions find new options for treatments, connect with others and take action to improve their outcomes.

Join for free on PatientsLikeMe.com!

Come and find me @scraf73

A chance to change the future of personalized health.

@patientslikeme (twitter)

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Mayo Clinic Social Media Network (MCSMN)

There’s access to discussions, webinars & MCSMN Blog  depending on membership selection from Free, or, Premium.  Please note that e-patients and students receive a special rate.

Carole Scrafton ~ CEO FibroFlutters / Founding Five Member & Rie my co-editor are both members, so if you join you can connect with us!


Do you think this is a network for you?, or maybe you know someone else who might benefit from it’s services?

You can join the MCSMN via the following link >>>

It’s unusual to find a platform specifically for ‘MedTech’ so imagine my surprise when I stumbled across this little gem. A great little platform with potential to grow into something special for the world of MedTech… my opinion of course!

Check it out via the website link, and also learn about who they are and what they stand for by the links below

“The Medtech & Pharma Platform (MPP) is an international industry association enhancing the synergies between medtech and pharmaceutical companies. MPP provides a forum for both industries to exchange knowledge and to collaborate in technology and regulatory areas.”


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Explore, Promote, Source, Connect, Network, Influence, and Grow Community

From the cover image of the iOPharma Community Page

iOPharma community

By joining this community you can…

• Promote your brand and company profile

• Identify and review products

• Actively market your products

• Enquire and order online

• Communicate, research and provide feedback

You can join via the link below

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