eyeforpharma’s Marketing and Customer Innovation Europe Summit, 15-16 October, London (sponsored)

Transform customer engagement with digital insights, collaboration and culture change

Align your customer touch points to deliver value to your HCPs and patients

Pharma marketeers must adopt and master an array of technological innovations to better meet rising expectations. Yet cultural issues and failure to master traditional closed-loop marketing are hindering us.

Eyeforpharma’s Marketing and Customer Innovation Europe Summit (15-16 October, London) brings you exclusive case studies on delivering superior HCPs and patient experiences, adopting an above-brand culture, and allowing digital transformation to flourish. Benchmark yourselves against the rest of the industry – this is your one-stop-shop for future-proofing your customer journey.

View the full agenda on the website here

Attending this Marketing and customer innovation summit in October will give you the opportunity to hear a variety of ‘Market-Leaders’ from across the pharma industry. Below is a list of just a few of those that you will be able to listen to, ‘key figures’ within the current ‘changing’ pharma landscape.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Anders Dyhr Toft, Corporate VP, Commercial Innovation, Novo Nordisk

  • Maria Raad, VP Customer and Digital Strategy, Janssen

  • Francesca Wuttke, Chief Digital Officer, Almirall

  • Philippe Barrilon, VP Head of Insights and Analytics, Takeda

  • Bharat Tewarie, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, UCB.

Put theory into practise #pharma’s #marketleaders from BMS, Sanofi, Lundbeck, Boehringer Ingelheim, Novo Nordisk will share practical case studies at @eyeforpharma’s Marketing and Customer Innovation Summit #marketing #customerinnovation

The agenda is full of topics that are notably the most essential, at the current time, for pharma as it boldy moves forwards into a new generation, using many different types of technologies, different working approaches in order to attain a ‘customer-centric‘ result. As you can see below ‘collaboration‘ and ‘patients‘ / ‘stakeholders‘ are still high on the agenda along with building ‘customer partnerships‘, using ‘education-led‘ approaches, ‘digital‘ initiatives and of course! ‘big data’.

Breaking down those ‘silo’s‘ is also still of high importance for increasing customer and commercial value.

Topics this year include:

Collaborate or die.

Break internal silos in commercial and medical affairs, partner with healthcare’s key innovators and decision makers, and bring the brightest FMCG knowledge and leadership inside

You’re brand obsessed!

Create true customer partnerships and influence behaviours with an above-brand, education-led approach

Digital transformation needs a cultural revolution.

Demonstrate the value of digital initiatives to ensure adoption across affiliates and departments

Harness big data.

Personalise customer interactions with an internal infrastructure built to comprehend and connect insights

Achieve customer-centricity.

Ensure new channel innovations and digital investments remain purpose-led to meet customer needs

Real-life technological innovation.

Channel your investments and cut through unnecessary hyperbole with current applications of technology breakthroughs

Join 250+ Marketing, Digital, CX, Brand, Product, IT/CRM and Business Partnership/Technology pharma executives to bridge internal divides, share the industry pushing case studies and build market-leading customer experiences beyond the brand.

Visit the website for full information.

Learn from exclusive case studies on delivering superior #HCPs and #patient experiences, adopting an above brand culture, allowing #digitaltransformation to flourish #marketing #innovation #pharma @eyeforpharma #efpmarketing

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Hope you can join us in October!

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How can #pharma actually listen to your #customers?By understanding every touchpoint they’re interacting with and #marketeers can’t achieve this alone #efpmarketing #marketing #CX

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