Fibromyalgia and Personality – Counting My Spoons, Julie Ryan

What personality type are you?

I am re-blogging this article because I find, personally, that is a very interesting read and I look forward to the following installment, which will give us a little more info about research into Fibromyalgia and Personality traits.  Please click the link below to read the article 🙂

Fibromyalgia and Personality – Counting My Spoons, Julie Ryan

Via this link:   Fibromyalgia and Personality – Counting My Spoons.

Opening lines…

How many times have you heard that Fibromyalgia is associated with Type A personality? I know I hear it all the time. I wondered if there was actually any research to confirm a personality relationship to Fibromyalgia or even chronic pain. Personally, I’ve wondered more and more lately if that concept wasn’t something created to find another way to blame the victim.

Reading this got me to thinking about what personality type I am?

Oh! this subject has been one that has followed me around since being in my early twenties when my personality was a lot different to what it is today.  I didn’t grieve for the loss of my father as a child until I was in my twenties so my personality was quite wild and rebellious.  I mean I went against all the good things I’d been brought up to live life by.  I didn’t care about anything really, just survival, nothing else mattered.  I would say I was definitely more of Type A personality back in those days!

About a year or so before this episode in my life began my pain problems started and they were keeping me awake at night so I was missing work and college all the time because of it.  Before this I was a little depressed perhaps but generally ok with life.  Things began to slide when pretty much ordered to have counselling because, apparently, I was in pain because I was depressed.  It’s funny how the personality disorder didn’t come into play until after a year of being told that I just had tight hamstrings keep taking these pills.  Also, my knees were dislocating for no apparent reason as tests & x-rays showed nothing, and I was forced into counselling that dredged up my childhood leading me into a couple of years where I only trusted a very few people and certainly not doctors!!  I was still ‘agreeable’, though I, personally, think gullible and an easy target to be taken advantage of is probably the truer descriptor 😮

Do I blame all that for my illnesses, hell no, I blame the fact that I wasn’t taken seriously for best part of 15 years and the pressure of trying to find someone who would understand my problems as they escalated and escalated…

(Similar thing – different context!!)

… A story that I know many of you will be familiar with and that was 20+years ago and it is no different today and I agree with Julie Ryan about blaming our personality for the fibromyalgia, it’s way past time that it stopped.  🙂

Today, I certainly don’t fit into personality A (from my own judgement), I have certain Type A traits, but whether the medical professionals gauge it differently would be something to find out, purely, out of curiosity.  😉

I may be entering a Lion’s Den after all the years of counselling that I’ve had for anxiety and depression but sometimes these things are a necessity.  I personally believe that labelling us with specific personality types is quite rude considering one of the well known factors of Fibromyalgia is the constant change in how and what we feel from one day to the next.  (I’m sure that our personality must change with it, I’m fairly sure that mine does, and the hubby would probably most likely agree) 😮

I am rarely agreeable these days because 9/10 times the fog stops all ability to make firm decisions so the answer is always ‘no’ until the fog clears, plus after years of being agreeable and it doing nothing but cause me unnecessary stress (obviously not all the time, but I hope you all know what I mean, especially if you’re married.  😮 )

I am now very cautious, and also very vigilant, with my practical life but I am very open where I wasn’t before.  My attitude to that began to change when Volunteering on FibroAction Community Forum where it became clear that in order for us to be seen and not invisible like we currently are then we need to shout about what this illness really does to us.  So!… across the last 18 months I have plucked up the courage to share parts of my life experiences with the rest of the World!   I could change my mind about that by tea time 😀

I’d prefer to label myself as Type I (made up of course!) ‘interchangeable’, if I must label myself  😮

I may speak to my counsellor about this the next time I need to see her 🙂

I am interested to know what personality trait you think you are?

I’ll maybe run a poll next month about this subject  🙂

Wishing everyone wellness 🙂


Updated June 2017