PROUD PARTNERS – Precision Medicine Forum PATIENT WEEK

It is an honour to share the news that FibroFlutters are once again to be proud partners with Precision Medicine Forum for their virtual Patient Week event in September.


Due to the success of their inaugural patient week event in March 2021, Precision Medicine Forum are hosting another Patient Week event on 27-30 September 2021. Precision Medicine Forum – Patient Week convenes healthcare professionals, researchers, industry, payers and patients/patient advocates in a unique setting which puts the patient front and centre of the discussions. This time around there will be panels sessions, roundtables, 1-2-1 networking and group networking sessions.

Find out more about the event via the button below

You can register to join the event via the button below, it would be great to see you there!

Precision Medicine Forum - Patient Week event banner with link to event page

We are thrilled to be joining several other amazing organisations to support this event that you can see on the banner below. The links listed below take you to their twitter feeds and their websites, please pop along and support them with a follow. Thank you.

During the event please remember to visit our exhibition stands!

Precision Medicine Forum - Patient Week event banner with link to event page

Register your interest in joining the event in September here 👉

Precision Medicine Forum - Patient Week event banner with link to event page
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To help develop, nurture and help to create a multidisciplinary approach to all aspects of medical healthcare so that #chronicillness & #raredisease patients can receive the type of care and treatments that they need.

The work we do involves disease awareness, health awareness, and, helping to point people in the direction of where to get legitimate health communications and information. As well as this we attend events and use patient voice to get important messages to help create better systems and processes for patients.

Bridging the gap between stakeholders is a different type of awareness raising. It involves sharing events and campaigns by clinicians, pharmaceutical companies, patient led projects, healthcare providers… the list is quite variable. We have newsletters to ensue this which uses our slogan – #chronicillnessVOICE for everyone #notjustpatients

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