International Dance Celebration Join us and ‘Shake It So’

Join us for an International virtual dance celebration and let your hair down. An event benefiting organizations around the globe who are empowering patients to take charge of their own health

The 2nd International Dance Celebration will be next Saturday March 6

Join the event hosted by DJ Jonathan Slate at Shake It So

2PM EST (19:00 UTC) & 8PM EST (01:00 UTC March 7).

An eclectic blend of funk, soul, & rock from the ’60s to the present

A note from DJ Jonathan Slate:

I hope you can make it. And bring a friend!

This time we will be raising funds through a suggested donation of any amount to support several nonprofits that do work in the areas of patient advocacy and support. These organizations include People With Empathy, Ataxia and Me, The Light Collective, and FibroFlutters Patient Advocacy Organisation. Links to their site are available on our website. Suggested donation of any amount to support several patient advocacy nonprofits

Did you say website? We have a website?! Why yes, we do. And, in other news, it is no longer 1998. And yes, there was sort of a website last time. But now we have a name, and a domain, and everything. Check out the splendor that is:

I’m really excited about this event, because our partners at these organizations do amazing work, and they seem really excited, too, and I think we’re going to blow our attendance records through the roof!

Jonathan Slade

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Why join the International Dance Celebration

This event is an opportunity to distract ourselves away from the difficulties of life for a short spell. It is good to let go once in a while and step away from the negatives in life. As organisations it is our celebration to honour Rare Disease Day and show our stripes.

Some of you may be thinking ‘dance, I can’t do that because of my disabilities’. Well, I’ll be dancing from my sofa! For example, chair dancing, wheelchair dancing and any kind of dancing you can manage is fine. Come and join us and just watch, enjoy the community spirit and our company for a short while.

Join the event hosted by DJ Jonathan Slate at Shake It So

Suggested donation of any amount to support these patient advocacy nonprofits:

People with Empathy, Ataxia and Me, Fibro Flutters HQ and The Light Collective

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