Survey to produce a ‘state of the industry report’ | eyeforpharma

Hello readers, please can I ask you for a little time to consider the following…? Survey to produce a ‘state of the industry report’ | eyeforpharma

eyeforpharma (now Reuters Events Pharma) are conducting a ‘state of the industry report’ – to see what the initial impact of COVID-19 has been across pharma (whether you’re in clinical or commercial, China or the UK).

You’ll learn what the key challenges presented have been so far and, most importantly, how pharma are approaching longer term planning as an industry.

The survey only needs 5-10 minutes of your time – and at the end eyeforpharma will produce a 10+ page report with full data sets and analysis, plus some additional case studies.

Don’t worry, its anonymous

Here’s the link to the survey.

Many thanks for reading and for giving a little of your time


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