Who are AI Med? Get to know about AI in Medicine with ‘AI Med’

Who are AI Med?

Who are AI Med? This post will help you get to know about AI in Medicine with the company ‘AI Med’. Led by clinicians for clinicians! Global news round-up from the world of artificial intelligence in medicine on their home page.

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AI Med are a clinician led community exploring how AI can be used in Medicine and was founded in 2014 by Dr Anthony Chang. Founder AIMed Chang is Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer, Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC).
Chang is a practising paediatric cardiologist, CIIO at CHOC children’s and world-renowned expert on artificial intelligence (AI). Chang has an aim to bring together clinicians, physicians, c-suite executives and technology experts so they can start a revolution in today’s Medicine and Healthcare for a data-smart tomorrow.

As an active clinician with a ‘data science‘ & ‘artificial intelligence‘ background, Chang saw the great potential that AI could have. In 2013 Chang initiated a series of meetings that examined the benefits, and limitations, of AI ‘for‘ medicine. “These meetings, called AI in Medicine (AIMed), have been successful since then in creating a ‘friendly‘ and ‘collaborative‘ gathering of minds as well as an ‘intellectually stimulating’ opportunity to learn about AI in medicine and healthcare.” Chang expresses that there are many clinicians of all sub-specialities that attend the AIMed meetings but the meetings also attract other stakeholders from within the industry such as data scientists, startup companies, hospital administrators, and investors.

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What is AI Med

AIMed Portfolio provides year-round education & networking opportunities for clinicians, solution-providers & thought-leaders alike through a series of international eventsresources & talks.

AIMed hold many ‘Clinician Series‘ meetings dedicated to the subspecialties – Cardiology, Radiology, ICU, Surgery, Neurosciences, Pediatrics, and others.

Below you will navigate to their Events page for access to Talks, webinars, meetings and other congresses.

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