Heart Matters  | Are carbs the best comfort food ever, or best avoided? 1 June 2019

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Heart Matters | Are carbs the best comfort food ever, or best avoided? 1 June 2019

Quiz: How much do you know about carbs?

Are carbohydrates really bad for you?

And do they make you put on weight?

Try this new new quiz by the ‘British Heart Foundation’ to see whether you can sort the fact from the fiction.

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Watch: How space engineers are helping people with heart disease

It discusses how space technology could possibly help heart failure patients. BHF researchers and Space engineers are working together on a better device to help people with failing hearts.

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Watch: How #spaceengineers are helping people with #heart disease via #HeartMatters @TheBHF #heartfailure #research #cardiology #patients #heartresearch

Determined to recover after emergency heart valve surgery: Mark’s story

The diet that's good for your brain image

After 24 years in the military, Mark Fordham was settling into civilian life when he experienced a strange sensation in his chest. Mark tells his story of how emergency heart surgery and its aftermath would prove to be his toughest battle so far.

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Mark tells his story of how #emergency #heartsurgery and its aftermath would prove to be his toughest battle so far. #HeartMatters @TheBHF #patient #heartvalvesurgery #hearthealth #cardiaccare


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Trip down an ‘active’ memory lane… by Carole

As a youngster I was rarely indoors during the Summer, but I grew up in a small town in Cumbria surrounded by countryside. There was even a farm at the back of my house and the field at the bottom of the estate where I lived where there were usually cows, and Henry a ‘scary’ bull, trust me as kids I think we all experienced the ‘run like hell‘ up the field and over the fence to get away from it.

Going through the field was an old unused railway track and a bit further down we’d reach the River Ellen notorious for it’s eels. We’d walk for a couple of miles easily, and yes, someone always used to fall in the river, even me.

The view from my bedroom window every morning was of the Lake District fells, and Skiddaw the ‘sixth’ highest mountain in England. The other direction after a few miles you’d reach the Solway Coast beaches, and we used to cycle there just to get ice-cream, or fish and chips.

However, safety is of a bigger concern these days so letting your kids roam the fields, and mess about down the river, probably scares you. We thought nothing of it and would be gone for hours, but never late for our tea, that was something we all knew we’d get into trouble for. Needless to say, I didn’t use our local park much until a bit older and we’d use the tennis courts, but here in Sunderland there are many parks with lots of activities for families to keep them busy during the Summer.

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10 things to do in a park this summer

Statins and sleep image

“The summer months offer the perfect opportunity to enjoy the local parks and green spaces. From getting fit using an outdoor gym to boosting your well-being with tai-chi classes, discover more park activities to try this summer.” bhf newsletter

Find something amazing at our Furniture & Electrical stores

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Recipe of the week: Tray-baked fish

“Save on washing up with this colourful tray bake – it’s a complete meal and works with any type of fish fillets.” bhf newsletter

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