#PAM2018 | What Happens Up Stream Comes Down Stream: The Cause and Effect of the Mental and Physical Connection  |  Treasures On The Sand | 24 September 2018



#storytelling by Gabriel King

What Happens Up Stream Comes Down Stream: The Cause and Effect of the Mental and Physical Connection  |  Treasures On The Sand | 24 September 2018

Gabriel is a writer, storyteller, and a fellow chronic pain warrior who is the author over at TreasuresOnTheSand.com

He is a chronic pain veteran who is working as a Neurological Rehabilitation Therapist at the Integrated Health and Wellness Center in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  I love his writing and in honour of Pain awareness month it would rude not to include him.

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I want to continue to bring hope to those still in the fight against chronic pain, lighting the way so that you, too, can find victory. ~ Gabriel King

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