My Story: Love the One You’re With  | By Cynthia Toussaint | National Pain Report |  25 September 2018


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My Story: Love the One You’re With  | By Cynthia Toussaint | National Pain Report |  25 September 2018

The art of mindfulness has become an essential tool in any chronic pain personal ‘toolkit’ of someone with constant #chronicpain.  Thinking back to my ‘Pain Management’ Programme sessions, over a decade ago, one of TEAM that ran it was a chronic pain nurse.  In fact the programme still runs and she’s still there, which is fantastic news for my fellow chronic pain readers that live locally to Sunderland, UK.  Towards the end of each session she would have us all get comfortable and we would have 20 minutes of relaxation and she explained why it was a good thing to try and incorporate it into our daily lives. 

It is something that I embedded into my personal chronic pain & illness management plan and now I can meditate easily and I reap the benefits for doing so.  It wasn’t so difficult for me because I had been practising some relaxation techniques to help with my mental issues regarding chronic anxiety and depression so it wasn’t difficult for me to develop a routine. 

Imputting meditation into your day can take a while because, what time of day suits you?

Do you have family?

When is it the quietest?

What if you never really have the house to yourself?

Do you work?

If yes, do you medidate first thing,

or before bed??

Where will you practise your meditation?

What type of relaxation technique will you try first?

Will you use guided therapy recordings with voice overs?

Where will you source your relaxation / meditation help / guides from?

All things to consider when planning when to slot it into your daily plans.

Reading Cynthia’s post describes the element regarding ‘self-love’, which is something I deem important as I personally believe it helps us to move forwards even when things seem impossible.  

Like Cynthia, I was hooked very quickly too and I have been promoting it as a tool for over a decade.  A lot of folks might see us as wierdo’s that we do this almost every day, if not every day, thanks to the stigmas attached to wanting a peaceful happy belief in your own life. 

I won’t lie to you… It took a while for the people around me to respect my ‘down-time’ and the reason why I did it. 

I want a peaceful, happy life… with a lot less pain in it!

Thankyou Cynthia for such a positive and inspiring post. 

Commentary by Carole ~ aka fibrofly73

Cynthia writes…

I practice mindfulness meditation most every day and a couple of months ago I pulled up a random video on YouTube. The guide’s subject was “self-love” which, because it seemed obvious, intrigued me. My thinking was, “How can someone not love themself? Why is this something that needs to be learned and practiced?”

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Cynthia Toussaint founded For Grace in 2002. It is a non-profit organization headquartered in Los Angeles dedicated to bringing awareness to gender disparity in the treatment of pain. She is also a frequent contributor to the National Pain Report.

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