Health, Welfare & Social Care advice / information UK: ‘Keep Warm Keep Well’ leaflet – Publications – GOV.UK

The following link will take you to the GovUK website and an information leaflet about keeping warm and keeping well.

Title:   Keep Warm Keep Well: Information for over 60s, low-income families and people living with a disability

Link via:   ‘Keep Warm Keep Well’ leaflet – Publications – GOV.UK.

(It was first published on 2 Nov 2012 and updated most recently on 1 Oct 2015).

Gov UK is a website where there is a wealth of information regarding all kinds and I have listed some of them below directly from their home page and I have also provided you with the direct link to the site.

Link:  GOV UK home page

Find information regarding the following:


Includes tax credits, eligibility and appeals

Births, deaths, marriages & care

Parenting, civil partnerships, divorce and Lasting Power of Attorney

Business & self-employed

Tools and guidance for businesses

Childcare & Parenting

Includes giving birth, fostering, adopting, benefits for children, childcare and schools

Crime, justice & the Law

Legal processes, courts and the police

Disabled people

Includes carers, your rights, benefits and the Equality Act

Education & Learning

Includes student loans, admissions and apprenticeships

Environment & countryside

Includes flooding, recycling and wildlife

Housing & local services

Owning or renting and council services

Money & tax

Includes debt and Self Assessment

Working, jobs & pensions
Includes holidays and finding a job

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(Health, Welfare & Social Care advice / information: ‘Keep Warm Keep Well’ leaflet – Publications – GOV.UK)