One thought on “Awareness Campaign Poster for Fibro – Fibromyalgia is a global health concern

  1. My heart goes out to all the people with fibromyalgia.they should no the truth
    I suffer with cfs.and chronic pain. Fighting this disease and overlap conditions eg.diabetes.liver disease. Kidney disease. Cardiovascular disease.COPD. Hip fracture Glaucoma ect . not told of any of this .but always feeling exhausted. My GP has completely denied cfs…the only proof of this is that cfs. is written on two sick notes. but was told i had fibromyalgia. Which but fibromyalgia is a bio=cell bacteria. Not a condition or disease. But a spectrum. Cfs/me/overlap conditions. Covered up by the govenment.and Gp. i have been fighting my condition for eight years. And felt i was on my own. But seeing this . i was almost in tears and relieved to see that there are millions of people Asking the same questions as myself. . If people get there Hospital medical records .GP records. And using the medical codes. it would give a lot of information along with anger.. But unanswered questions should be answered. Thank goodness the people are fighting for their rights the government has a lot to answer for. I was given cimetidine in 1999(which was discontinued in 1994 in America.).(Which activated allergy responses?)To hay fever/asthma. Used DNA transcription. Using bacteria/virus from previous childhood illnesses. Which caused chronic gastritis? internal bleeding. And causing chronic.anemia. (Which was opportunist? Meaning bio-terrorism….terrorism…it took one doctor to put me in this condition. He is protected by the government. Which stop anyone from getting justice/compensation as solicitors are gagged? They keep people on lots of medication. Which in turn worsens the condition.and not realizing years pass quickly Or make them employed so they are unable to do research when they realize something is not quite right?
    Fibromyalgia.- Nuclear receptors-DNA Transcription……..i would say this is evidence. Everyone needs to realize. That people has been used for research from the bio-bacteria causing disease. Studying there conditions. Research is needed for many conditions..I have been trying to get justice and compensation for a very long time. But when you mention ‘’Fibromyalgia’’ to solicitor ect….its a cover up. This is the reason the government are worried about this being exposed.

    Helping understand fibromyalgia

    Fibromyalgia no mistery – It is caused by biofilm bacteria …

    Biofilm bacteria are a part of what is known as the Th1 bacterial pathogens, which according to the Marshall Pathogenesis, collectively cause chronic disease.

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