The Lonely Journey by fellow fibromite/spoonie Fibro Fantastic

Wonderful blog and you’re right beth’s FB page is fantastic and full of caring support I hope you don’t mind me re-blogging your positive post to help others to see they are not alone with their #fibro #invisibleillness
It all helps us to ‘shout it loud’ and raise awareness 🙂 xx

Fibro Fantastic


Our journeys with Fibromyalgia are often long and very lonely. It is difficult it seems for our loved ones, friends and colleagues to contemplate ever feeling so awful and wracked with pain when, in most cases you look surprisingly well. Doctors, if you get a sympathetic one, are busy and how do you pour your heart out in just the few minutes assigned to each patient?

At times, I think it is the loneliness that I find the hardest to deal with, the holding inside of the things that scare me and my sheer frustrations of having a condition that nobody, including some medical professionals have no comprehension of. Add to that the feelings of guilt at not always being able to function the same as everybody else and it all makes for some pretty grim days.

So just where do those suffering with Fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions get their support if not from…

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